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Channeling Mega Mind Power To Build Mind-Blowing Muscular Mass!

So many times I m asked "Is there one MOST important factor to producing increased muscular size and power?" People who ask this aren t necessarily looking for a shortcut to success (trust me; in bodybuilding there is none). They seemingly want to ensure foundational success factors are understood, and attended to.

"Well -- is it training intensity?" "Diet?" "Staying motivated?" "Having a supportive training partner?" they ll ask me. The answer to these is...yes. And, experience from 28 years of working with bodybuilders who then went on to win Mr. America, Mr. Universe, Mr.International, Arnold Classic, and Mr.Olympia titles has clearly shown me there s a factor BEYOND the preceding which impacts muscular size, power, and improvement.

"What -- are you kidding me?" you may be thinking. And no; I m NOT! The answer may surprise you. And it s something you ve likely never considered before. It has to do with deliberately channeling your MENTAL power to support building thickly chiseled muscular mass.

Yes, and this entails taking charge of the whole you; your mind-set and life activities must (in some way) come to support all mental and emotional aspects involved in training at your peak, using your mind to stimulate mega muscular growth, and achieving your ultimate physical potential. Let me further demonstrate, and expand upon this concept by providing you insight into this surprising factor: structuring and honoring The Implicit Purpose To Grow BIG!

The Power Of Purpose: (Making Life Work For You -- The Key To Unlocking Your Muscular Best)

When you�re at the superior feeling/perceptual state labeled as best, that�s when you automatically perform at your peak. You wield a commanding degree of power, and both you and the world experience maximum impact from your actions. You therefore owe it to yourself to create conditions whereby this best naturally characterizes your predominant state, internally and externally!

This state doesn�t just happen by itself. Neither is it automatically inherited or mysteriously �come into�. It is created by thinking and acting within a central, overriding purpose. In this manner, you�re taking targeted initiative to direct life in your favor, so it�s always working for you, and encouraging your advance.

Indeed, you make life work for you, and provide you meaningful payoffs through always thinking with a purpose in mind -- aligning all aspects of your life so that everything you do, and everything about you, in some way, promotes visibly creating this specific purpose.

As an aid to cultivating this quality of mental/physical unity within purpose (so you bring forth your best), the following strategy outlines the mental states and lifestyle reinforcers enabling you to make all your life work for you, so it promotes your muscular success. (Read through the entire strategy first before you begin applying it.)

Mental/Physical Lifestyle Alignment To Create An Overall Priority Purpose

(To illustrate this process for orchestrating your life so you create a meaningful purpose and encourage your best, I�ll use the example of building a massive, thickly muscled, powerful physique as the overall purpose here.)

Step 1: Purpose Reinforcing Mental Conditioning

And so, with this example of a densely muscled physique representing the priority purpose, the following actions would be taken to intentionally direct your life to serve this purpose:

Phase A:

Before you leave home for your gym, perform the following purpose reinforcing/strengthening exercise:

Seclude yourself in a quiet, darkened room where you won�t be disturbed. Lie comfortably on your back, arms slightly extended from your body, palms down, fingers loosely apart. Let your eyelids close, and inhale 3 l-o-n-g, s-l-o-w, deep breaths, inhaling through your nostrils, and exhaling slowly through your mouth.

And with each exhalation, mentally repeat the word �D-o-w-n�, allowing yourself to turn loose, and relax more deeply with each successive breath.

After the third �D-o-w-n� breath, imaginatively project a graphic, precisely defined impression of exactly what your priority purpose will look like when you actually possess it. Experience this mental impression as if you�re envisioning a 3-D sensory rich representation of it as an already accomplished fact.

Experience the size, shape and contour of each body part, clearly envisioning the fullness, thickness, density and quality of each muscle group, from your traps, all the way down to your calves.

With detailed exactness, vividly experience the full muscular impact which is the compelling impression of your purpose as fact, first from the front, and then from the rear. And, after 3 minutes of this purpose as fact projection (front, and rear), immediately move into Phase B.

Phase B:

Next, continue focusing upon the frontal impression of your priority purpose as accomplished fact. But now, instead of just watching this explicit 3-D image, step into the picture, and imaginatively become this fully accomplished purpose:

� F-e-e-l the thickness, density and power of each body part.
� Think the exact thoughts you�d think as this thickly muscled power.
� See exactly what you�d see as this massive muscular physique.
� Sense just what you feel you are, and are capable of, because of being this physique.
� Place the look upon your face, which is the exact look you�d naturally reflect possessing this physique.
� Say to yourself exactly what you�d say to yourself, using the exact words and voice tonality you�d use as you inwardly communicate to yourself possessing this physique.
� Breathe exactly the way you�d breathe because you are this massive, dense, thickly muscled power!

