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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Use Protein To Build Muscle Mass - A 4 Step Process To Make Sure Your Muscles Never Go Without Again

You need protein to build muscle mass. Body building 101 - without enough of it, your muscles can't grow or repair themselves between workouts. Check out the rest of this article to find out how to use protein to build muscle mass.

Step 1

The first step to using protein to build muscle mass is to understand why it's that particular nutrient that you are using. The answer is simple - because protein is the SOLE nutrient that your muscles can use to rebuild your muscle fiber. Your muscles get torn and broken when you work out, so you need this stuff to help them grow back bigger and stronger. Not enough protein is a major reason that many people don't see good gains starting out.


Get some whey protein. When I first started out and learned how important it was to raise my intake of certain nutrients, I used to eat cans of tuna like they were going out of style. That's definitely one way to use protein to build muscle mass. Nothing! wrong with that, hey, I like tuna, but it made it hard to keep up with if I was out or in a business meeting or whatever. It's much easier if you get some whey protein powder though. You can mix it into some pretty cool tasting shakes, and then you get the benefit whenever you need it.


Understand the pound rules. The general rule is that if you want protein to build muscle mass, you need to eat about a gram and a half of protein per pound of your body weight, per day. It seems like a lot, but don't forget you can use the protein shakes to really boost your intake.


Get some casein protein also. This is largely found in cottage cheese, and is much slower burning, which makes it ideal for circumstances when you know you may be going a while between eating or between shakes. Most people are unaware of using this kind of protein to build muscle mass. It's ideal to have just before going to sleep or something like that, as the ! slow release can prevent your body from breaking down your mus! cles.

From this you should have at least a working knowledge of how to use protein to build muscle mass. Click on the links below for some expert advice.

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