Friday, February 29, 2008

The Under Used Un-Talked About Bodybuilder Secret

There are many things that you can spend your money on when it comes to muscle building. But one of the most beneficial expenditures that you can make is one that few take advantage of. The average lifter doesn't see it as a worth while investment. But the most successful and best built bodybuilders in the world see it differently and wouldn't think of training without it.

People think nothing of dropping hundreds of dollars monthly on gym memberships and supplements when in truth you could do bodyweight exercises at home and eat right, and for most people their physique wouldn't suffer at all. The benefits of belonging to a gym are easy to see, and the supplement manufacturers advertising sees to it that their products are viewed as necessary, which, depending on your level of seriousness, may or may not be true. So the value for these expenditures is justifiable. Athletes the world over though have another must use product.


When I tell people ! that I would rather spring for two one hour massages a month instead of the same dollar amount of certain products people think I am crazy. But the best and most fit people in the world agree with my thinking. If you are a regular, serious lifter, runner or athlete and ever have a full body, deep tissue massage, you understand the long term benefit that it can provide. All professional athletes get massages almost daily. I was fortunate enough to stumble onto a person that used to be Dennis Rodman's personal masseuse, and they told me that at the height of Rodman's athletic success he was getting a massage twice a day!

Everyone knows the benefits of stretching relative to exercise, well massage has a similar effect. We all know how lactic acid builds up in your muscles (which is what causes the soreness), and that a massage "works" that out, but did you know that it also lengthens muscles as well? This provides for a larger range of motion that in turn translates into! better, more efficient workouts, not to mention the injury pr! evention that comes from less "tight" muscles.

I am a firm believer in protein and creatine supplementation, and I own my fair share of "fitness" aids. But the next time you are trying to decide on what to buy to help your muscle building efforts, treat yourself to a massage. You may find yourself re-evaluating how you want to allocate your fitness fund in the future.

Steve R. Robbins has been a life long fitness enthusiast. Has the distinction of being able to run a marathon and bench press twice his weight in the same day. All at the age of 50. Editor and regular contributor to

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Weight Gain Workout and Tips For Hard Gainers

Many people like you and me have tried to find a weight gain workout and hundreds of other ways to start gaining healthy pounds, but most fail. I have found that the most basic of things and the ones that really help and here is a quick, simple view of what I have found that works.

Fist things first, many guys try a weight gain workout to start gaining, but for some reason, just about all give up. Whether it's because they are lazy, or because they find it to hard, most just don't get to the Promised Land. If you were like me, you have tried all sorts of "high-tech" supplements and products that had little to no effect. Well, the truth is, most people do not need all of that junk to put on healthy pounds. All you need is a goo weight gain workout, along with a few insanely simple other things which you will find below.

If have found, and have seen others close to me realize it to, that the most basic of things are the ones that work and all of them make gainin! g weight fun once again. All of them were cheap, or even free, and even my ultimate workout routine was next to nothing and I was off in no time. Best of all it made my overall gain weight routine and experience fun again.

The first thing I realized was that free weights are your friends and nothing else came close. What I had to do first was master my postures and form when using free weights in all exercises. I can't emphasis this enough. The good, healthy, fast gaining will come when you take a bit of time to get excellent form and posture when doing your different free weight routines. The two exercises that were by far the most beneficial to me and many others have been squats and dead lifts. These happened to be the foundation and building block to amazing results with my weight gain workout. The great thing about these two weight gain workout exercises is that you only have to do them once, maybe two times per week, depending on your early goals.

Secondly! , I stopped taking and buying the high-tech supplements to hel! p my wei ght gain workout. They only brought disappointment with their minimal results. The only place they didn't have minimal results was in my bank account! The one thing I do swear by now happens to be a good multi-vitamin. Yes, a multi-vitamin. In short, it helped my endurance, energy, drive, attention span, and overall feeling of health, all which are crucial to maintaining a good weight gain workout routine. This, along with a cost effective protein, and a detailed workout routine, have done wonders

These are just a few of the mind boggling simple things that have helped me put on healthy pounds and none of them are hard to do. Getting your perfect weight gain routine and the building blocks to get you gaining healthy pounds has never been easier.

Want more insanely simple ways to put on the pounds with your weight gain workout?

Adam Woodham is the author of this weight gain article. He has str! uggled to gain good muscle weight, but finally found the simple ways around this hurdle. He has extensive experience making close friends see the light with weight gaining issues and runs the free blog Gain Weight Quick, which features a mind bogglingly simple way to gain the weight you want, cost effectively and safely while having fun doing it. It has never been easier to start a weight gain workout.

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Diet For Fast Muscle Growth And Recovery

We all know how important omega-3 essential fats are for our general health and for improving the muscle growth. These are "details" you probably don't know but are important for you if you want maximize your muscle building and weight loss results. This is really important for as all to know about.

You see, not all omega-3 essential fats will help you build muscle mass. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) is the omega-3 fat that is proved by research to promote muscle anabolism (growth) via at least three important pathways.

1). Muscle breakdown is strongly reduced by EPA. Do you know how EPA blocks muscle breakdown? Lets take simple explanation here. EPA reduces the activity of the major pathway which is causing destruction of the muscle proteins and therefore it results in loss of muscle mass. Proper supplementation with EPA helps prevent excessive muscle protein breakdown during heavy training programs.

2). EPA is particularly effective in reducing excess in! flammation within muscle and connective tissue. Although inflammation is an essential part of immune system activation, to intense inflammation produced by intense exercise can result in slow recovery, chronic joint pain and muscle tissue loss. Reducing excess inflammation within muscle and connective tissue empowers you with best response to resistance training in terms of recovery from exercise. Now there is one more thing to explain about EPA. Do you ever heard about prostaglandins? No? Off course, most of us never care about such terms. In same time we are all the time influenced from those "prostag..whatever".

In case you wonder, prostaglandins are short lived muscle growth factors which work hard in our bodies with aim to reduce muscle inflammations. Therefore they are very important for all athletes, especially for us who desire fast lean muscle mass building and fat loss. EPA is essential to the manufacture of an entire series of them! This is why we need to f! ind rich source of EPA in the diet. This will reduce inflammat! ion proc esses and provide us with faster recovery and a greater anabolic effect from training.

