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A Combination of the 5 Best Ways Build Muscle

If you are looking for the best way build muscle, there isn�t necessarily one way that will bring you to your desired physique. In reality, it is a combination of many things that will help you build muscle the way you want to. Everything from eating right to doing the proper workout will develop your muscle mass and keep you fit. Here are the 5 best ways to build muscle.

1. Nutrition

There is no secret that nutrition plays a big factor in the way you build muscle. In order for your muscles to develop, it is vital that you are healthy and fit. Your diet and the kinds of food you eat will determine whether or not you are serious about building muscle. Although it may not seem like it, one of the best ways build muscle is through a healthy and nutritional diet.

2. Supplements

There are hundreds of different supplements on the market, but is this truly the best way to build muscle? Depending on the supplement you choose, it can certainly give you that extra boost you need to flourish. Make sure to talk with a nutritionist or health specialist so that you know exactly what you are taking. Anymore, there are a number of ingredients that are put in supplements that many people are not aware of. Find out what you are taking before purchasing it.

3. How many reps and sets?

There are a number of different methods to building muscle depending on how you want to build. Whether you want to tone or build muscle, as well as how quickly you want to do these things will determine how many reps and sets you should be doing. The best way to determine this amount is by talking with a workout specialist to put together the proper workout to satisfy your needs.

4. Work out the whole body

Too many people are set on just building their upper body or just their lower body. Although everyone has their own goals and desires, the best way build muscle is by working out the entire body. By working out your legs, it will increase your physique and strength in your upper body in turn and vice versa for your upper body to the lower body.

5. How often do you work out?

There is much controversy over how many times per week a person should be working out in order to build muscle properly. Some people say at least four to five times if you truly want to build muscle. On the other side, people say three times at 60 minutes long will get the job done and allow you to rest your muscles. The reasoning for only three times is because you want to workout intensely, and going more than three times a week will ware down your muscles.

When it comes to building muscle, there are a number of ways you can reach your desired physique. Unfortunately, there isn�t one best way build muscle. By using a combination of the listed tips above, you will be on your way to building muscle effectively and properly.

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Three Pieces of What to Eat to Build Muscle

Many bodybuilders and people pursuing the perfect body don�t know what to eat to build muscle. Mixing a quality muscle building diet with the proper workout will allow you to quickly and efficiently build muscle. If you want to build muscle, you must consume a large quantity of calories. It is vital that you plan and prepare a well-balanced diet that is full calories, protein and carbohydrates.

After this, you probably still don�t know what to eat to build muscle. The first aspect of putting together a quality muscle building diet is eating lots of protein. The amount of protein that you should consume depends on your body size since everyone is built in different proportions. Another determinant to how much protein you should consume is the type of activity you are partaking in and how often you do the activity.

Protein is a key part for your diet for what to eat to build muscle. In fact, protein should consist of 25-35% of your overall diet. Some of the protein items that you can and should include in your diet are chicken breast, sirloin steak, scallops, lean ham and pork tenderloins.

The next area of what to eat to build muscle is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates assist in fueling your body to handle the heavy weight lifting you will be doing. Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen in your muscles, and when you are working out your body reverts to carbohydrates for energy. When your muscles cannot get enough glycogen, the result is fatigue and a loss of endurance for your workout.

Because of this, it is vital that your muscle building diet consist of a large amount of carbohydrates. While proteins are an important piece to your diet, carbohydrates will consist of as much as 55-65% of your diet. One recommendation is to drink a power shake that consists of carbohydrates after working out, because this will trigger the release of growth hormone. Some other carbohydrates that you should include in your diet are oatmeal, English muffins, mushrooms, granola, baked potato and rice.

The last piece of what to eat to build muscle is surprisingly fat. Fat can contribute a great amount to your muscle building diet by providing your body with fuel, insulation, fatty acids and building blocks for cell membranes. While you do want to include fat to your diet, it should only be 10-20% of your diet.

To sum up, there are three things that you should include in your muscle building diet; protein, carbohydrates and fat. If you ever want to know what to eat to build muscle, just think of what foods fall within these three categories. These three food categories will provide you with energy, fuel, glycogen and much more.

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Foods That Build Muscle

Do you want to build more muscle? Well if you do then you should know that it is not just lifting weights that will build your muscle it is what you eat as well. Diet as well as weight lifting is what you will need to build up those muscles. So the question is what should you eat if you want to build muscle? Well in this article I will tell you what foods you need to be eating to help your muscles recover quicker and gain muscle mass faster.

You may think that you need fatty foods to bulk up well I am here to tall you that that is not true. Fatty foods will do just that make you fat. Lean meats and fruits and vegetables will actually build muscle. So if looking for a diet and nutrition plan there are many to choose from, but your health care provider, or nutritionist can provide you will one. Or you can just eat a steady diet of vegetables and lean meats to achieve your muscle building goals.

Eating lean meats such as turkey, fish, and chicken is highly recommended when eating foods that build muscle. These lean meats are high in protein and amino acids which we all know are used to build muscle. Did you know that amino acids are needed to break down the protein to heal the muscles after weight training? That is why eating lean meats is so important. The faster you heal your muscles the faster you can gain muscle mass. Also eating foods that are high in potassium can help in the healing of your muscles as well try these foods that are rich in potassium such as strawberries and bananas.

So there you have it the foods that will build muscle, so stay away from all of those fatty foods, try to avoid high fat cuts of meat, make sure it says lean or 98% fat free. Do not eat fried foods because these are bad calories. Eat baked or grilled food and use olive oil to cook it in. Stick to foods that are natural and have not been processed or have a lot of fat and sugar in them. Just use common sense when at the grocery store. Changing your diet now to help build muscle will also help with your over all health now and in the future. Good luck with eating foods that build muscle, along with exercise eating a proper diet will help with building muscle.

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Bodybuilding - A Secret Template for Life Success

�In the foundation of every building or house that I have built, I have a barbell plate�

These are the words of the late Ray �Thunder� Stern , a legend in professional wrestling, bodybuilding, and entrepreneurial success.(1) In fact, dare I say; in a world inundated with advice on how to be successful, nothing compares to the now out-of-print book Power of Thunder, co-written by Mr. Stern and Robert Wolff, Ph.D. In it, Ray Stern highlighted and explained his principles for success in such a manner that �authentic and effectual� are the most forthcoming words of distinction when comparing it to the countless books on the self-help shelves today.

And yes, the symbolic ritual within the context of edifice development was explained. Mr. Stern, a real estate investor and pioneer of the fitness industry, cemented a big barbell plate in the foundation of the buildings and homes he developed. �I do this as a testament that anything and everything I have in life, I owe to bodybuilding�, wrote Mr. Stern.(2)

But what is it about fitness and bodybuilding that can provide such a template for life success? How can the ability to make positive and lasting changes to your physique translate to practical lessons of wisdom in goal setting and achievement?

Regardless of one�s personal aspirations or definition of success, physique improvement can provide a microcosmic blueprint for bringing dreams into reality. It does so with such eerie precision as to even warn us of the pitfalls of attempted shortcuts. Example: who among us long-term bodybuilding enthusiasts hasn�t witnessed the neophyte muscle-builder who thinks steroids are the key to physique improvement? The fleeting benefits and oft-resulting dependence on such drugs can have detrimental long-term outcomes on even the appearance of one�s physique. Expanding this observation out to context, it seems reminiscent of a life success principle from the words of Ray Stern: �Being great in whatever you do takes time. Short-term gain always equals long-term pain and don�t let anyone tell you differently.�(3)

Goals: The First Page in Your Success Blueprint

In order to achieve anything worthwhile, we must have a vivid internal representation of what we want. A vague idea will not generate optimal results. If we drift through life with day-to-day thoughts such as �I�d like to be more muscular� or �I want to lose some body fat�, our odds of identifying a strategy for accomplishment and our resolve to carry it out will fade as fast as the ambiguous images in our minds. Conversely, when our goals are specific; �I want eight percent body fat; I want seventeen inch biceps; I want a fifteen inch ratio between my torso measurement and my waistline, our chances of making these things a reality goes up exponentially.

This practice can then be carried over to other contexts of your life. In fact, when you get good at setting specific goals for your body, this skill will likely be etched into your subconscious mind for effective retrieval when you need it elsewhere�career, health, relationships, etc.

A Powerful Strategy: The bulk of Your Blueprint

Nothing will extinguish motivation to achieve a goal faster than an ineffective strategy with no clue as to where to find or how to develop an effective one. In the gym, it usually happens like this: The beginner reads that he or she should work the biceps once per week. The generic routine this individual is given recommends doing some well-rounded selection of exercises for a reasonable number of sets of six to ten reps. It encourages this person to increase exercise weight when possible and to work out with �intensity� (with no real definition of this fuzzy term). Oh, and let�s not forget good form; it�s to be used on all biceps exercises.

But what�s wrong with this picture? Well, nothing for the first few weeks. But all it takes is a slight, undetectable negative variable to throw the unsuspecting natural trainer into the clutches of a progress plateau. Maybe his or her set numbers are just slightly too high for the number of rest days provided � a factor not only tied to individual genetics, but variables in weekly sleep patterns and stress levels as well. Another possibility: a reaction to unsatisfying progress leads the trainee to inadvertently train harder with the plateau having been brought on by inadequate recuperation. When this becomes perpetual, it�s a recipe for motivation-sapping frustration.

