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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dumbell Workout - Get A Killer Bicep Peak!

The peak of the bicep is generally referred to as the front lower portion, the part which peaks out of a t-shirt and can signify a well formed, big arm. I ve always had problems developing peak until I employed a dumbell workout where I specifically focused on isolating the bicep peak and performing a particular partial rep workout which I will share here.

First we want to perform a bicep dumbell workout where we are in a controlled and isolated position. The seated concentration curl can work for this. We perform the exercise with a lighter weight where we can get around 12-15 repetitions. These are performed slowly, concentrating on the isolation of the bicep. Then the fun begins. After we have completed of full set of 10-15 repetitions, we then switch gears with our bicep dumbell workout by only doing partials. The partials are performed at the bottom of the movement and we are only going to raise the dumbell up around 2-3 inches. Taking your other hand, feel the peak of your bicep and notice how it is getting continually worked and isolated. We want to shoot for around 15-20 of these partials and then perform one full rep. Next we pause for 10-15 seconds and repeat again for 15 more partials, and then another full rep. Usually by the third set of this partial bicep dumbell workout your bi s will be fried and it will be time to take them out of the oven and let the peak growth begin!

An added tip to this bicep dumbell workout is to perform these curls in a hammer curl fashion, that is palms facing to the side, as opposed to facing up. This seems to target the peak even more specifically. By adding both regular and hammer curl you can increase variety in your killer peak bicep dumbell workout.

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