3). Last but not less important is EPA's ability to boost the insulin levels. So it is not only because of previously explained characteristics but EPA helps to build a bigger, leaner physique by promoting insulin sensitivity in muscle. I'm sure you are aware the Insulin is a key transporter of nutrients into cells. Efficient insulin metabolism is the cornerstone of building a lean, healthy, physique. High dose EPA promotes an insulin-sensitizing effect in tissue, even in healthy people that do not have diabetes. Very good Muscle Building Diet plan is needed in order to assure fast advancement. Perfectly balanced meal plans which contain all we need to is the answer you would like to consider. If you have good diet you won't need to spend fortune on supplements. EPA rich diet means you will have more calories directed towards! lean tissue for recovery and growth while less calories are stored as body fat.

I had really hard time before I learned to pack-up lean, rock solid muscle to my body. I you want save your time and money, feel free to visit my web page claim your Free e-Book and learn more on Fast Massive Muscle Building diet and workout.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lean Muscle Building

Building lean muscle mass is very important when you want to have a fit, healthy body. It will give you more confidence in your appearance, which is very attractive to others, and you will definitely feel stronger and more energetic. Lean muscle building will also burn fat faster 24/7.

How do you build this lean muscle? It is a pretty simple process; the act of building muscles involves the use of resistance training to stimulate the growth of muscles.

But, you cannot build lean muscle simply through exercise. You need to take a three pronged approach with resistance exercises, nutrition and rest. These three things are equally important. .

Resistance Exercise:

The most common form is with weights but you can also use elastics bands or your own body weight with yoga and palates workouts. Work hard enough to get a nice burn in your muscle tissue, you will then trigger your muscles to grow.

If you are an average weight-trainer, working e! ach muscle group about once a week will be enough, be sure not to over train, most trainers recommend a day of rest between heavy weight workouts.

Normally three to five workouts a week will do the trick. Remember when you workout, you are going to work hard. You should feel as if you need your day of rest. Below is a example muscle building schedule. You will of course have to personalize it to fit your muscle building goals and your physical ability.

Day 1: Biceps, Triceps

Day 2: Chest, Back

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Shoulders, Abs

Day 5: Legs, Butt

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: Rest


Protein is the main ingredient your body needs to gain lean muscle. It is used to build and repair damaged muscle and this is just what you do when you weight train. Without the proper amount of protein, your body will find it more difficult gaining lean muscle. Protein can be found in lean meats, protein shakes and so on. As far as ! the meats go, I prefer fish as a protein source, because of th! ose omeg a 3 fatty acids. They are super good for our bodies.


Rest is as important a part of muscle building as nutrition and exercise.There are two things that will take care of this in short order. The first is a good night sleep! The other is a workout schedule similar to the one outlined above. You and only you know your threshold for rest. Follow your instincts; you know when you are not well rested; be selfish enough to get the rest you need. This is more than just a muscle building issue. Get your rest, and every aspect of your life will be better.

There are some things in life that no matter how hard you try, the results depend on outside factors; muscle building is not one of those things. To seize the many benefits of strength training visit the following site, get informed and take action! Life is better lived in a tight muscular frame. Gook Luck.! clebuildingreviewed

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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Fastest Way to Gain Muscle

Some people have a hard time with muscle gain. They may develop a good fitness workout routine, but still do not have the strength that they desire. Millions of frustrated individuals search tirelessly for the best workout routine for muscle gain, strength, and fitness. Diet, exercise, and supplements are popular methods used for muscle gain, strength, and fitness. Having a good sensible diet and a good fitness workout is the fastest way for muscle gain and strength. The body is stimulated with a balanced diet to build muscle tissue.

Increase your calories if you want to gain weight. Eat a lot of protein and fats to give your body the calories it needs to build muscle but be careful not to intake too many calories because then you will gain too much body fat.

Promote muscle gain by developing a fitness workout for strength by using heavy weights. Weight training is the best workout for strength, muscle gain, and fitness. Weight training will stimulate muscle g! rowth and the increased caloric intake will provide the fuel your body will need to build muscle tissue. When building muscle tissue you are also gaining strength. If you do not eat the proper food while weight training, you will lose muscle instead of building it. Use free weight exercises in addition to lifting heavy weights to gain muscle quickly. Your body will quickly respond by building muscle.

You can force your body to gain weight and muscle when you eat the right foods and workout properly. The right way to gain muscle is to give your body the right fuel for the right muscle mass.

This is the best fitness workout routine for strength and muscle gain.

From Scrawny to Chiseled Naturally and Quickly! Get Ripped Now is the place to visit.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Strength Training - Benefits With A Word Of Caution

Strength training is an excellent way for anyone -- not just bodybuilders and people involved in sports -- to increase their lifespan and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. However, there are some mishaps you can make when strength training that may nullify all of the benefits you gain. In this article, we will discuss some of the ins and outs of strength training.

Many people think that this type of training is most beneficial for a beautiful physique. However, there are many health benefits. Proper usage has been shown to reduce the risk of premature death, diminish the chance of heart disease, reduce high cholesterol, high blood pressure and also reduces the risk of certain cancers as well as diabetes.

In addition, it helps you reduce overall body fat, makes your muscles and joints stronger and has even proven to boost self-esteem and physical well-being. Many people are surprised to find all these benefits are associated with strength training. In fact, a study ! was done where a program was created for senior citizens. The results were that their risk of osteoporosis and diabetes went down dramatically. Strength training is indeed for everyone.

With that said, there are some safety issues that you should concern yourself with first before starting such a program. The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the risk factors involved. Those who may become injured when strength training are those with a high family history of coronary heart disease before the age of 55, those with extremely high cholesterol, those who smoke, and those who are obese.

You should stop if you experience chest pains, hypertension and inflamed arthritis . Additionally, you should not perform this regimen if you recently had surgery, are pregnant or have led a sedentary or an active lifestyle for many years previously. In this case, you'd better benefit from starting an aerobic exercise program first.

If you are concerned tha! t you may have certain risk factors that involve being injured! while s trength training, talk to your physician.