The solution to this is to develop what I call a powerful strategy, not just an effective one. A strategy becomes powerful in its effectiveness when it�s designed in such a way as to provide flexibility and micro-feedback. Flexibility means the structure of your workout and recovery system lends itself to small adjustments that can make a big difference. Micro-feedback means it�s structured in such a way that you can easily see from one workout to the next whether you�re on track to your goals. The feedback is a tool applied to the building blocks of flexibility. Any workout in which this feedback isn�t observed and responded to is a waste of time. Well, only if you�re a person who likes to enjoy rewarding results as opposed to going through motions.

How important is flexibility and attention to feedback in establishing an effective strategy to achieve our goals? Let�s look at the words of Ray Stern in Power of Thunder: �The real winners in business, bodybuilding, sports or whatever, are those who have a big dream or goal, yet have many plans that they can use in order to achieve it.�(4)

Visualization: Your Homing Device

The legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger said he visualized his biceps being giant mountains on his arms. Ray Stern wrote �Think, think, think about your goals and dreams and never stop believing��(5)

Visualization, practiced and utilized for physique improvement, is a skill of achievement that can be transferred to any area of life you�d like to improve. Even better, it becomes easy-to-use and a more effective tool the more it�s practiced. Better still, when we visualize a goal and accompany that internal representation with positive emotion and excitement, our chances of reaching it go up dramatically. All this really requires is a few minutes of quiet time each day. When a window of time is used regularly to play your goals out in your mind, the subconscious will work out many of the details, even while you�re sleeping. That�s why this tool acts as a homing device in guiding us toward what we want.

So what specifically should you visualize and emotionalize? The very last step that will tell you your goal has been accomplished. If it�s gaining ten pounds of muscle, see yourself standing in front of the mirror and on the bathroom scale with those contoured slabs of meat on your frame. If it�s losing twenty pounds of unwanted fat, visualize the new and leaner you in the mirror. Maybe it�s a job promotion; see your boss sitting you down in his or her office and telling you of your advancement as you feel the positive charge of emotion that this will elicit from you.

Bodybuilding and Fitness: The Ultimate Success Practice Ground

Bodybuilding, along with any type of physique improvement, represents the rawest form of merging the world of your desires with the power to make them happen. It�s just you, your body, and some equipment. The results you get depend upon how well you utilize your mind and an outer strategy to mold something better than what you started with. If you really �get it� � really hone in on the formula for success within this elementally pristine context � you can ingrain the �success mindset� into your physiology.

When I sadly learned that Ray �Thunder� Stern passed away in March, 2007, I saw a quote by his wife, former fitness model Debi Lee, that seemed poignantly revealing: �� He was a very unusual man with visions and the energy and know-how to make things happen�(6)

Judging by words in his book, these are attributes that he would likely credit to his passion for bodybuilding. They are characteristics not elusive to the rest of us, should we be as observant and receptive as Ray Stern to the inherent wisdom and powerful lessons that bodybuilding can offer us.

(1) Stern, Ray. Wolff, Robert. Power of Thunder Wolff Creative Group, Calabasas, CA. 1994 (Page 126) (2) Stern, page 126 (3) Stern, page 84 (4) Stern, page 109 (5) Stern, page 64 (6) Oliver, Greg. Ray �Thunder� Stern dead at 74 Slam Wrestling, March 2007(Paragraph 21)

Scott Abbett is the author of HardBody Success: 28 Principles to Create Your Ultimate Body and Shape Your Mind for Incredible Success.

Scott is a certified fitness trainer and a certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP. You can view his own phyical transformation by visiting

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How To Get Big Muscles Fast Tips

Building a lean and masculine body is the dream if not wish of every male. The challenge for most males to gain those big muscles fast without relying on steroids or any other type of supplements. In order to achieve that, one must be extremely discipline and must be ready to commit and to training routines and diet. You will probably need to reschedule your tasks and set aside some time for gym workouts and some changes to your diet. However, there are certain ways which can help you get big muscles fast.

1) Fish And Foods With Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Consuming fish and foods with omega-3 fatty acids will indirectly help you to gain big muscles fast. Fishes with lots of omega-3 fatty acids are such as sardines, tuna and herring, salmon, lake trout and mackerel. Other than fishes, walnuts, cauliflower, cabbage, oregano, spinach are also all rich in omega-3 fatty acids. As a result, when consuming these foods, our muscle will be more sensitive to insulin which aids to fuel the glycogen storage and also the entry of amino acid into the muscles. These are done while preserving glutamine � a key nutrient for protein metabolism and preventing muscle deterioration.

2) Sodium consumption

Sodium is a mineral where it encourages muscle growth by increasing the muscle cell fluid volume. It can benefit you by increasing carbohydrate storage and the absorption of amino acids into your body. Thus, you will gain more strength, avoid soft tissue injuries and muscle strains, and also improve the responsiveness of muscles towards insulin.

3) Weights training

If you wish to gain big muscles fast, there is no way not to use weights. Resistance training is definitely a must if one is to gain mass muscle in a short time. It also means that joining your local gym is almost necessary. There are courses on the internet which shows you the guide to workout routines for maximum muscle gain effect.

Other than these, there are many other ways to quickly gain big muscles fast and to burn fat in a significantly shorter time. Some trainers will reveal to you their secrets through their courses, but of course with a certain fees.

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How to Build Up Muscle Super Fast

Before you decide that a nice looking an strong physique is our of your reach you need to be informed of the truth. If you are thinking that you do not have the time to transform your body into a work of art then think again. The fact of the matter is that just about anyone can have a body that everyone admires by putting in less than 1 hour a day at the gym and you won t even need to go to the gym on the weekends.

If you could spend a quick and enjoyable 30 - 45 minutes a day at the gym five days per week would you do it? You probably would if you knew that by doing it you could have the body that you have only dreamed about.

Here are three easy tips to follow to whip your body into shape and have you feeling the best you ever have

1) Work each body part once per week
That s right, if you want to build muscle then your muscles need time to recover. Muscles are not built up in the gym, muscles are built up stronger during the recovery period.

2) Intensity is key
In the gym the guys who get in and out and are totally focused on building up muscle are the ones who get bigger and stronger. You will notice over time the ones who spend their time socializing only get bigger bellies.

3) Eat a well balanced diet
No matter how good your workouts are, they will be useless if you are not feeding your muscles with the nutrition they need to repair themselves. Lay off the sugars and try to eat a portion of protein with each meal. You should aim to eat at least 4 smaller meals per day.

You have been fooled by society if you think that you have to look like everyone else. Society wants nice bodies but most people are not willing to make the minute sacrifices that it takes to achieve what they want. Society does not realize that with a little discipline that there is much greater pleasure and quality of life on the other side. The end result is that you will feel as there there has hardly been any sacrifice at all because life is now so enjoyable

These are not the only keys to build an awesome but they will definitely get you on the right track and ahead of most everyone else. The important thing to remember is not not give up. You will be so glad that you pressed through the minor difficulties of pushing yourself in the gym and eating healthy. The rewards are infinite.

For more exciting, killer tips to help you get in the best shape of your life and feeling better than you ever have before check out 3 tips to bigger muscle 3 tips to bigger muscle.

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Keep Your Balls In Order

A common problem amongst bodybuilders and other strength athletes is that of testicular shrinkage during the prolonged use of androgens / anabolic steroids.

This can be thought of in the following way: the hypothalamus in the human brain has a detection mechanism which regulates the release of many hormones which control the production of androgens by the testes and the adrenal glands. If this detection mechanism detects an abnormally high amount of androgen / anabolic steroids, which it recognizes primarily as testosterone, then the hormones responsible for testosterone release will have their production decreased, and so the testes etc. will no longer be stimulated by these hormones, and so will cease, or decrease, production of natural testosterone, and so cause testicular shrinkage.

Oestrogen (androgens can aromatise in the body into oestrogens) have even more of a shut-off effect upon the release of androgens via the hypothalamus, and so we have a "double-edged" problem, with both androgens / anabolic steroids (which are all basically androgens) and oestrogens causing shut-down of hormonal stimulation of the testes, and thus testicular shrinkage. One of the best ways to avoid this is to take some Tamoxifen (perhaps 20mg per day) in order to stop the oestrogen, from the aromatisation of androgens, acting upon receptors in the hypothalamus. Therefore, even though the oestrogens are still there, their effect is blocked by the Tamoxifen. This is also very useful to prevent gynaecomastia (bitch tits), i.e. formation of breast tissue in the male, caused by aromatisation of the androgens to oestrogens in the body.

Another very good idea is to use chrysin (an isoflavone compound, derived from plants), which prevents the formation of oestrogen in the first place, by inhibiting the enzymes which perform aromatisation on the androgens, and so very much reduce the production of oestrogens from the steroids, hence reducing the effect upon the hypothalamus, and so upon the testes. Therefore, testicular shrinkage can be very much reduced, and so you are likely to be preserving that part of the function of your endocrine hormonal system.