Next, fully associated as this muscular power, imaginatively strike 3-4 poses, f-e-e-l-i-n-g the forcefulness and strength which pulses through you as you hold each contraction. Sense the full, thick massiveness of each muscle as you hold each pose. Feel your entire physique vibrating with commanding power. And intimately experience compelling confidence and esteem flooding your soul as a result of embodying all of what your priority purpose represents.

Stay with this fully associated sensory rich scenario (as outlined) for 3 minutes, then proceed directly into Phase C.

Phase C:

Next, shift your attention so you�re evaluating your intended upcoming workout, reviewing every single exercise and the number of reps for each set you�ll perform. As you do this, decide conclusively if every single movement you intend to do is directly targeted to causing the creation of your priority purpose�implicitly.

Is each exercise for each body part you�ll perform specifically calculated to increase your bulk and power? If not, why are you doing it? And if not, what will you replace it with?

Are the number of reps you intend to do for each exercise conducive to building mass and power? If not, why are you doing either too many or too little? And if not, what revisions will you now mentally make so the number of reps you perform for each exercise are specifically geared toward cultivating your overall purpose?

Next, having reviewed your �plan of attack�, consider the mental state you intended to adopt and sustain throughout your entire workout. Oh, you never think of this before you train? Well, think of it NOW!

What is the exact state of mind you feel, if maintained by you while training, would naturally encourage peak exertion and relentless striving to further create your specific purpose? Then, having identified this particular state for you, decide to reflect and sustain this state of mind exclusively throughout your entire workout.

After 3 minutes of undergoing this target action/mental state reinforcing phase, inhale deeply through your nostrils, exhale through your mouth, let your eyelids open, and s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Now, pack your gym bag and get ready to start blasting away!

Step 2: Sustaining Contact With Your Purpose -- Making Every Action Serve You

After you�ve entered your gym, changed into your workout clothes and sufficiently warmed up, before you start training, momentarily close your eyes and again project the 3-D impression of your overall priority purpose. Hold this for 30 full seconds, then open your eyelids and begin your workout.

With each exercise, before you perform it, determine specifically how it is to serve you. Is it to pump you, make you stronger, take you into and through the pain zone, force you to summon all your strength to complete your intended number of reps, foster specific increases in size and strength in a particular muscle, produce a burning, searing, engorged feeling in the muscle it will work?

Know exactly what each set of each specific exercise is to do for you. And with this in mind, start crankin�! With each rep feel, and unreservedly strive to make the movement produce the impact you identified as the exact result the movement is to provide you. Invest all of your mind, body and spirit to make each set you perform produce a specific, pre-identified result for you. And as you perform at this level of purpose and intensity, after you�ve finished each set, think for a moment how you�re different - in relation to your overall purpose - because of the impact your dedicated effort each set has created.

Are you bigger, are you stronger, are you thicker, are you more cut, are you tougher, are you more powerful, are you moving closer to being the physical equivalent of the impression of your overall priority purpose? Know, and physically experience the payoff your committed effort affords you.

Stay in the resolved to triumph mental state, set after purposeful set, throughout your entire workout. Then, after you�ve completed and recovered from your last set, again close your eyelids down and project the 3-D impression of your overall purpose, holding it vividly in mind for 30 seconds. As you do this, let yourself feel a pervasive sense of pride, accomplishment, and progress toward your purpose, all a result of you having made each individual act you performed explicitly serve this overall purpose.

Then, having subconsciously reinforced your power and commitment level, let your eyelids open�and enjoy your shower!

Once you attend to the power of purpose (as outlined), you ll then NATURALLY train harder, more consistently, and address factors such as nutrition, sleep and rest, supplements, and positive attitude, eagerly and instinctively! So, go ahead now and set a foundation of purpose in YOUR bodybuilding life; upon it you can then truly build a "structure of massive muscularity" -- and ensure the building process remains continually, automatically mega success fueled!

Powerhouse self-help author, clinician, and national TV therapist, Pete Siegel is the country�s foremost sports and peak performance hypnotherapist. You can review his PowerMind� best selling life and success building programs, including Building Super Confidence, Think & Grow BIG, Living Invincibly Positive, Steppin� Up To Mega-Muscle And Power, and Winning At Life, at http://www.incrediblechange.com

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