Just like anything, there are many benefits for strength training, and it is often misunderstood. That is why pays to educate yourself about the issues around strength training so you know what concerns to pay attention to, and also know what to expect from this type of workout.

The author is part of an expert fitness team, that has launched a comprehensive guide on Bowflex fitness equipment. To read our independent reviews, user videos and low price alerts for the Bowflex models and how they can help you achieve your fitness goals, visit Bowflex Ultimate Reviews

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High Reps Build Muscle Big Time!

If you were to ask a million bodybuilders / weight trainers, or read thousands of "muscle building" articles, or picked up almost every book ever written on the quickest way for natural trainers to gain weight fast (quality weight, of course), 99% of them will tell you that lower repetitions during sets, 10 reps or less, will build more muscle mass than any weight training program that requires you to use higher reps.

This philosophy has been around for decades, and , has lead to the undeniable truth that lower reps are not the best way to build muscle without the use of anabolic steroids. If it were, then why don't we see millions more of "muscle heads" walking around in every day life? There are millions and millions of individuals that are very dedicated to their workouts, yet most have nothing to really show for it. Sure, they may be getting stronger, but they aren't getting bigger in size.....and there's a huge difference between the two.

Unlike what most! think and say, the two are not one and the same.

Case in point: According to The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, in a study titled "Muscular adaptations to combinations of high and low intensity resistance exercises", Japanese scientists had trainers separate into two different weight lifting groups:

1) A strength training group

2) A mixed-training group

They had both of them follow your typical workout routine:

*5 sets per exercise / 3-5 reps per set / 3 minutes rest between sets

The change came in the mixed group. Once they were done, they then went on ahead and did 1 set of 25-30 reps 30 seconds immediately after they were done with the last set. The results were interesting, to say the least.

As reported, not only did the mixed group continue to make in muscle mass while the strength training group had a slight loss in muscle mass. In addition, the mixed training group gained about 5% greater 1-rep max strength t! han the other group.

Now, not that you should place all ! of your weight training philosophy faith on one study. But this just adds to all of the real world proof that clearly demonstrates that if you are after pure muscle building or weight gain.....not necessarily pure power or strength, you have to up the amount of reps you perform per set. Higher reps provide a ton of muscle building factors that lower reps don't, such as longer time under tension, lactic acid build up, greater blood pumps, so on and so forth.

Keep all of this in mind the next time you are tempted into only worrying about how much you are lifting instead of for how many times.

The weight training misconceptions don't stop here. If you want to read more articles dealing with the real way to train and eat for muscle building / weight gaining purposes, go here:

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Build Muscle Fast

1. Before you ever step foot in the weight room, whether it be at your house or in a gym somewhere, have a routine ready for each day that you lift. It does not have to be written on paper, but that would be even better! This way, you will not get easily distracted.

2. Motivation - Motivating yourself to lift will help with your consistencey, and will make you want to lift. You need to figure out what motivates you. Maybe you would like to get in better shape in general, or perhaps you are going on vacation and want to look good in a bathing suit. Whatever it is, find something to motivate you and stick with it.

3. Goals - Set strength goals. This will distract you from looking in the mirror. For instance, say you can bench press 150 lbs 5 times. For your next goal, tell yourself that you would like to bench 155 lbs 5 times within the next week. This is a very reasonable goal. If you continue to make new goals, time will fly by. You will be concentrating on th! ese goals, and before you know it, you will see results.

4. Consistency - If you are consistant, you will see results. It's as simple as that.

5. Form - If you do not have good form when you lift, you will not work the right muscles. Or worse, you could get hurt, which will keep you from lifting. If you cannot lift due to injury, then you cannot be consistent, and you will not see results!

6. Rest - Fact: Your muscles grow while you are resting, not when you are lifting. During a workout, you tear your muscles, and they become weak. That is why you are tired after working out. When you rest, your muscles repair themselves, and grow larger in order to handle the new stress you are putting on them. You need to take at least 2 days off for every week that you lift.

7. Nutrition - If you want to build muscle, you should consume daily 1 - 1.5 times your body weight in grams of protein (i.e, if you weigh 150 lbs, consume 150 - 225 grams of protein each day! ). BUT, do not intake all of that protein via protein shakes. ! You can intake SOME protein with protein shakes, but intake the rest with other foods high in protein such as eggs, chicken, beef, and fish.

8. Supplements - Supplements are great for giving you that extra edge when lifting. Try 100% whey protein (which is all natural, and a great way to add more protein to your daily diet), or l-glutamine (the most abundant amino acid in your body - taking more of it will boost your immune system and give you more energy, while helping your muscles to grow more quickly). However, before buying any supplement, you should research it first. Asking your physician is also a great idea.

If you liked what you read, there are many more workout routines on my website:

If you have any questions at all, just email me at

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

How the Big Guy Loses Respect in the Gym

When a big guy walks into the gym, it's almost the environment of a prison yard. The bigger you are, the more respect you have. People aren't judging you based on how hot your girlfriend is, what kind of a car you drive, or how your hair looks... People are thinking one thing and one thing only. Muscle. That's what everyone came to the gym to work on, and if you've got the most, you are the alpha male.

Every gym has a least one or two of these monstrous characters. Some have many, in which case, they become nothing but an average Joe anyway. But when these slabs of muscle enter a regular gym, they are respected for their sheer size. For that 40-60 minutes of lifting, they are the kings of the gym. When they ask you for a spot, you're flattered by the fact that he thinks you're strong enough to help if something goes wrong while he's benching 50 million lbs. Then part of you is thinking, what am I going to do if this monster's arms give out for some reason. Regardles! s, you give them a spot to the best of your abilities because, after all, this is HIS gym.

However, I have encountered several giants who walked into the gym with everyone in aw, only to walk an hour or two later with everyone snickering at the buffoon. There are several ways that a guy can go from king of the gym to joke of the gym. First, involves clothing and body hair.

There are 2 things that are understandable:

(1) A guy who can't help having a big hairy back

(2) A guy who worked hard for big muscles and likes to show them off by wearing minimal clothes. The problem arises when these 2 understandable circumstances are combined. If you are a big guy with a wooly back, you're going to need to hold off on wearing the little powerlifting spandex tank tops.