What if you say you don t care about it? Well, you can probably say goodbye to getting an erection if your own endocrine system is messed up, and you may also risk life-long infertility. Look after your health, and you will have a longer and happier life, and in this case, a more active sex life.

In general, if natural testosterone production shuts-down, then men experience problems in getting erections, or even become impotent, whilst wanting more sex! VERY frustrating, as you can imagine. Alternatively, sex drive may disappear completely, or be very much reduced.

Therefore, the message from this article is to use Tamoxifen AND chrysin DURING, and for four or five weeks AFTER a steroid cycle. It is then advisable to be off steroids for as long a period of time as you were on them, before you begin your next cycle. It is also advisable to use HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) both during, and for four or five weeks after a steroid cycle. This acts directly upon the testes themselves, and helps to keep natural testosterone production going along.

If your testes do shrink slightly, then don t panic, as they will return to normal upon cessation of steroid use, as long as shrinkage is not severe: if so, stop the steroid cycle immediately by slowly tapering down the dosages (stop injectable first, followed by reducing oral steroid dosages).

Enjoy your bodybuilding, but remember, nobody should consider taking anabolic steroids until they have gained everything they can by using hard training, enough rest, a lot of protein, and everything else from the health food store i.e. by training naturally. This can take anything up to eight or ten years of consistent training, i.e. you have to make bodybuilding part of your life-style.

You are living dangerously if you don t follow this advice (see previous articles in No Bull Collection ), and once you are so fit, you will experience far fewer, or no, side effects from steroids after all these years of natural training, i.e. you have prepared your body for them.

Article contributed by Marshall Brown to Mick Hart s No Bull Collection. A fast growing, hardcore, bodybuilding and anabolic steriods magazine. The most controversial, politically incorrect, hard hitting, outspoken and FACTUAL bodybuilding and steroid magazine you will ever read. Not for the weak hearted. Learn more about bodybuilding s top cult mag, packed with great articles and Mick s own brand of humour.

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Physical Fitness Training - Bodybuilding

While many people think of huge rippling muscles when anyone talks about bodybuilding, the exercises that bodybuilders base their workouts on are the foundation of many strength fitness programs that are used for a wide variety of sports.

The main exercises that form base for most bodybuilding programs are as follows:

The bench-press for the chest with additional muscle building for the arms, in particular the triceps at the back of the arms, and the shoulders.

The squat, which develops the whole of the leg and also strengthens the back, provided the exercise is performed correctly.

The dead lift, which is a strength building exercise for the back that also helps build strength and size in the upper body and the legs.

The military press, which targets the shoulders and also works the arms.

The lateral pull down, cable rowing or dumbbell rows will all build the upper back.

These exercises will all help to build a strong healthy symmetrically muscular body if performed regularly in the correct manner and supplemented with good nutrition.

Muscle building will help to burn fat and create a lean body with enhanced health and fitness.

There are additional exercises that are designed to target specific areas of the body. What is quite possibly the most popular exercise of all is the arm curl. This builds the bicep muscle and people who do this regularly will usually see results quite fast. It is also popular because the arms are very visual muscles and it is good for a beginner s confidence to be able to display the results of their training efforts.

To gain the size muscles that the bodybuilders achieve is as much about food nutrition and supplements as the exercises they perform on a daily basis. Obviously those at the top of their game are also taking steroids, so for people who fear that they might look like Arnold Schwarzenegger from following these exercises, they have little to fear.

Grant Pierrus blogs on his Physical Fitness Training Blog about all things fitness. Check it out at

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How To Gain Weight Fast, Diet And Exercise

The question of how to gain weight fast has been discussed and knocked around for so long that people are being confused by all the conflicting information. This information can be found everywhere; on TV, in magazines and diet books and on the Internet. The fact of the matter is that, regardless of how you divide your caloric intake, you will not find out how to gain weight fast if you do not consume more calories than you burn off.

How to gain weight fast is simply that your body responds to caloric intake. Food regardless weather it is carbs, fat or protein get converted into energy. That energy is sent to the blood and is transported to the different organs and tissues of the body. With a proper exercise regime most of the energy will be used by your muscles and result in a growth in muscle mass.

There are several ways to answer the question of how to gain weight fast. The first and foremost is DIET. You must eat as much as you possibly can. Eat foods high in protein as they are what builds muscle mass. You must also consume carb and fat calories as well. You need the energy they provide to be able to exercise and build those muscles.

Don�t train too long or too hard, 45 minutes to one hour per workout and only workout every other day. Your muscle cells get damaged by hard exercise and need time to recover. Make sure you get enough rest and don�t abuse alcohol, your muscles need daily rest and alcohol destroys muscle cells. Change your workout routine after 6 to 8 weeks, muscles will adapt to your routine and stop growing. Take nutritional supplements to help you gain weight fast. Drink lots of water, water is crucial to gain weight.

In your search for how to gain weight fast there are a couple of things to remember. The bodybuilding industry, for the most part, is a �monkey see, monkey do� industry. Everyone is just repeating what the next guy said regardless of whether or not it will work. Everyone wants to give you advice on the next great system or supplement before it has a chance to be proven.

What really works is diet and exercise. If you want to gain weight fast and turn that weight into muscle mass, it requires diet and exercise. You have to consume more calories than you burn off to gain weight. You must exercise to turn that excess weight into muscle mass. It�s that simple, calories + exercise = muscle. There may be nutritional supplements and exercise systems out there that will help you to gain weight fast, but you will have to make up your own mind about that. Just remember�It all boils down to diet and exercise.

For more information on how to gain weight fast and turn that weight into muscle mass, and also to see some excellent resources please visit:

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The 300 Movie Workout - What We All Overlooked

he movie 300 no longer needs an introduction. The connection between the movie and my site, should also be obvious. Everyone s writing about and reviewing the movie, and the buffed up warriors, and especially - the grueling workout routine that the actors had to endure in order to look how they did in the movie. It s obvious that a little manipulation of makeup played a small role in enhancing the definition of their physiques, but make no mistake - they DID have lean, admirable physiques that made most of us walk out of the cinema saying "wow... i wish I looked like that...".

So, allow me to fast forward to Mark Twight - the exercise guru and former world-class mountain climber with a no-pain-no-gain attitude who is the man behind the training of the actors who he put through his routine called, what else - 300. The actors trained for a duration ranging from eight to ten weeks with a goal of shaping them to look not like bodybuilders, but as close as possible to a Greek warrior. What s the difference you ask? A bodybuilder s routine would focus more on individual bodyparts, tweaking and focusing on exercises that would eventually build the best looking physique - symmetrical, having correct proportions and lots of muscle mass. A Greek warrior physique would however have a more raw and functional appearance, not necessarily big and muscular, with a focus not on pretty looking muscles, but a fit, lean, mean machine.. basically an ordinary guy who is very fit and lean, and strong - the look of having muscles that are there for a purpose.

The routine?
# 25 pull-ups
# 50 deadlifts with 135 lbs
# 50 push-ups
# 50 box jumps (24-inch box)
# 50 "floor wipers" (a core and shoulders exercise with 135 lbs)
# 50 "clean and press" with a kettlebell (36 lbs)
# 25 more pull-ups

Sum up the total number of repetitions, and you get a total of 300, which is how the routine got its name. The challenge is that you re supposed to do it within 20 minutes.

My opinion on the 300 Workout routine:
I think the trainers did an amazing job with the 300 workout routine. My first reaction was WOW . It is indeed an amazing routine obviously built for those who are already fit. No ordinary guy/newbie/gym first-timer can hope to pull this off.

Interestingly, as I was reading deeper into this, It took me by surprise that EVERY SINGLE SITE and REVIEW on the 300 workout routine I came across focused entirely on their workout and what the actors endured - I mean, yeah, it s not your everyday workout routine and I take my hat/shoes and weight training gloves off for them, but the fact that everyone is only talking about their exercise routine proves to a certain extent that many still fail to realize that NUTRITION plays a BIGGER role in altering our physique than the workout itself. Muscles grow when your body is at rest - NOT at the gym. Why is everyone talking about the workout only? Why isnt there an equal amount of writeups on what they ate? I assure you they weren t eating a bowl of cornflakes or toasted bread with jam for their breakfast. These guys were almost certainly eating like champions - eating like a Greek warrior may I say?

I d like to stress to everyone - that the 300 workout (or any other quick-fix you see in a mag) is NOT the holy grail to a better physique. Yeah, it may help shock your system into new growth, but at the end, its that thing you re stuffing your mouth with that is going to determine the outcome of your hard work. You are what you eat - yes, that phrase is actually a FACT. I hate to break it to you but I would boldly say that AT LEAST 70% of your ideal physique lies in what you eat - your diet.

Like it or not, proper nutrition IS THE MOST IMPORTANT factor for muscle growth. Without proper nutrition, you will make little or no gains and eventually only frustrate yourself and quit because you don t see progress. The importance of raw materials for your body to use can t be stressed enough. So if you re someone looking for a short cut or a quick fix to a better physique, I think you d be better off spending that time learning about proper nutrition.

