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Friday, April 13, 2007

Six Pack Abs Cravings

Do you crave a six pack?

Are you spending hours doing sit-ups, crunches etc?

Well if you are stop now! That isn t the way to get your longed for six pack.

You could try "The Truth About Six Pack abs" ...or should you?

This program is the first of it s kind, it�s the only ab routine that offers a full nutrition break down and fitness routine. I was a body builder in my youth and have at long last discovered some true secrets from Mike Geary in his very informative book "The Truth About Six Pack Abs"

Eating the right food is more than half way to getting your six pack. If you have been doing all those exercises then you probably already have a six pack under there they are just hiding!

Most people don t realize that if your body fat ratio is high then you will never get a six pack. Eating healthily is all you have to do, cut out junk food, go easy on the pasta etc. It doesn t mean you ll never get to eat another burger or pizza, we all go out for dinner sometimes, so have some patience and enjoy them occasionally. The Truth About Six Pack Abs covers all of this and includes many great tasting healthy recipes which could soon have you eating your way to a six pack.

Sit-ups, crunches and torso twists are not the way to get a six pack either, abs are easily worked and a lot of the exercises thought to be great for this are detrimental to a six pack they actually make you wider around the middle not thinner, discover the real way to get six pack abs in the fully illustrated workouts detailed in the book.

Mike gives you a cutting-edge scientifically designed full body workout regime, and provides the best advice on which exercises help you burn most fat, 8 levels of abdominal training and how to get your metabolism racing.

Don t waste your hard earned money on food supplements (it has been proven that 95% of which don t work) or on any of the ab gimmicks out there, try spending half as much on The Truth About Six Pack Abs and find yourself with that yearned for six pack in a very short time, all you have to do is follow Mike s instructions and you ll be showing off your new body on the beach this summer.

My name is Gary Everson and I have been specializing in nutrition and fitness for more than 20 years. I have experience as a personal trainer and also offer fitness and nutritional advice. The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a fitness program which straightens out all of the fluff and fallacy that is currently in circulation about getting washboard abs. It has been written by fitness expert Mike Geary after years of practical application and after countless hours of research in preparation of this complete solution.

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