Another way the big guy can lose respect in the gym is by grunting when grunting is not gruntworthy. Although I am not a fan of grunting, I understand that when a guy is lifting every plate ! in the gym it may be appropriate. However, these large mammals! are so used to grunting from the big stuff, that sometimes they forget they're just doing their warm-up, and need to understand that grunting is for when you are struggling, not for broadcasting yourself to the gym.

Finally, big guys lose respect in the gym when they use terrible form to lift even more weight than they already can. It's quite pointless for him anyway. He already knows that he can lift more than anyone else, and he should know that everyone around him is probably impressed by his strength. But when I see him throwing all of his weight into doing some hammer curls or cheating in any other exercise, it immediately demonstrates inferiority.

Why? Because I've seen another guy from another gym lift that much weight before, and they did it the right way. If this guy lifted the max weight that he can do while maintaining non-cheating form, I would never know what his good-form max was. But now I know, and I can compare it to people I've seen in the past who hav! e done it the right way.

So I think everyone would agree that guys who are 280 lbs of muscle carry a lot of weight (respect) in the gym. But that can always change if they act like an idiot.

Ryan Mayberry is the Co-Founder of an online social medium with a core focus on Fitness and Health. A place where people of all levels of fitness can share tips and recipes, track their workouts, and join their gym's online community. You may visit his personal blog which is also a feature provided by FitConnect.

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Muscle Building

When you are seeking to be bulkier or to be buff the most resort option are steroids; however this is not a good choice since they modify the bodily function to a big extent making men more aggressive or harming hormonal function in women.

The best choice for a person who seeks to increase his or her body mass is exercise, the right kind will help him or her to grow exponentially without risking their health or their lives. This choice involves getting together and working jointly with an experienced personal trainer and/or a body builder. It depends precisely on what you intend.

Body building can refer to competition status: Massive muscle buildup that will be shown or exposed at specific competitions in a determined level: novice, mediate, heavy weight. But this buildup is only "for show" if indeed as with any other muscle building it will increase strength it will not turn the person that is developing into Samson. Most people that participate in such event! s state that prior and afterwards they have normal to none strength, the difference lies in the sex of the person making the statement, men are stronger physically than women and this is still true in body building.

The exercises used in this type of muscle building are characterized by lots of repetitions at a certain speed and time limit; they also tend to use fitness diets that are specifically designed for muscle bulking and any aerobic exercise they do is restricted to half to two hours a week. If you choose to do this muscle building side, then you need the approval of your physician and get a good body building personal trainer.

Body constructing is another side of muscle building, the people that practice this side of muscle building lean to have more strength and do not care of increasing muscle mass. This type of exercise is often sought by people who have had skeletal problems and who think or are instructed by their physicians that exercising to this! end will increase muscle strength and alleviate such ailments! , it is also recommended for people who had sports injuries. However in both cases, physicians have to be monitoring constantly such practitioners in order to foresee heavier or deeper injuries.

The exercises used in this type of muscle building are fewer repetitions with deeper movements and no speed or time limits. The idea here is not to do them quick but to do them deep, there is no other fitness diet in this area of muscle building other than the one prescribed by the physician or nutritionist if such is the case, or the diet that the practitioner is already having. Aerobic exercises for this area, again, are limited or banned by physicians' discretion or encouraged if the person is not doing this exercise as part of a therapy; but in any event are at the discretion of the practitioner. This practice also benefits from the guidance of a personal trainer and should be consulted with a certified physician.

Renier van Heerden has been in the fitness industry for more t! han 12 years as a personal trainer.

He runs the following websites.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Build Muscle And Burn Fat - How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

I first got serious about getting into shape when I was in my mid twenties. I spent about six months or so jogging and dieting. I lost about twenty pounds. It was good to have lost the weight but I still didn't feel good about the way I looked. I did not have much muscle mass so when I lost the weight I just looked like a smaller version of the pear shaped, flabby guy that I was.

It was good to have lost the weight, but I wanted to look, you know, a little more "buff". That presented another challenge. I would have to lift weights and I had never done that. The thought of buying all of the weights and putting myself through hours every day of "pumping iron" did not sound like fun to me at all. And besides, I didn't believe I could change the shape of my body.

I didn't really know how simple it could be to build muscle and burn fat. So for the next twenty years I gave in to my belief system and decided to be happy with the way I looked and get on with more impo! rtant things in life. But I continued to wish I could have a leaner, more proportionate shape to my body. I just didn't think it was possible.

One evening I was having dinner with some friends at a local restaurant. There were about eight of us sitting around the table eating and chatting. The conversation turned to discussion of a book that one of them was reading about getting physically fit and transforming your body in three months. Most everyone at the table seemed to know about this program but me. I asked some questions and listened to them talk about the many testimonials, before and after pictures they had seen and so on. It sounded too good to be true. Twelve weeks to transform your body?!

Although I did not say much during that discussion, I listened intently. At some point during the evening I felt my belief changing on the inside. I decided, as we were wrapping up our visit, that I would find this book they spoke of and it would become the source of! my new found hope to do something about the shape of my body.!

I went out the next day and found the book, took it home and read it. I saw incredible before and after pictures of people, many older than me, who had gone through unbelievable, physical transformations. And they all did it in a ninety day period! I was beginning to really believe I could do it too!

I implemented the program, which involved eating healthy and exercising. I got tremendous results in ninety days. I went from a hundred eighty one pounds and twenty percent body fat, to a hundred sixty eight pounds and around nine percent body fat! I was fired up! Amazing! For all those years I just accepted the false belief that I could not build muscle and burn fat in a way that would change the shape of my body. But once my belief changed, I got what I wanted in twelve weeks.

What you believe is so important. I believed that I couldn't do anything about my shape without spending hours and hours in the gym pumping weights and sweating, and doing it for months and mo! nths. I could not get excited about working out that way. But once my belief changed, my motivation sky-rocketed!

Here is how I changed my belief, and it was almost effortless! I read stories about other people like me. Many in worse shape than me. When I saw that they could do it, I began to have hope. Hope is a powerful force my friend. But it must be based on facts and truth. Those stories presented that truth to me. If you have been struggling with eating right and working out for a long time, the problem may not be as much of an eating problem as you think. It is most likely a "hope" problem. Once I had hope, it became a powerful force for change in my life. It become much easier to eat right and get to the gym regularly. You can do it too!

