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Monday, April 30, 2007

How To Build Arm Muscle - 3 Power Secrets to Popeye Arms!

Learning how to build arm muscle is not so difficult once you understand the nature of the arm and work out how best to harness its ability. With the right techniques, you can learn how to build arm muscle that will give Popeye himself a run for his money! No spinach required!

The two main muscles of the arm are the bicep and the tricep. You will likely have heard of these before. There are also a few other important muscles such as the deltoid and a number of smaller muscles.

The bicep is the stereotypical strongman muscle. It is the one that you see enlarge during an arm wrestling match or when someone wants to display their strength. If you want to learn how to build arm muscle then you cannot ignore the bicep muscle.

A good workout to build big biceps is a barbell curl or, if you only have dumbbells, you can try hammer curls -- these are also very effective. More info can be found later in this article on powerful and time effective workout routines.

The tricep is the muscle on the other side of the arm when compared to the bicep. They contract in the opposite direction to the tricep. But it is very important to work both the bicep and the tricep if you want to learn how to build arm muscle. A misbalance in the two muscles will degrade your overall muscle growth progress and may be damaging long term for your movement, coordination and strength.

Good workouts for the triceps are bench dips and a variety of presses.

Deltoids are at the top of the arm. They are often mistakenly called "shoulder muscles". If you want to learn how to build arm muscle, then deltoids are key because they form an important part of the body -- the transition from the arm to the shoulder and the core of the body. You can really feel the deltoids working if you hold a weight, any sort of weight, and keep your arm straight whilst lifting the weight to shoulder height at arms length. Plus, if you build this type of arm muscle, it looks really good when you wear a vest!

A variety of raises and presses are the best type of workout for getting big deltoids.

As you can see, one can learn how to build arm muscle by paying careful attention to the component parts of the arm and targeting each muscle with a dedicated workout.

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