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Sunday, April 15, 2007

5 Tips on Building Muscles on Shortest Possible Time

So you have decided to build muscle and be physically attractive? Do you have the intense desire to build muscle; it s not your aim to be a contestant on a bodybuilding contest, but only to get ripped muscles to show off? Do you want it for shortest possible time? If yes, read on!

Firstly, you need to have the motivation and perseverance. Need to have the right frame of mind, the focus to succeed. DO NOT STOP until you get the results you wanted. You will only get minimal result if you are half-hearted. Serious bodybuilders have this "incredible" determination, so you must also have at least 75% of that to have respectable ripped muscles. I say "incredible" since they have survived through pain, I know.

Now don t get scared of that mention of pain. No pain, no gain, right? It is true in whatever you want to achieve. Do not believe on easy shortcuts, you will end up either scammed or just became old dreaming and not realizing your dreams. I have spent 3 paragraphs on the mental attitude part since it is the most important. Believe me it would not be achievable otherwise.

Secondly, you need the resources, equipment and all. You will probably have access now to an adequately-equipped gym; if not, go on and get access to a gym--either a home gym or a membership-paid commercial gym. I recommend that you go for a commercial gym since you will get motivated there and at same time, you will have a network of fitness friends who share the same passion as you. This network of fitness friends is actually the second most important part of your muscle building. Besides the motivation and social benefit that you will get, you will need a training partner to go through with you on your exercises.

Third, take time to have a workout plan. Whew! We have not yet gone through the actual workout; can we just go right into it? Wrong. If you want to achieve your goal, you will need to plan and track your progress. A workout plan is your schedule, either 2x weekly workout or 3 x weekly workouts, detailing what exercise you will perform, how many reps, set, and what weight. This also indicates the rest days for your muscles to recover. You can get workout plan for muscle building on websites, including the one I mentioned in my bio box. But the important thing is, you follow your plan and stick to it.

Fourth, do the exercises in correct technique or proper form. Listen, technique is important. In order to gain the maximum benefit of each exercise you perform, you must be doing it properly. Pay particular attention to the muscle group that you are exercising; for example, if you are doing bicep curls, focus on moving your biceps during the lifting and lowering phase of the exercise don t swing and jerking your back when lifting so you re really focusing on your biceps rather than getting much of the lift from your back. The details of the right technique for each exercise are also available on websites.

Fifth, your muscles must undergo wear and tear by forcing to lift relatively heavy weight. A heavy weight is the one that you can lift for only 10 reps maximum per set. I recommend you perform 3 sets of 6 to 10 repetitions of each exercise for heavy load. As your strength increases, increase reps per set until you can do 12 reps while maintaining proper form. Then for your next session, when you have reached 12 reps, increase the load even by 5 lbs and drop back to 6 reps.

Perform positive phase (also known as the concentric or lifting phase) of each exercise as quickly as possible while maintaining proper form, and perform the negative (or lowering) phase much more slowly (to a count of four). This would enhance your muscle building!

You will notice that I have not included in the list the supplements that most will recommend. Those are optional. Proper nutrition is needed for muscle building, but most go overboard when it comes to protein intake. Only 1 gram per pound of your body weight is needed, you can have this through eating natural food. I put less emphasis on the supplement since your muscle building can be achieved without it. Put your focus on the 5 tips above and your will see the results!

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