If you have any unfulfilled desires to change anything for the better, you can do it! Whatever your situation is, someone else somewhere in the world has been in a worse situation and changed it. If they can do ! can too! You must believe that. And if you don't believe it no! w, that' s ok. You can change your belief in yourself by doing what I did. Find the stories of others. Look at their before and after pictures. There are plenty of programs and testimonials for you to read and follow. You can draw strength and encouragement from the stories of others.

It is very difficult to overcome obstacles and develop hope if you do not "know" that it can be done. It that case it is probably more fantasy than hope. But once you see it can be done, by ordinary folks who somehow mustered up extraordinary desire, hope springs up in you. Now your hope is based on truth and your life can change if you really want it to.

To discover more incredible tips on how you can rapidly build muscle and burn fat the right way, Click Here!

About the Author

About the Author: Ron Stephens has been successful in busines! s and ministry for over 23 years. For more information and access to many of the resources he recommends to help move you forward in your own life and to view his website go to:

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Five Proven Methods for Rapid Fat-Loss

Have you reached a plateau in your fat loss efforts? What is the reason for your having trouble shifting that 10 or 15 pounds that will make you look really good?

Or let me ask you: do you want to avoid plateaus as you attempt to reach your goals in muscle building and fat loss? The key to fat loss is an elevated metabolism. Try this five proven strategies to spark your sluggish metabolism and smash through stagnation in your quest for a lean, mean physique.

1. Eat your breakfast latest 30 minutes after waking
Do you know people that perform their exercise first thing in the morning without some form of breakfast? Off course you do They have false belief that they are tapping into fat stores and forcing their body to burn fat for fuel. This misinformation is very old, outdated long time ago and it was created during research performed on obese subjects. I can give you numerous physiological reasons why it is a terrible decision for healthy people t! o avoid nutritional support before exercise in the morning. The essence is that you cannot dictate the type of fuel you want your body to utilize during exercise.

Exercising in morning, on an empty stomach induces huge amount of muscle breakdown, (along with a small amount of fat loss). This is sure way for getting even slower metabolism and a body that quickly learns to hoard fat, not burn it. After sleep your metabolism has slowed down. Breakfast kick-starts your metabolic rate and creates an instant anabolic environment within the body

This is one of the best meals you can take before your weight lifting. Try eating portion of cooked oats with a handful of raisins mixed with milk and a scoop or two of whey isolate about 30minutes before hitting the gym. This breakfast is nutritionally perfect for building muscle and takes less than 5 minutes to prepare.

2. Increase number of meals not calorie intake
.This is powerful strategy and those who ma! ster it are enjoying great results. But this simple, highly ef! fective strategy is often overlooked by bodybuilders and body shapers. Calorie restriction slows down your metabolism rate very much. As soon you feel your fat burn results stagnate, simply increases your meal frequency without increasing total calorie intake. You can do it by dividing your daily calorie intake into more meals. Just add one or two sneaks or small meals to your daily meal plan. Remember, we are not talking about increasing total calorie intake; we are merely subdividing the total daily intake into smaller meals. If you find this difficult just visit my web site and you will be amazed how simple this is with having good recourses.

3. Eat more vegetables
You want super lean, healthy body? If you do, simply increase your vegetable intake. Why vegetables are so good for our fat loss? There are few reasons but most important to know is that vegetables are high bulk but low calorie content. These foods are the secret to effective fat loss; they are natura! lly high in fiber yet low in calorie content. Start doing it and you will tricks the metabolism into staying elevated because of the large volume of food the body has to process. This one is simple. Increase your vegetable intake and this will definitely enhance your fat loss results. It is simple as that. You can get more information about proper diet and other aspects of Natural Muscle Mass Building and if you implement them you will see how potent they are.

4. More water, more water, more water ....
I assure you there is sound physiological rational behind. As you know muscle and other tissues are 80% water. When muscle cells get dehydrated by only 1 or 2%, a catabolic process is triggered.

If you maintain this catabolic environment habit in your body this makes it impossible to recover and gain results from your training. Normal or increased water intake (especially when accompanied by nu! trients such as micronized glutamine and creatine) increases m! uscle ce ll volume. This switches on anabolic process and the creation of new tissue within cells. The synthesis of new, lean tissue will cause an increase in metabolic rate, so drink up!

5. Best time to consume a substantial portion of daily calories is after exercise Intense exercise accelerates the metabolism tremendously. But it also creates a tremendous amount of tissue breakdown. If you don't have proper nutrition after training, a loss of lean tissue can be the end result. Losing muscle tissue slows down the metabolism and this is the surest way to stagnate any attempt at fat loss.

The post workout period is crucial for boosting the metabolism and therefore for improving body composition. Research demonstrates that nutrients consumed in the hours following a workout are shuttled directly to muscles to boost the metabolism and repair damaged tissue. Nutrient consumption in the post-workout period does not interfere with the fat loss process. I recommend body! builders that want to gain lean mass should consume a significant portion (approx 25-35%) of their daily calorie intake during the 3-hours following resistance training. In our program this is explained in detail. There are off course much more details to this and previous points from this article. Most important is to understand that muscle building - fat loss is not rocket science and with proper helps and guidance one has to see results very soon.

So there you have it, five research-proven ways to boost metabolism and ensure you overcome any stagnation in your fat loss attempts. How many of these strategies do you currently follow?

You can build Massive and Strong Muscles fast, without risking your health. Sasha's advices saved time , money and good health to so many Athletes. His dedication , profound experiance and personal example is causing the difference. Visit our web page to claim your Free Ebook and Learn the Secret of Natural! and Fas t Muscle Building.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

How To Guide for Six Pack Abs

The truth is that for most people getting those coveted six-pack abs is not easy and will require motivation and dedication. With this being said, it is still possible for you to achieve this goal. Here are two steps that you can take that will help you to reach this.

1. This first step involves proper nutrition. You will want to break your meals into smaller portions, say five or six meals per day; this will help to boost your metabolism. Some foods to avoid would be pastas, soda, candy, fast food, white bread, hydrogenated oils, fructose corn syrup and sugars.