If you can t even get sufficient amounts of protein in your diet, consume balanced meals spread throughout the day, and adequate rest, don t even bother trying the 300 workout - you re just barking up the wrong tree. Some of us can t even find the willpower to cardio for 30 minutes. I m reminded of a friend who thought that 15 mins of cardio before his workout, and another 15 mins after is equivalent as a 30 minute cardio session. Who are we trying to kid except ourselves...

Okay, now that I ve got the frustration of the 300 workout craze out, does anyone out there actually know what these actors ate?

Josh Stone, also known as DM, is the author behind the site which offers the author�s personal views on real-life fitness, bodybuilding, sports nutrition, cardio, fat loss, training information, and on all things that surrounds fitness.

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Women's Bodybuilding, Confusion and Disillusion

In the UK it seems that a more feminine look is being required - the general public don t seem to like us any more with our freaky muscles, they seem to prefer the fitness/figure look and I suppose to some it is more pleasing to the eye. However, what do you do? Do you play the game and try to get as feminine as possible even going as far as breast implants or do you continue building your awesome frame so they cant ignore you and have to give you that first place?

There is another side to all this though. I have found that since going back into bodybuilding I am having to keep a very close eye on the way I look. At least with the powerlifting you just looked square and not overly muscular, but since bodybuilding my shape is changing and I am aware of how masculine it makes me look. I always said that I would never play the game and grow my hair etc etc but to be honest with watching how masculine my physique is becoming I am trying really hard now to keep as feminine a look as possible.

�A lot of women have given up the sport because of lack of clarity on the judging criteria as well as general stigma now which is a real shame as we should be encouraging and nurturing the newcomers who are our next generation of possible great bodybuilders �

It is very hard and time consuming but it also aids your mental state. Remember that us girlies are putting testosterone into our systems, using oestrogen blockers like Tamoxifen and Proviron. However you want to argue the point it still fucks around with your hormonal balance and emotional state and you feel more masculine so putting that extra effort into your appearance does somewhat help your self esteem. Your confidence can sometimes can take a really serious knock if a fat couch potato educationally sub-normal wanker that has never trained in his life says something really unkind to you like are you a girl or a bloke? or you look disgusting - you must be a dyke and yes people do say stuff like that.

I went to the WABBA World Championships in Barcelona last week and what an eye opener. Yes, they had competitors with silicone tits but these girls got judged exactly the same as the rest of us flat chested girlies up there. There was definitely a different attitude in the organisation towards women s physique bodybuilding. It was how it used to be. I was told that we would get judged on our physiques only before I went but I didn t believe it.

Disillusionment had been creeping in until then - but when I went to Barcelona and saw the judging I was brimming with enthusiasm again. Maybe I could be doing with a little more feminine charm and grace but at least in this organisation I would get judged on my physique and the femininity issue would be more for me and my self esteem than for on the day of the show.

So what do we do at home?? I think most of us want to be the EFBB British Title holders don t we? I think we would be lying if we said no. The EFBB British is still THE show that we all want to win on a national level no matter how much we bitch about it.

I know one awesome female heavyweight physique girl who should have got placed better than she did this year, and it was the same last year, and the year before that but it was pointed out to me that she didn t present as well as the girl that won and that she stood like a bloke. WHAT BULLSHIT, it shouldn t be like that. The girl I am talking about is Gaynor Davies who has been competing for many years and she also has competed the last 2 years in the Universe and done well. She can come in whatever condition you ask her to - big and full, small and ripped, she is hugely talented and apart from all that she is a genuinely nice person. I think it s a real shame and it still isn t clear whether she will carry on competing or not after the results this year again.

Many of us are totally unclear on what the organisations are looking for - you hear a whisper about bigger and less ripped so you come in looking like that - and - bang - you find its smaller with striated glutes! A lot of women have given up the sport because of lack of clarity on the judging criteria as well as general stigma now which is a real shame as we should be encouraging and nurturing the newcomers who are our next generation of possible great bodybuilders. So, please, could we have some set in stone judging criteria please?? What would be interesting to hear is from the guy s point of view. It s all very well me banging on about women s issues in bodybuilding but do the guys have any sort of similar problems? And no I m not talking about prejudice on the size of your lunch box!

It would also be interesting to know from the guys point of view what the attitude of women is towards muscular men now as a friend of mine who has been competing for many years has said that he now finds it really difficult to get a girlfriend as women these days don t like the muscular look and are going for heroin addict lookalikes which he feels is related to the changing roles for men since the 90 s man emerged with his caring sharing feminine side and limp handshake��..eeeeeeewwwwwwww!!! uuuggggghhhhh, I can�t see the attraction but then with two tall previous exceptions I go for very short, very muscular men. Lee Priest - come and get me!!

TALK TO ME! Tell me what you think and what your own experiences are and whether you think I am dribbling bullshit and should be publicly flogged with a wet dishcloth or maybe you think I am absolutely right and you want to make me all yours and finance my bodybuilding forever!! Without your experiences and comments the points I am trying to raise are worthless really and it also makes me look at things from other points of view that I may not have considered before.

Article contributed by Emma to Mick Hart s No Bull Collection. A fast growing, hardcore, bodybuilding and anabolic steroids magazine. The most controversial, politically incorrect, hard hitting, outspoken and FACTUAL bodybuilding and steroid magazine you will ever read. Not for the weak hearted. Learn more about bodybuilding s top cult mag, packed with great articles and Mick s own brand of humour.

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How To Build Muscle Quickly -- Three Sure Fire Tips

Human beings are naturally impatient, and this even extends to the pursuit of a hard body. Many will ask how to build muscle quickly and, in fact, there are some solid tips that you can follow to get yourself results within a matter of weeks.

First of all, eat well and avoid too many carbs. Protein and fats are the key to building muscle quickly. When you work out, the muscle fibres are "damaged" ever so slightly. When you feel sore, it is an indication that you have done some of this good "damage". Protein helps to repair the fibres and in doing so, will bulk you up.

Protein is essential if you want to know how to build muscle quickly. My recommendation is to try the variety of shakes out there and the best ones consist of whey protein.

Secondly, make sure you get a good workout. There is no sense in doing forty or fifty repetitions -- this is a sure fire way to not learn how to build muscle quickly. You will soon realise after a matter of weeks when you don t build any muscle at all!

The key to getting an effective workout is to perform about eight to twelve repetitions per set. And when you reach that final repetition in the set, you should not be able to do another one. You should be at failure and absolutely unable to do another one. If you can, then you are simply not using enough weight and need to increase it. This is the most effective way to work out with weights and will give the most rapid growth in muscle tissue.

Lastly, motivation is very important. Diet and workouts are key in learning how to build muscle quickly, but you cannot achieve any of it unless you have the correct motivation. Make sure your head is in gear first. Ask yourself -- why do I want to build muscle. If it is simply to get one girl, forget it!

But if you want to improve your health, both body and mind, or decide that you are fed up of being weak, want confidence and a better outlook on life -- these are all excellent reasons for learning how to build muscle quickly.

Working out like Arnie but not building any muscle? Learn how a skinny little runt became a decked out beefcake! To learn more, click here: how to build muscle quickly

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Adding Muscle Mass Over Age 35

We received a request to discuss some of the ways Metroflex Gym would help someone above the age of 35 gain lean muscle mass. We will discuss of both of those in this newsletter. Again, please send in your questions and suggestions for topics as we want to provide you with information which is both valuable and cannot be readily found on the Internet.

As for gaining lean muscle mass over the age of 35, Metroflex Gym has some techniques to help you. First, please remember that the muscle magazines are no longer targeting you with their ads as they concentrate on the market focusing on teenagers to those in their late twenties. This is a good thing as now you can focus simply on what needs to be done. Note that this applies to men AND women, as many women could benefit from increasing their lean muscle mass as well.

Here is the checklist:

  • First, make sure that you understand your true, underlying motivations for gaining size. One of the previous newsletters described the �Three Questions� technique; and I will be happy to send it to any of you who did not receive it.
  • Next, make sure that you are honest with any illnesses, injuries (including arthritis, muscle tears, etc.). If you know certain exercises which cause problems, then structure your routine to exclude such exercises.
  • Make sure that you get medical clearance! Most health recommendations geared toward average North Americans include increasing cardiovascular activity, reducing body fat levels, and other techniques to actually reduce one�s size, not deliberately gain size. Just be careful and make sure that you have medical approval.
  • You have to know your recovery ability. This is not just �localized� recovery, but �systemic� recovery as well. For example, if you trained your legs intensely during a workout, they may be ready to train again two days later. However, your body�s recovery systems (lymphatic, etc.) may not have recovered adequately for you to be fully recovered. Make sure that you know how your OVERALL body recovers from intense weight training.
  • Slow down your repetitions. In order to reduce the odds of injury, be sure that you have a competent spotter (on exercises which require one), and SLOW DOWN your repetitions. Take 2-3 seconds to raise the bar, and take 3-4 seconds to lower the bar. You will most likely have to reduce your starting weights� and that is FINE!
  • Choose exercises which target large muscle groups. If you truly want to gain muscle size, make sure that you focus on exercises which will enlarge your entire muscular frame. If approved to do squats & deadlifts (and/or their alternate exercises such as box squats & rack deadlifts), then do those exercises. Focus on exercises which will give you more muscular legs, a stronger back, and increased chest muscularity.
  • If you have joint pain or other range of motion difficulties, consider doing static holds, negatives, or partial-range movements.
Select & eat healthy food the vast majority of the time, and gradually increase your caloric intake slightly above your maintenance needs. That way you will be able to add lean mass without gaining lots of adipose (fatty) tissue. Ask your doctor if you can add supplemental healthy oils (olive, flax seed, fish, etc.) to increase your calories gradually. Copyright 2007 Bullpen Marketing LLC. All rights reserved.

