Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's The End Of The Line For Natural Bodybuilding And Building Muscle

I want to share with you why I will never ever create another natural bodybuilding course and why you will never ever need to purchase another natural bodybuilding course again.

First I want to say Thanks for the kudos I received from all the guys around the world� I really appreciate them and I feel honored to be a part of such a great group of individuals and I am humbled to be able be part of your lives.

Thank you so much, and more importantly I want to honor you for taking action in your lives to seek out the best information you can for training and nutrition the all-natural way. Heck, I know how easy it is to get caught in the rationalizations too take drugs.

The fact is thousands of bodybuilders around the world have sold themselves out to drugs with dire consequences. We all know how the drug game has caught up with itself and now bodybuilders are getting sick, ending their careers in their 20�s and now dying left, right and center just to have a 20 inch arm.

Bodybuilding in it�s current state has gotten completely out of hand and has stayed away from it�s roots of building a healthy body, full of strength and vigor. Bodybuilding is about not just looking good, but feeling good, and most of all experiencing the joy of super conditioned, healthy, athletic physique that makes all of life�s experiences more enjoyable for as long as your are on the planet.

You see I can only take people so far down the road because at the highest levels of training, eating, and supplementation the individual needs to develop the ability to listen to their own body. Only then can you really become a master.

This takes time, it takes information, and it requires a proven system of techniques built on all of the innovations of the greatest minds in bodybuilding over the last century. The Muscle Mastery course is way beyond a training system; it�s a system that teaches you how to build a truly complete physique and finally how to be your own coach.

Once you have completed the Muscle Mastery System you will have the tools you need to become completely self directed without having to rely on any outside authority to develop your body.

It s really a big leap of faith and it s not always an easy jump. I made the final leap and never looked back 3 years ago and it was the best move I ever made.

Let me explain.

My Journey Into the Wild, Whacky, and Contradictory

Realm Of Natural Bodybuilding

My first ten years of bodybuilding I read all of the books, I listened to the tapes, I went to the shows, I talked to every �big guy� in the gym. I devoured every book, tape, and course I could find.

I read and tried almost everything. Here�s a small list!

Arnold Schwarzenegger�s Bodybuilding Encyclopedia

Bill Pearl�s Keys� to the Inner Universe

Joe Weider�s Mr. Olympia Encyclopedia, the Weider Principles, and about 250 magazines or so of his.

Vince Gironda�s the Wild Physique

Larry Scott�s collected works

Lou Ferrigno�s works

Frank Zane�s works

Bob Kennedy�s entire works

Mike Mentzer�s Heavy Duty

Arthur Jones Nautilus Principles

Ellington Darden�s entire collection

POF training advertised in Ironman

Power Factor Training by Cisco and Little

Dorian Yates Blood and Guts

Serious Growth and the Bulgarian Systems by Leo Costa

Dr. Mauro Dipasquale�s work

Dr. Fred Hatfield�s work

And at least a dozen more guys that I have forgotten� plus every article, periodical, textbook etc I could get my hands on until I finally learned enough to realize that I didn�t know that much.

Believe me that is the biggest realization a person can make as it sets the stage for the master to come!!!

They say when the student is ready the teacher presents himself. That�s exactly what

Happened to me, after I won my first provincial championships.

Wade McNutt is a Natural National Bodybuilding Champion and an IFBB Mr. Universe World Champion. He combined the secrets of Eastern Yoga Masters with, scientific, muscle building to produce a revolutionary new health system, called Freaky Big Naturally, find out more at

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