You will want to try to eat oatmeal, whole grain breads, fruits, nuts, vegetables, eggs, natural peanut butter, fish, chicken, protein, green tea and water is also important. These are not set in stone and if you make a mistake or need to eat something, do not worry about it just try and fill your diet with foods like these.

2. The second step is exercise. You will want to focus on cardio, ab exe! rcises, and weightlifting. Working out 4 times a week is optimal.

This article is not long enough to go over all the different workouts that you can do to reach your goal of having six pack abs. You should have a consistent workout plan that you can stick too. I try to make the exercises and workouts fun. However you plan your workouts you should start today in taking steps to reach your goal of those perfect six pack abs.

Visit Guide For Six Pack Abs To learn more about how to achieve those perfect six pack abs that you have always wanted.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

How To Gain Muscle Mass

Building mass and weight gain don't happen by accident. If you are reading this, then my guess is you're ready to change your body once and for all. For successful weight gain you need 3 things..

1. Motivation and planning

2. Diet

3. Exercises

4. Motivation

Sorry I mentioned 3 things but I have to list motivation twice. There'll be time when you'll not see results or very less results... but don't just give up in between, That's the worst thing you can do. An essential key to successful weight gain program is staying motivated throughout this process. Diet and training comes second.

If you're motivated, ready to shed your skinny image forever then here is few tips for you.

1. Planning for massive gains

First you have to decide what kind of results you want. Make it achievable. If you want to gain extra 30 pound of muscles in 1 yr... Its going to be really hard. I don't prefer using steroids or anything like that. I l! ike building a body which is natural.

Second is chose your Gym. These days you'll find few high tech gyms who'll not allow you to lift free weights (especially those chain gyms like macD's). Leave those alone for grandma and cardio hippies.

The gym is to a bodybuilder as a studio is to an artist.

You cannot build exercises without lifting heavy weight so find an old gym with instructors who knows what they are doing...

If you want to train at home...

Weight training at home can give you convenient and quick workout without distractions provided you have all the tools necessary. I recommend having at least a bench and squat rack in your home gym.

2. Diet for your bodybuilding training.

It doesn't matter if your goal is losing weight or gaining weight, your diet plays important role. Without proper diet your chances are very low. You simply can't put on weight until you consistently supply the body with enough calories.

M! ark Rippetoe author of starting strength suggests drinking 3-4! ltrs of milk every day while you are on weight gain program. According to him, this'll help you gain 10-12 pounds in no time. Well I know how good this is... but what about those who are not tolerant of milk and lactose. Actually this makes good point about feeding yourself properly.

In India, Old wrestlers used to drink litres of milk with almonds and dry fruits. They used to build massive body and strength using these tactics.

For exercising...

Use free weights for all heavy sets. Leave those machines for ladies... We don't want to go near them. Free weights are what you need for building great body. Lift heavy with free weights. It won't take you master machines in few days... but mastering a barbell is real challenge.

compound movements. Your bread and butter exercises are going to be compound exercises. You'll survive on heavy squats, dead lift, clean and press, bench press, inclines etc. You need to build overall strength in your muscles... hammer curl! s won't cut it for your training.

Get more weight training tips on how to build muscle mass

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A How To Guide for Six Pack Abs

Do you want six pack abs? The reality is that for most people, getting six pack abs is no easy job because it demands persistence and motivation. But do not fear! Here's a basic two part guide that will improve your abs in just a few weeks if followed zealously.

Part 1: Nutrition

Probably the number one most important factor of all is nutrition. Some people might have the most attractive set of abs, but when they are hidden by a layer of fat, they're not visible! Divide your day up with four or five small meals to help keep your metabolism active. Remember to stop eating the food that's stopping you from seeing your abs: soda, fast food, sugars, white bread, dessert, candy, pasta, hydrogenated oils, and high fructose corn syrup.

Try instead to eat foods that will help you attain your six pack goal: eggs, nuts, fruits, vegetables, peanut butter, olive oil, whole grain breads, oatmeal, protein, fish, green tea, chicken, and water. Be honest; everyon! e caves in here and there, but give your best shot to improve your eating habits as getting a six pack won't be possible if you don't.

Part 2: Exercise

You should be worrying about three specific exercises: ab exercises, cardio, and weightlifting. Plan to workout four times every week.

The first exercise you need to employ in your workout are ab exercises. Schedule to work your abs three times per week. There are a bunch of different ab exercises you can do so try to pick around three of them that you like doing and switch around a bit. Here is a great listing of different ab exercises:

Your cardio choice can be almost anything: biking, running, swimming, or walking. Choose whichever you don't mind so that you stay committed to it. The secret is to do your cardio in spurts. For example, if you are running, walk one minute and then run for fifteen seconds and repeat ten times. U! se this kind of integral cardio twice per week.

Finally,! weightl ifting is important because three pounds of extra muscle burns as many calories as a one mile jog, even when you're not doing anything. Try for thirty to forty-five minutes done twice a week. If you are not sure what exercises to do for each part of your body, visit the website below. It was written by professional bodybuilders, but the info is golden and will work for anybody:

Tip: Vary your workout routine every two weeks to keep your body at its best. Combine or remove different weightlifting or ab exercises, or do no less than alter the form of cardio, repetitions, or weight you use.

So, that's pretty much it. Apply this for three months and although results will differ from person to person, you'll certainly see some impact on your abs. Don't forget that motivation and commitment take you a long way in helping you attain that goal of having six pack abs.

Envision the feeling you'll have when you stan! d in the mirror and love what you're seeing.

Honestly, this article barely covers the basics on getting six pack abs. If you're serious about learning the bulletproof methods for building a solid steel midsection, head over to The Secrets of Six Pack Abs.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Timing And Intensity For Maximum Muscle Anabolism

The key to not only building strength in the gym but also maintaining the mass athletes and fitness enthusiasts work hard to maintain is centered around two concepts: timing and intensity.

Timing refers to the frequency of workouts per week as well as the elapsed time between one workout and its successor. In order to optimize muscle recovery intermediate and advanced weightlifters should resort to a one day on, two day off schedule. This schedule, when coupled with an extremely intense lifting routine, guarantees results significantly higher than the alternative two days on, one day off schedule. The intensity of a workout has certain particulars which should neither be neglected nor compromised. Consistent intensity is crucial in maintaining and expanding muscular gains. The particulars in reference include focusing on each repetition, focusing on each muscle, pushing each repetition, and exhausting each muscle.

