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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mick Hart's Layman's Guide To Steroids - Forget What You Think You Know About Steroids

What do you think of when you hear the word �steroid�? You may think of a meat-head who lives in the gym spending all of his days pumping iron and that�s it. Or, you may think of it as being the number one reason why star athletes so quickly lose their careers. While it is true that some athletes have abused steroids which led to their downfall, the fact is that steroids are not necessarily a bad thing if they are used legally and properly. Mick Hart�s Layman�s Guide To Steroids explains how this is.

Let�s start by going over just who Mick Hart is and why we should believe him when he says positive things about steroids. Mick Hart is a BAWLA Olympic grade A coaching instructor who has been in the bodybuilding business for 25 years. In fact, when athletes have a problem, they seek the advice of Hart to help better their performance. Hart also is the author of two best selling books on the subject of steroids, as well as publisher of the �No Bull� magazine, a monthly publication about the use of steroids. Finally, he has trained 80 first-class bodybuilding competitors.

The goal of Mick Hart�s Layman�s Guide To Steroids is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the world of bodybuilding and that steroids can actually be used safely. He goes over in detail the different types of steroids and how to choose one to fit your needs. Additionally, you will learn how to properly choose a dosage and injection site should you choose to utilize an injectable.

Hart explains natural supplements with steroids, food compositions, amino loading, and breakdown of fat solubles to help you make the most of your daily routine and intake. You will also find helpful guides to training and how to avoid wasting time in the gym.

To prove his knowledge and expertise, Mick Hart literally took his son from zero to championship by applying the use of steroids and training. He calls it the �Chris Report�, and in it he takes you step-by-step on how he transformed his son�s body in a minimal amount of time. Some examples of what you can learn are knowing precisely how he trained his son and transformed his body to give him the exact look he wanted. He backs up this amazing transformation by providing photos. You can follow the very same no-nonsense, no-hype, and straightforward plan; which is based on years of experience honing elite athletes, and is guaranteed to give you more chance of building a lean muscled body than probably any other readily available training information anywhere out there.

Finally, it is important to understand that bodybuilding and the use of steroids is not something that should be just jumped into head first � it takes time and careful research and understanding of what it takes to attain the look you want safely. If this is a change you are looking to make, then it is highly recommended that you purchase Mick Hart�s Layman�s Guide To Steroids.

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