If you found this article to be useful and relevant, you are welcome to visit to get weight training & exercise information which simply works! You may also get the information by going to any of the following websites (if they are easier for you to remember):

You are invited to join the Metroflex Gym Newsletter and download free reports, training logs, and receive special unannounced bonuses!

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Why Only Improve Your Strength?

Ladies and Gentlemen: I have completely stopped using weights. There is no need for them anymore. All of the strenuous and painful lifting exercises are now over. Back when I used to use free weights and resistence, they were basically only good for one thing: strength. But in my research of finding the best training methods, I have come upon a gold mine: Hindu Pushups.

A Hindu Pushup is a body-weight exercise that requires no equipment at all and it targets everything I�ve said in the article preview: strength, stamina, lung power, and flexibility.

Hindu Pushups strengthen the arms, increase flexibility in the spine, and when combined with deep breathing, they improve your lung power, which improves your stamina.

Ever since I�ve come across this golden exercise, I�ve quit all of my gym memberships, sold all of my weights, and started doing at least 25 Hindu Pushups each and every day. The results are far more than I ever imagined and that�s why I�m writing this article right now to share with you one of the greatest body-weight exercises in history.

Hindu Pushups have been used by Indian wrestlers for centuries - it�s how they would build up extreme lung power, along with the other attributes mentioned above. And it was a beautiful day when this exercise was introduced to the Western Hemisphere.

Want a weight-free, better results-producing exercise that can be performed in your own home - then start doing Hindu Pushups - they will change the way your view strength training and save you some of that hard-earned money too.

I explain in great detail how to perform a hindu pushup in Inhuman Stamina along with other great weight-free exercises as well

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How To Build Arm Muscle - 3 Power Secrets to Popeye Arms!

Learning how to build arm muscle is not so difficult once you understand the nature of the arm and work out how best to harness its ability. With the right techniques, you can learn how to build arm muscle that will give Popeye himself a run for his money! No spinach required!

The two main muscles of the arm are the bicep and the tricep. You will likely have heard of these before. There are also a few other important muscles such as the deltoid and a number of smaller muscles.

The bicep is the stereotypical strongman muscle. It is the one that you see enlarge during an arm wrestling match or when someone wants to display their strength. If you want to learn how to build arm muscle then you cannot ignore the bicep muscle.

A good workout to build big biceps is a barbell curl or, if you only have dumbbells, you can try hammer curls -- these are also very effective. More info can be found later in this article on powerful and time effective workout routines.

The tricep is the muscle on the other side of the arm when compared to the bicep. They contract in the opposite direction to the tricep. But it is very important to work both the bicep and the tricep if you want to learn how to build arm muscle. A misbalance in the two muscles will degrade your overall muscle growth progress and may be damaging long term for your movement, coordination and strength.

Good workouts for the triceps are bench dips and a variety of presses.

Deltoids are at the top of the arm. They are often mistakenly called "shoulder muscles". If you want to learn how to build arm muscle, then deltoids are key because they form an important part of the body -- the transition from the arm to the shoulder and the core of the body. You can really feel the deltoids working if you hold a weight, any sort of weight, and keep your arm straight whilst lifting the weight to shoulder height at arms length. Plus, if you build this type of arm muscle, it looks really good when you wear a vest!

A variety of raises and presses are the best type of workout for getting big deltoids.

As you can see, one can learn how to build arm muscle by paying careful attention to the component parts of the arm and targeting each muscle with a dedicated workout.

Want to win at arm wrestling just like the Stallone movie? Discover the notorious body building secrets featured in the New York Times. To learn more, click here: how to build arm muscle.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Body Building For Females - Female BodyBuilding Tips Revealed!

Body Building is not something that is typically associated with women. When we watch the television, and see action films, we re more likely to see figures such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, replete with rippling muscle, then we are to see musclebound women. Yet body building for females is becoming increasingly popular, as more and more women are looking to improve not only their fitness levels, but also their levels of strength. Additionally, female bodybuilding is not only about looking musclebound, but about achieving a muscle symmetry, that women can feel proud of. In essence its all about choice.

Female bodybuilding offers a route towards toned muscles, good health, and satisfaction with the way you look. And in practice, it s not actually that different from male bodybuilding in terms of actually working out. But there are differences in terms of the physiology involved. The most striking of these is that because men have much higher levels of testosterone, and women have much higher levels of estrogen, this affects the way, that each respective sex reacts to exercise. Testosterone levels being higher means that men build muscle much more easily, whilst higher estrogen levels in women can mean that they may tend to store fat more easily than men (not a good thing. If you wish to take bodybuilding seriously!) However, as professional female bodybuilders have shown, this can be overcome if you take the training seriously enough.

One common misnomer that women have, is that they don t wish to do bodybuilding exercises, because they believe that if they stop, that the muscle will immediately turn to fat (something that no one wants!) This in fact, is not true though. And if you stop exercising, the muscle will not be transformed into fat, but it may well disappear, over time. If you don t use it, then you will lose it! Fat build up comes because you are consuming more calories than you are burning, and in fact, exercise is a key part in turning this on its head, because exercise increases your metabolic rate, which has the effect of you burning more calories for all of the activities that you do.

If you are a woman and are considering body building for females, then don t be put off. Instead, take charge, and become a pioneer! The truth is, that it s your body, and how you choose to present it to the world is up to you to decide.

For more information about bodybuilding for females and other bodybuilding resources. Visit where you can also learn about the best weight lifting exercises

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Dumbell Workout - Easy Muscle for Bulking or Toning

With the plethora of expensive exercise gadgets out there, it s easy to get lost in the ridiculous notion that you need some fancy machine or contraption to get in shape and gain muscle. Why is it then, that when you go into any serious, hardcore gym, that you will find the busiest area to be the dumbell area. With all the fancy, expensive machinery, it is the dumbell workout that time and again shines through the distorted haze of expensive machinery and membership that the exercise industry has created.

It goes back to the idea that you can t beat the basics. The already tried and true ways to build muscle and get in shape is accomplished through the dumbell workout. Whether you are into toning or bulking, the dumbell workout will not fail in accomplishing your goals. And the simple, conveniant nature of it simply can t be beat.

Toning and Bulking: A good illustration of the ability of a dumbell workout being able to accomplish both toning and bulking can be seen through a bicep workout. If I am focusing on bulking my entire bicep I will perform standing dumbell curls, with a fairly heavy dumbell. This is a powerful arm builder which works the entire bicep and forces you to work the weight through a free range of motion, as opposed to machines which isolate your movement, generally only partially affecting your bicep.

Now, if I am concerning myself with more of a toning workout, or wanting to isolate a portion of the bicep specifically (such as the peak) then i will sit down and perform strict concentration curls. Where the standing bicep dumbell workout was more powerful in its execution, the seated concentration bicep dumbell workout is more focused. It is performed at a slower pace, and with a lighter weight.

Almost any body part can be applied in a similar fashion with a dumbell workout. You simply either focus on a dumbell workout with powerful movements or more concentrated, deliberate movements. Or in fact you can combine the two for both mass building and toning results.

A dumbell workout can save you time, money and frustration while providing you with a highly effective, no nonsense and convenient way to build muscle easy.

Interested in a variety of dumbell workout routines and instruction? Be sure to check out The ultimate dumbell workout which can be applied to all muscle groups. Thanks for reading!

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Dumbell Workout - Big Bicep Tip for Mass

The path to the biggest biceps possible I believe is through a dumbell workout. I will describe a major tip that will push your biceps beyond normal growth and into the realm of the unreal. I will focus on overall mass size which give the biceps a big and powerful look.

Mass size: There is nothing better for mass size like a standing bicep curl dumbell workout. Essentially your are standing and curling individually and alternatively a dumbell in each arm, doing so in a controlled semi strict fashion, with a weight in which you can perform around 6-8 strict repetitions with. Where most trainees fall short though is that they end their standing bicep curl dumbell workout short. You still have some more juice left in your biceps, the problem is you are unable to strictly perform any more repetitions. The answer then is to employ cheaters, in a safe, rhythm like manner. Simply pause then swing the dumbell up to the midpoint and concentrate on working it all the way up from there. Then slowly lower the dumbell all the way down working the negative portion of the exercise. Generally cheating in weight training exercises can be frowned upon, though when applied for the last reps in certain exercises such as a standing bicep curl dumbell workout, it is accepted and can be very beneficial, given the trainee does not go overboard and cause himself injury.