Focusing on each repetition is the most import! ant aspect of lifting intensity. Distractions while weightlifting can be detrimental to gains and potentially dangerous. Each repetition is equally integral to the entire set, and each repetition should be approached with a ferocity and concentration that remains inexorable until completion. Predetermined goals for the amount of repetitions one wants to reach are strongly advised and can aid the athlete in maintaining a focus which is less likely if approaching a set spontaneously. Complete the amount of repetitions if possible, and if one is unable, or gains a surge of energy at the end, pushing each repetition becomes the optimal strategy.

Pushing each repetition involves completing a predetermined amount of repetitions by moving past one's normal physical capacity using an added measure of exertion. If one's goal is eight repetitions, but seven is the terminal point, push forward for one more rep, or possibly two. This method can add even more muscle mass because i! t stretches the muscle fibers beyond what they are adapted to,! shockin g them into growth at the end of every set. If this strategy can be maintained and adhered to, focusing on each muscle becomes largely simplified.

Focusing on each muscle is a matter of developing an image of the muscle being worked in one's mind and picturing its eccentric and concentric phases during every repetition. This process allows for added intensity while aiding the lifter in maintaining proper form. Once one can develop a mental image of each muscle being worked, exhausting each muscle becomes an option.

Exhausting each muscle ultimately refers to a lifter's ability to fatigue the muscles being worked more than they were fatigued in the previous workout. This strategy is advisable because it stimulates new growth by incorporating a more intense system of stretching the muscle fibers, forcing them to grow back thicker in order to repair the damage. The best way to accomplish this is adding repetitions or even sets to each muscle being worked. The result! s will be undeniable. As long as one is able to take two days off for resting and repair, muscle exhaustion will be a worthwhile addition to any weightlifting routine.

Combining these strategies and following an adequate resting schedule will stimulate new muscle anabolism and strength increases for any lifter. Timing and intensity are invaluable concepts in physical fitness and serve to enhance form, energy levels, muscle mass, and general overall health.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Managing Your Training and Diet - Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle

A brief overview.

1. Setting Goals
Before you even begin your training, it is important to identify your primary goal. I say primary, because whether you choose to lose fat or gain muscle the other will be a secondary effect.

2. Base Metabolic Rate and Other tools
There are some tools you will need. First is an understanding of basal metabolic rate and your daily caloric requirements. 2nd, you will need a good body fat scale and a notebook.

You should weigh yourself no more than twice a week and no less than every 2 weeks. Weigh-in should always be at the same time and preferably first thing in the morning, and it is even better if it is always the same day (ex. every Wednesday at 7am). Make a note of your weight and Body Fat Percentage (BF%).

Your weight notebook should have 5 columns, Date, Weight, BF%, Fat Lbs and Other Lbs. It is very important to calculate the Lb values. Fat Lbs is your total weight multiplied by your BF% divided by 10! 0 ex. 200lb x 10% / 100 = 20lbs of fat. Other Lbs is your total body weight minus your fat lbs: 200-20 = 180

Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator

3. Macro Nutrient requirements
What do I consider to be Macro Nutrient values? Calories, Protein, Carbs, Fat. Try not to make your diet too complicated. Calculate you base calorie needs using the calculator below. If your goal in section 1 is to gain muscle, add 500 calories. If your goal is to lose fat, subtract 500 calories. Also, I believe in keeping diet simple. Your diet should include only whole foods you prepare yourself: Lean meats, fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk and grains.

Protein: 0.5g to 1g per pound of bodyweight
Carbs: As a general rule, eat all the vegetables you want, limit your fruit to a maximum of 4 servings per day. If you ! are trying to lose fat, avoid complex carbs (pasta, rice, pota! toes etc ) after noon. If you are trying to gain muscle, have some complex carbs later in the day. Fat: This will take care of itself with your meat, eggs and milk. Calories: Base Rate plus/minus 500

4. Workout
5 days a week. 3 on one off, 2 on 1 off.

Bench Press (chest, push)
Dumbbell Flies (chest, push)
Barbell/Dumbbell/Cable Rows (back, Pull)
Lat Pull downs (back, pull)
Shoulder Press (shoulders, push)
Upright Rows (shoulders, push/pull)
Triceps Press (triceps, push)
Bicep Curls (bicep, pull)
Forearm Curls (forearms, push/pull)
Squats (legs)
Dead lift (legs)
Calf Raises (legs)

Thigh Extensions (legs)
Hamstring Curls (legs)

Brisk Walking
Exercise Bike

To lose fat: Cardio should be done 4 or 5 times a week for 45 minutes to an hour. 2 times a week, reduce your cardio to 30 minutes and do a circuit of the weight exercises. You! r circuit should be sets of 20-25 reps of each exercise with no rest between exercise sets.

To Gain Muscle: Split these exercises into 2 groups and do group A on day 1 and 4, and group B on day 2 and 5. On day 3, do light cardio, stretching and body weight callisthenics (push-ups, bodyweight squats and lunges etc). Try and do your push exercises all on one day and pulls on the other. Do light cardio (20 minutes) 1 or 2 days of the week.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Build Muscle Workouts

Build muscle workouts are plentiful. The trick is to find the right workout program for you. With all the information available today it is easy to see why so many people give up or don't see any significant gains. The trick is to work smarter not harder.

There are different ways to approach your muscle workouts. If you are looking to gain muscle mass then you would need to concentrate more on lifting heavier weights and concentrate less on cardiovascular exercises. Traditionally speaking the heavier the weight you lift the larger and stronger you will get. This is not always true in respect to making consistent gains over a long period of time. There are many other factors involved and all must be addressed in order to achieve maximum gains.

If you were looking to just get in shape and perhaps lose some weight then you would want to concentrate more on the cardiovascular exercises. These include running, step machine, bicycle and many other forms of cardiovas! cular exercises. This type of training is typically reserved for those that don't have the desire to go to the gym and lift weights but want to do something to try and stay in shape.

