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Monday, April 30, 2007

Why Only Improve Your Strength?

Ladies and Gentlemen: I have completely stopped using weights. There is no need for them anymore. All of the strenuous and painful lifting exercises are now over. Back when I used to use free weights and resistence, they were basically only good for one thing: strength. But in my research of finding the best training methods, I have come upon a gold mine: Hindu Pushups.

A Hindu Pushup is a body-weight exercise that requires no equipment at all and it targets everything I�ve said in the article preview: strength, stamina, lung power, and flexibility.

Hindu Pushups strengthen the arms, increase flexibility in the spine, and when combined with deep breathing, they improve your lung power, which improves your stamina.

Ever since I�ve come across this golden exercise, I�ve quit all of my gym memberships, sold all of my weights, and started doing at least 25 Hindu Pushups each and every day. The results are far more than I ever imagined and that�s why I�m writing this article right now to share with you one of the greatest body-weight exercises in history.

Hindu Pushups have been used by Indian wrestlers for centuries - it�s how they would build up extreme lung power, along with the other attributes mentioned above. And it was a beautiful day when this exercise was introduced to the Western Hemisphere.

Want a weight-free, better results-producing exercise that can be performed in your own home - then start doing Hindu Pushups - they will change the way your view strength training and save you some of that hard-earned money too.

I explain in great detail how to perform a hindu pushup in Inhuman Stamina along with other great weight-free exercises as well

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