Arnold frequently employed cheaters for bicep curls, attributing them to the added mass which took his biceps over the top. It is one of his bicep routine "secrets" which became popular only later in various publications.

Remember, it is those last few repetitions which are the real over the top muscle builders, and if we can squeeze those important 3-5 additional reps out through cheaters in our standing bicep dumbell workout then we are literally giving our biceps no other option than to overcompensate in recovery and grow larger!

Want more dumbell workout routines for biceps and all other muscle groups? Check out You ll find resources for amazing mass growth dumbell workout routines. Thanks for reading!

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Dumbell Workout - Get A Killer Bicep Peak!

The peak of the bicep is generally referred to as the front lower portion, the part which peaks out of a t-shirt and can signify a well formed, big arm. I ve always had problems developing peak until I employed a dumbell workout where I specifically focused on isolating the bicep peak and performing a particular partial rep workout which I will share here.

First we want to perform a bicep dumbell workout where we are in a controlled and isolated position. The seated concentration curl can work for this. We perform the exercise with a lighter weight where we can get around 12-15 repetitions. These are performed slowly, concentrating on the isolation of the bicep. Then the fun begins. After we have completed of full set of 10-15 repetitions, we then switch gears with our bicep dumbell workout by only doing partials. The partials are performed at the bottom of the movement and we are only going to raise the dumbell up around 2-3 inches. Taking your other hand, feel the peak of your bicep and notice how it is getting continually worked and isolated. We want to shoot for around 15-20 of these partials and then perform one full rep. Next we pause for 10-15 seconds and repeat again for 15 more partials, and then another full rep. Usually by the third set of this partial bicep dumbell workout your bi s will be fried and it will be time to take them out of the oven and let the peak growth begin!

An added tip to this bicep dumbell workout is to perform these curls in a hammer curl fashion, that is palms facing to the side, as opposed to facing up. This seems to target the peak even more specifically. By adding both regular and hammer curl you can increase variety in your killer peak bicep dumbell workout.

Want to learn more amazing dumbell workout routines for the biceps and all the other muscle groups? Check out where you ll find info on all sorts of dumbell workout routines. Thanks for reading!

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Chest Building Routines and the Best Chest Exercises To Increase Bulk

A large thick chest is generally one of the primary goals of any weight trainer or bodybuilder.

To understand how to build a massive chest you must first understand what muscles comprise the chest and how to target them specifically.

In building a strong, powerful chest we target a number of muscles: the Pectoralis Major and Minor, and to a lesser degree the Serratus Anterior, the Intercostals and the Front Deltoids.

The primary and most visible muscle of the chest is the Pectoralis Major. It is a thick muscle in a triangular fan shape across the entire chest area. It is connected to the skeleton at three different points, the sternum, the clavicle (collar bone) and the shoulder (armpit).

The Pectoralis Major is divided into two sections, the Clavicular section which is the upper portion of the muscle connected to the Clavicle, and the Sternal which is the lower section of the muscle connected to the Sternum. Whilst they are connected in two different areas, they are still the SAME muscle.

There is a common misconception that the upper pec (Clavicular section) is the Pectoralis Major and the lower pec (Sternal section) is the Pectoralis Minor. This is not the case.

The Pectoralis Minor is a smaller triangular shaped muscle actually situated underneath the Pectoralis Major and is not generally visible. However this muscle is trained in conjunction with the Pectoralis Major and when it grows it can help to push the Pectoralis Major out to give the appearance of a bigger chest.

The Serratus Anterior (Small muscles covering the side of the chest wall and around the ribs), Intercostals (Smaller muscles positioned between the ribs) and the Front Deltoids (Shoulder muscles) are all muscles that whilst not part of the chest itself, each perform a stabilising function during chest exercises and when developed properly help give definition to the chest.

By hitting the muscles from different angles using different exercises you will achieve maximum growth of all muscle fibres in the shortest time possible.

The best chest exercises to increase bulk, strength and mass are Compound exercises. Those used primarily for shaping and toning are Isolation exercises.

Compound exercises involve the use of more than one muscle group through different joints in order to perform the exercise movement. Isolation exercises effectively isolate the working muscle and only involve movement though one joint.

Compound chest exercises to increase bulk include the bench press (and variations of), pushups, and dips. While Isolation exercises include flyes, pec dec, cable crossover and dumbbell pullover.

There are other exercises out there but these are just some of the most common.

Here is one of my original chest building routines designed to attack the Pec muscle from 3 different angles. It also provides toning and effectively works the other supporting muscles mentioned above. All exercises should be performed using medium-heavy weights and the target number of reps for each set are listed in brackets:

Incline Bench Press 3 Sets (12, 10, 8)

Dumbbell Bench Press 3 Sets (12, 10, 8)

Lateral Flye 2 Sets (12, 10)

Decline Bench Press 2 Sets (12, 10)

As a note, the best chest exercises to increase bulk are compound exercises performed with Dumbbells. This is because they allow each side of the body to work independently through the full range of movement. However limits on the dumbbell weight range at your gym or home or old injury may mean you are unable to use dumbbells all the time. That is when a barbell should be used.

This chest routine will provide you with a solid base on which to develop a thick powerful chest. I would recommend you use a workout log to record your progress so you know what you have to beat each time you set foot in the gym. Then when you exceed the target reps by one, i.e. you perform 13, 11, 9 it is time to increase the weights.

And always remember that REST is the most important factor in muscle growth!

About The Author: Paul James is the author of 4 eBooks including the latest: Simple Muscle: Insider Secrets To Fast Muscle Gains (available at and has been weight training and body building for over 10 years. He is a respected source when it comes to drug free muscle development. His Simple Muscle Workout System provides you with the advanced techniques required to maximise your muscle growth and double your gains regardless of your age, gender or genetics. All without the use of drugs or supplements. Visit to find out more.

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Bodybuilding Supplements - Some Helpful Information Before You Buy

The human body needs a certain amount of different nutrients in order to function properly. These nutrients include vitamins, minerals and proteins. The body needs these nutrients every day in order to function correctly and to defend itself from various kinds of diseases. Sometimes a balanced diet is not sufficient enough to fulfill all of the body s needs, especially when it needs an extra boost of energy such as in the case of bodybuilding. There are many different kinds of nutritional supplements that are available to help with bodybuilding and they are becoming increasingly popular these days. They are all useful for people who want to build strong muscles and want to improve their overall muscular physique.

Bodybuilding nutritional supplements are normally composed of a blend of some vitamins, minerals and natural energy vitalizing substances. These substances are useful to promote the growth of muscles and tissues and help keep them healthy. Fat burning pills are important supplements in this category and they help to speed up the process of the body s metabolism in order to release energy. Bodybuilding supplements are also sometimes referred to as energy boosters or mass builders.

Creatine is also a kind of bodybuilding supplement. Normally a nutritional supplement is made by combining several different substances that work better and faster when combined than individual substances. Creatine enhancers are used to increase its effectiveness. Supplements rich in nitric oxide also work well as bodybuilding supplements. They usually come in the form of tablets and capsules, but some are also available in liquid & powder form. Creatine and Nitric Oxide are the most popular mass building bodybuilding supplements in the industry today.

When exercising there is a possibility that you can cause damage to your joints. There are certain supplements that are capable of preventing joint injury. They usually consist of chondroitine sulfate and glucosamine sulfate. Testosterone boosters, growth hormones and a blend of herbs and vitamins are also very effective bodybuilding supplements. These supplements help to raise the body s own testosterone levels and therefore increase strength greatly.

Muscle building and energy boosting drinks are available that are very easy to consume and equally effective. Although there is no real alternative to eating a proper balanced diet, sometimes due to a lack of time we are not able to include all the natural nutrients in our everyday meals. To address this deficiency, you can take a variety of supplements.

Meal replacement supplements are normally found in the form of powdered material and more commonly known as meal replacement powder or MRP. These are rich in protein and fatty acids, so that they can provide the necessary energy boost required by the body. MRP can be mixed in water or milk before consuming. This way they are easier to take and provide the instant energy boost needed just like energy boosting drinks. MRP is mostly recommended for bodybuilders who have no prior experience and require large quantities of energy boosting substances to keep them fit and healthy. There are a lot of different meal replacement packs to choose from so be sure to narrow down your goals and then search for the best product for that purpose.

Nutrition bars, commonly known as meal bars or protein bars are also important to mention when considering bodybuilding supplements. Before using any kind of nutrition bars, don t forget to consult a health expert because sometimes these bars contain additives that might not be harmful to some people. If you are on any other medication to treat a disease, for example if you are an insulin-dependent diabetic patient then you should always ask their doctor before consuming any type of nutritional supplements. Meal bars can be eaten just before working out, just like with any pre-workout energy drinks. These bars are perfect if your always on the go or are limited for time due to today s high stressed way of life.

Some natural substances like probiotics are also used in bodybuilding nutritional supplements. These are healthy bacteria that are naturally found in the digestive system, these help with the proper digestion of food. Eating a prescribed amount of these supplements daily helps to speed up the digestive process. If you don t know where to start then you can search for bodybuilding supplements on the Internet including fat burning pills and energy boosting supplements, but make sure you talk to your dietitian before you consume any of these supplements.

Christopher DiCicco is an owner of a online Nutritional Supplements Store and has been involved with health and nutrition for over 20 years. He has written many articles on such topics as Nutritional Supplements, Bodybuilding supplements & weightlifting supplements to name a few.

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Channeling Mega Mind Power To Build Mind-Blowing Muscular Mass!

So many times I m asked "Is there one MOST important factor to producing increased muscular size and power?" People who ask this aren t necessarily looking for a shortcut to success (trust me; in bodybuilding there is none). They seemingly want to ensure foundational success factors are understood, and attended to.

"Well -- is it training intensity?" "Diet?" "Staying motivated?" "Having a supportive training partner?" they ll ask me. The answer to these is...yes. And, experience from 28 years of working with bodybuilders who then went on to win Mr. America, Mr. Universe, Mr.International, Arnold Classic, and Mr.Olympia titles has clearly shown me there s a factor BEYOND the preceding which impacts muscular size, power, and improvement.

"What -- are you kidding me?" you may be thinking. And no; I m NOT! The answer may surprise you. And it s something you ve likely never considered before. It has to do with deliberately channeling your MENTAL power to support building thickly chiseled muscular mass.

Yes, and this entails taking charge of the whole you; your mind-set and life activities must (in some way) come to support all mental and emotional aspects involved in training at your peak, using your mind to stimulate mega muscular growth, and achieving your ultimate physical potential. Let me further demonstrate, and expand upon this concept by providing you insight into this surprising factor: structuring and honoring The Implicit Purpose To Grow BIG!

The Power Of Purpose: (Making Life Work For You -- The Key To Unlocking Your Muscular Best)

When you�re at the superior feeling/perceptual state labeled as best, that�s when you automatically perform at your peak. You wield a commanding degree of power, and both you and the world experience maximum impact from your actions. You therefore owe it to yourself to create conditions whereby this best naturally characterizes your predominant state, internally and externally!

This state doesn�t just happen by itself. Neither is it automatically inherited or mysteriously �come into�. It is created by thinking and acting within a central, overriding purpose. In this manner, you�re taking targeted initiative to direct life in your favor, so it�s always working for you, and encouraging your advance.

Indeed, you make life work for you, and provide you meaningful payoffs through always thinking with a purpose in mind -- aligning all aspects of your life so that everything you do, and everything about you, in some way, promotes visibly creating this specific purpose.

As an aid to cultivating this quality of mental/physical unity within purpose (so you bring forth your best), the following strategy outlines the mental states and lifestyle reinforcers enabling you to make all your life work for you, so it promotes your muscular success. (Read through the entire strategy first before you begin applying it.)

Mental/Physical Lifestyle Alignment To Create An Overall Priority Purpose

(To illustrate this process for orchestrating your life so you create a meaningful purpose and encourage your best, I�ll use the example of building a massive, thickly muscled, powerful physique as the overall purpose here.)

Step 1: Purpose Reinforcing Mental Conditioning

And so, with this example of a densely muscled physique representing the priority purpose, the following actions would be taken to intentionally direct your life to serve this purpose:

Phase A:

Before you leave home for your gym, perform the following purpose reinforcing/strengthening exercise:

Seclude yourself in a quiet, darkened room where you won�t be disturbed. Lie comfortably on your back, arms slightly extended from your body, palms down, fingers loosely apart. Let your eyelids close, and inhale 3 l-o-n-g, s-l-o-w, deep breaths, inhaling through your nostrils, and exhaling slowly through your mouth.

And with each exhalation, mentally repeat the word �D-o-w-n�, allowing yourself to turn loose, and relax more deeply with each successive breath.

After the third �D-o-w-n� breath, imaginatively project a graphic, precisely defined impression of exactly what your priority purpose will look like when you actually possess it. Experience this mental impression as if you�re envisioning a 3-D sensory rich representation of it as an already accomplished fact.

Experience the size, shape and contour of each body part, clearly envisioning the fullness, thickness, density and quality of each muscle group, from your traps, all the way down to your calves.

With detailed exactness, vividly experience the full muscular impact which is the compelling impression of your purpose as fact, first from the front, and then from the rear. And, after 3 minutes of this purpose as fact projection (front, and rear), immediately move into Phase B.

Phase B:

Next, continue focusing upon the frontal impression of your priority purpose as accomplished fact. But now, instead of just watching this explicit 3-D image, step into the picture, and imaginatively become this fully accomplished purpose:

� F-e-e-l the thickness, density and power of each body part.
� Think the exact thoughts you�d think as this thickly muscled power.
� See exactly what you�d see as this massive muscular physique.
� Sense just what you feel you are, and are capable of, because of being this physique.
� Place the look upon your face, which is the exact look you�d naturally reflect possessing this physique.
� Say to yourself exactly what you�d say to yourself, using the exact words and voice tonality you�d use as you inwardly communicate to yourself possessing this physique.
� Breathe exactly the way you�d breathe because you are this massive, dense, thickly muscled power!

Next, fully associated as this muscular power, imaginatively strike 3-4 poses, f-e-e-l-i-n-g the forcefulness and strength which pulses through you as you hold each contraction. Sense the full, thick massiveness of each muscle as you hold each pose. Feel your entire physique vibrating with commanding power. And intimately experience compelling confidence and esteem flooding your soul as a result of embodying all of what your priority purpose represents.

Stay with this fully associated sensory rich scenario (as outlined) for 3 minutes, then proceed directly into Phase C.

Phase C:

Next, shift your attention so you�re evaluating your intended upcoming workout, reviewing every single exercise and the number of reps for each set you�ll perform. As you do this, decide conclusively if every single movement you intend to do is directly targeted to causing the creation of your priority purpose�implicitly.

Is each exercise for each body part you�ll perform specifically calculated to increase your bulk and power? If not, why are you doing it? And if not, what will you replace it with?

Are the number of reps you intend to do for each exercise conducive to building mass and power? If not, why are you doing either too many or too little? And if not, what revisions will you now mentally make so the number of reps you perform for each exercise are specifically geared toward cultivating your overall purpose?

Next, having reviewed your �plan of attack�, consider the mental state you intended to adopt and sustain throughout your entire workout. Oh, you never think of this before you train? Well, think of it NOW!

What is the exact state of mind you feel, if maintained by you while training, would naturally encourage peak exertion and relentless striving to further create your specific purpose? Then, having identified this particular state for you, decide to reflect and sustain this state of mind exclusively throughout your entire workout.

After 3 minutes of undergoing this target action/mental state reinforcing phase, inhale deeply through your nostrils, exhale through your mouth, let your eyelids open, and s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Now, pack your gym bag and get ready to start blasting away!

Step 2: Sustaining Contact With Your Purpose -- Making Every Action Serve You

After you�ve entered your gym, changed into your workout clothes and sufficiently warmed up, before you start training, momentarily close your eyes and again project the 3-D impression of your overall priority purpose. Hold this for 30 full seconds, then open your eyelids and begin your workout.

With each exercise, before you perform it, determine specifically how it is to serve you. Is it to pump you, make you stronger, take you into and through the pain zone, force you to summon all your strength to complete your intended number of reps, foster specific increases in size and strength in a particular muscle, produce a burning, searing, engorged feeling in the muscle it will work?

Know exactly what each set of each specific exercise is to do for you. And with this in mind, start crankin�! With each rep feel, and unreservedly strive to make the movement produce the impact you identified as the exact result the movement is to provide you. Invest all of your mind, body and spirit to make each set you perform produce a specific, pre-identified result for you. And as you perform at this level of purpose and intensity, after you�ve finished each set, think for a moment how you�re different - in relation to your overall purpose - because of the impact your dedicated effort each set has created.

Are you bigger, are you stronger, are you thicker, are you more cut, are you tougher, are you more powerful, are you moving closer to being the physical equivalent of the impression of your overall priority purpose? Know, and physically experience the payoff your committed effort affords you.

Stay in the resolved to triumph mental state, set after purposeful set, throughout your entire workout. Then, after you�ve completed and recovered from your last set, again close your eyelids down and project the 3-D impression of your overall purpose, holding it vividly in mind for 30 seconds. As you do this, let yourself feel a pervasive sense of pride, accomplishment, and progress toward your purpose, all a result of you having made each individual act you performed explicitly serve this overall purpose.

Then, having subconsciously reinforced your power and commitment level, let your eyelids open�and enjoy your shower!

Once you attend to the power of purpose (as outlined), you ll then NATURALLY train harder, more consistently, and address factors such as nutrition, sleep and rest, supplements, and positive attitude, eagerly and instinctively! So, go ahead now and set a foundation of purpose in YOUR bodybuilding life; upon it you can then truly build a "structure of massive muscularity" -- and ensure the building process remains continually, automatically mega success fueled!

Powerhouse self-help author, clinician, and national TV therapist, Pete Siegel is the country�s foremost sports and peak performance hypnotherapist. You can review his PowerMind� best selling life and success building programs, including Building Super Confidence, Think & Grow BIG, Living Invincibly Positive, Steppin� Up To Mega-Muscle And Power, and Winning At Life, at

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Weight Training Exercises to Avoid if You Want to Build Muscle Fast

When it comes to constructing the ultimate weight training program to build muscle, exercise selection is a very important component. You build muscle fastest with compound weight training exercises. Any bodybuilding program that focuses on machines and isolation weight training exercises is a complete waste of time.

Below are the worst weight training exercises on the planet and should be avoided at all costs if you want to build muscle fast.

1) Smith Machine Squats- Squats are the best weight training exercise you can do in order to build muscle fast. Doing them on a Smith machine however, is a huge mistake. Squatting in a Smith machine is very hard on the knees and causes the lifter to develop what is known as a pattern overload syndrome. The smith machine isolates the legs while taking the trunk out of the movement. In a normal free weight squat your lower back and abs must stabilize the weight and every muscle group must work in unison. This is how the body functions, as a unit, never in isolation. This can lead to severe imbalances and injuries.

2) Leg Extensions- Compound weight training exercises are the best muscle building exercises there are. Leg extensions are an isolation movement which do very little to build muscle. This movement also creates shearing forces on the knee and should be avoided at all costs.

3) Hack Squats- While squats are the superior muscle building exercise, this movement falls into the exact same category as the smith machine squat and should be avoided for all the same reasons.

4) Abduction/ Adduction machines- This is the one where you sit with your legs spread and strapped into the machine. You perform this weight training exercise by opening up or spreading your legs and then closing them. This is another isolation movement which will do nothing to build muscle. On top of that, you will look like a girl if you do it.

5) Abdominal Crunch Machines- The abs never work in isolation in the real world. In fact, the abs do not ever contract consciously. They contract unconsciously as a way to protect the spine. The abdominal muscles never work without the use of the hip flexors yet these isolation crunch machines are specifically designed to take the hip flexors out of the movement. For these reasons, this is a very ineffective weight training exercise for building muscle.

6) Ab Roller Devices- This apparatus is a version of the aforementioned crunch machines and is another useless piece of equipment. This device takes the neck completely out of the movement which is exactly what you don t want to do. Contracting and or flexing the muscles of the neck during an abdominal crunch is exactly what you want to be doing and is physiologically correct. Another waste of time in the quest to build muscle fast.

7) Smith Machine Bench Press- The bench press is a great muscle building exercise but doing it in the Smith machine is not a good idea. Much like the Smith Machine Squat, this exercise will cause you to develop a pattern overload and will lead to injury. Pressing on the Smith Machine isolates the pressing muscles and completely eliminates the use of the stabilizer muscles, such as the rotator cuff. This will lead to imbalances that can transfer to serious shoulder injuries. You can�t build muscle when you are injured.

8) Bench Dips- This is another weight training exercise that I did for many years and now regret. I routinely did this exercise with four 45 pound plates on my lap. Little did I realize at the time that bench dips put your shoulder in a very dangerous position and can eventually lead to serious problems. While this exercise is useful in building muscle it is also dangerous. If shoulder safety is a concern I recommend that you avoid this exercise and stick with parallel bar dips for building muscle.

9) Concentration Curls- When it comes to weight training and building muscle, everybody�s favorite bodypart is biceps. Chin ups and barbell curls are the best weigth training exercises for building huge biceps. Concentration curls are not. This is a pure isolation movement which supposedly puts a "peak" on your biceps. The only problem with that is the fact that it is physiologically impossible to peak your biceps. Muscles grow evenly along the entire length of the tissue from origin to insertion. When looking at the effectiveness of an exercise one of the key determinants in the results that it may produce is the amount of weight that can be lifted. In a concentration curl it is very difficult to lift a great deal of weight and thus it renders the movement ineffective. If you want to build huge biceps, avoid concentration calls.

10) Bench Press to the Neck- This was a big favorite muscle building exercise of Larry Scott and Vince Gironda. It was supposedly a great muscle building exercise for the upper or clavicular pectoral muscles. The problem with this movement is that it will absolutely destroy the shoulders and can easily lead to a pec tear. This is one movement that you should stay very far away from in your quest to build muscle fast.

11) Old School Pec Dec-This is the supposed muscle building exercise machine which has you bend your arms ninety degrees while externally rotating. You place your arms on the pads and then proceed to bring the pads together in front of your body. This is not only dangerous for the shoulder but is absolutely useless and will not build muscle at all.

12) Knee Break Squats- As mentioned earlier, the squat is the best weight training exercise there is for building muscle. Some trainers and coaches have advocated initiating a squat by first breaking at the knees rather than the hips in an effort to put more stress on the quadriceps muscles. The problem is that this also puts unnecessary stress on the knees and severely limits the amount of weight that can be lifted. Squats should be initiated by first breaking at the hips and sitting back and down, not by breaking at the knees and pushing your knees forward as you descend.

These weight training exercises are listed in no particular order. Unfortunately there are many other weight training exercises that are performed on a routine basis by many lifters that are also useless and dangerous. Those listed above just so happen to be the worst. If a weight training exercise causes pain, you should always avoid it. If a weight training exercise is supposed to target a certain muscle group in isolation and requires you to use extremely light weights it is usually best avoided. The exception to this rule would be prehab and rehab type exercises such as external rotation exercises for the rotator cuff.

Train hard, train smart and focus on the big, basic, compound weight training exercises and you will build muscle fast.

Jason Ferruggia is a world famous fitness expert who is renowned for his ability to help people build muscle fast. He is the head training advisor for Men�s Fitness Magazine where he also has his own monthly column dedicated to muscle building. For more muscle building secrets, check out

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How To Pick Out A Great Bodybuilding Workout Routines

You see, then it comes to bodybuilding, you want to get results. You want to be able to go to the gym, workout, and gain muscle mass, lose fat and get ripped. But the problem with many guys who do weight training, is that they workout at the gym 6 to 7 times a week, sometimes for over an hour each time.

And after about 6 months of doing this, they haven t got the great body that they wanted to get!

It s real frustrating, especially as you re putting in the hard work.

So in this article, let s go through how to get a bodybuilding workout that works to build muscle mass and size. A bodybuilding workout routine that s effective includes workouts that do these things:

1. The bodybuilding program stimulates each muscle group about once every 5-7 days. This is because over stimulation will not let the group grow adequately before the next time at the gym.

2. The muscle workout program works the muscles in such a way that causes enough stimulation to get the muscle to grow. This can be with supersets or with a program that targets a muscle group (eg chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, or abs etc) in an effective way at each workout.

3. A program that has the right sets and reps to cause both the fast acting fibres and slow acting fibres to grow. Which means bigger muscles in a shorter amount of time.

4. A workout that has changes from week to week in terms of more or less intense. This is because it will stimulate the muscles to grow more. It s a natural bodybuilding technique that is used by the pros that many guys don t know about.

5. A diet plan that gives enough protein, but not the same amount all the time.

This also means more stimulation for muscle growth.

There are more factors that this that are important. See the site in the resource box below for the bodybuilding workouts routines that gives results.

So there you have it.

If you workout in the right way, your body building efforts will really show, and you ll get a great body.

If you use a program that doesn t work, then you won t see the great results.

So go ahead and get a great body, and choose a great bodybuilding workout routine.

Want to know which bodybuilding workouts will have you build muscle fast? Then see Lucas Ryan s website on bodybuilding workouts and routines for the best bodybuilding programs to build muscle fast, lose fat and get ripped. Go there to get the top 3 muscle building workout plans now.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

How To Build Up Muscle The Right Way

To build muscle you first have to get your mind to accept the fact that this is going to take a lot of work. You are going to have to create new habits on eating and exercise that you are not currently doing. In this article we will look at several tips on how to build muscle and do it the right way.

Building muscle should be fun. That means setting goals that are realistic and enjoy knowing the fact that the effort you are putting in is paying off. You want to take you time and work out correctly and not hurt your body doing it.

- You want to do exercises that are different for all of your muscles. Use the correct technique that will allow you to develop muscles throughout your body.

- Be consistent and work out on a regular basis. Getting all excited at first and overdoing it is not the correct way to build muscle. Nor is it good to work hard for one week and then take 2 weeks off. If you are lifting weights you want to increase on a slow but consistent schedule.

- Working out to build muscles and then continuing to eat the wrong foods will not work. This will probably mean changing your diet. Remember this basic fact: you have to eat one gram of protein per pound of your body weight everyday.

- To build muscle many people to turn to supplements when they can not get the protein they need from what they eat. Use the internet or health stores to get more information on the proper use of supplements.

- Are you getting enough sleep everyday? Most people do not get enough sleep and this can become a problem when you start working out. It is easy to let your system get run down which can lead to injuries or sickness. Are you getting 8 hours of sleep a night?

This is hard for people to do so consider taking a power nap of 30 minutes everyday. You will be surprised at how this refreshes you and leaves you ready to work out again that day.

As you can see to build muscle you have to look at the big picture. It is more than lifting weights. You need to eat and sleep right and have a program to consistently work out to see muscle gains over a period of time. And be sure and have fun too!

Michael Parker reveals what women really want at his how to build up muscle website for ways to build muscle and attract women. Get your free copy of "How Your Physique Affects the Female Mind" right here now.

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