A good muscle-building workout can include both weight training and cardiovascular exercise. Done properly and in the right amounts you will improve your overall appearance and health.

When lifting weights it is important to use the correct form at all times. If you are not using the correct form you run the risk of injuring yourself and not getting the full benefits from the exercise. Too often you see people lifting weight that is too heavy and sacrificing form to look good in front of others. This is a surefire way to injure yourself and set back any gains you have made.

A good muscle-building workout needs to be tailored to each individual. Some may respond better to high reps and low weights, while others may respond better to low reps and high weights. The trick is to fi! nd what works best for you and then improve on it.

What ! is consi stent is the fact that you must change your workout routine periodically in order to see the best long-term results. It has been shown that the best way to shock your body to grow is to keep it confused. Don't allow your body to adapt to one workout for too long. Once your body adapts it will stop growing and often times reverse it's progress.

Kevin has been training for over thirty years and has written many articles on training and muscle building. In order to succeed you need a game plan. Get the body you always dreamed about. Check out:

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Build Chest Muscles

If you want to build chest muscles there are a few things you need to concentrate on. First off if you are interested in building you chest muscles there must be a specific reason for this. Do you feel that your chest is not as well developed as the rest of your physique? Are you just trying to build your chest because you think this is what will make you look better? My advice would be to develop your whole physique equally and then once you have a solid foundation you can begin to spot build the areas that are lagging behind.

The mother of all chest exercises is naturally the bench press. Proper form and technique are crucial when performing this exercise. Assuming you already have access to a weight bench and weights, you will lie down on the bench with the bar above you and directly above your eyes. Lift the bar up and lower it to the mid-point of you chest. Try not to bounce the weight and use the momentum to lift the weight up. Start with a weight, which will ! allow you to get 15 repetitions fairly easily. Then you can do successive sets of 12 reps, 10 reps and 8 reps. You should follow this basic formula for several weeks until you fell confident in your ability to both handle the weight and control it without fear of injury.

You should only workout your chest once a week to allow time for your chest muscles to rest and to grow. Once you have a solid foundation you can start to increase the number of exercises and the weight you can lift. Ideally you will want to start going to failure on most of the sets that you do. It has been shown that going to failure (the point where you can't lift the weight any longer and need assistance to finish the last rep) will stress the muscles enough to force them to adapt and grow because of the amount of stress placed on the muscle.

Another good exercise you can include is dumbbell flyes. You perform this exercise by lying flat on a bench and holding a dumbbell of equal weight in e! ach hand. Lower the dumbbells out to your side and down to the! level o f the bench with relatively straight arms. The lower you go the greater the stretch and strain on your chest muscles. Bring the dumbbells up to the starting position and contract your chest muscles at the same time. Follow the set and rep scheme that you used for the bench press.

These two exercises are a great starting point for building an impressive chest. It is important to note that you need to routinely change your workout and incorporate other strategies to help shock your body into growth. This is only meant as a beginning example to improving your chest muscles.

Kevin has been training for over thirty years and has written many articles on training and muscle building. In order to succeed you need a game plan. Get the body you always dreamed about. Check out:

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Lifting Reduces Breast Size? Oh Come On!

I have lots of female colleague at my work place. But whenever I asked any of them to go with me to the gym, they shunned me. I admit, I do feel a little sad (hehe).

Why is this so? I've had many of them telling me, "Lifting weights will make me bulk up like a male", "Lifting reduces my breast size". Actually, I do understand their worries.

But I have to be serious, ladies, a bodybuilder's body is impossible to achieve without good genes, strict diet, strict training, supplements and steroids. It is hard to achieve that body for a male needless to say, a female. You WILL NOT become like that just because you lift weights!

Myth: Lifting weights reduces breast size

Some facts you might be interested in:

Breast are mainly made up of fatty tissue
This means that building muscles is not going to cause your breast to shrink in size! When you lose fat, you lose fat all over the body. Therefore, if any breast reduction occurs from weight loss, it! will be the true size of your breast at your healthy weight.

Fat does not turn into muscle and muscle does not turn into fat
Many people believe that fat and muscle are the same thing. There is a common myth that not working out causes your muscles to turn into fats. How untrue can that be? Fat and muscle are two seperate types of tissue in the body! Lifting weights will not turn fatty breast tissue into muscles.

So, what is the reason for decreased breast size?
As your body fat drops, the fatty tissue in your breast drops too. And if your body fat is very low, the more likely your breast size will decrease. But don't get too worried. Unless you are a serious bodybuilder like the one in the picture above, your body fat should not drop extremely low.

Women should not shun away from lifting weights. If your aim is to lose weight, lifting weights can be a huge help.

Edwin, Author of Fitness Chapter

Edwin is a fitness expert practicing in Singapore. He is also the author of Fitness Chapter -

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

How To Jump Higher!

I was speaking to one of my good friends, he plays basketball for his college, and in the conversation a question popped up 'How to jump higher?' I told him that jumping requires explosive movement and this like most strength related activities can be increased, with the correct training. A vertical jump is total reach during the peak of the jump minus the standing reach. A true vertical jump is a jump without taking a step and touching the highest point achievable. Since the vertical jump is an explosive movement, both strength and power need to be developed in order to increase it.

Strength exercises are slow controlled actions. There are certain strength exercises that will benefit the vertical jump, we use our legs to jump thus obviously strength development of the muscles in the legs such as the Gastrocnemius, Gluteus maximus, Quadriceps and the Hamstrings is key. The best exercises are squats, lunges and step ups. The reason these are the best is because they ! are compound movements which encourage development of more then one muscle such as squats workout the Gluteus maximus, Gastrocnemius, knee joint and hip joint all simultaneously. Rule of thumb which is important during any exercise is that form is key to an effective workout.

Squats are one of the elite exercises an athlete can use to achieve strength gains when performed correctly. If poor form is used then it can lead to serious injuries involving the lower back which can be very painful and hampering. These days I workout at a local gym nearest to my house which a lot of young athletes from the nearby college use, it's painful just watching the guys squat. The majority of the squats are incorrectly performed, over the time I've analysed the two main areas of concern in form: extreme forward lean of the upper body, which can cause lower back injuries and excessive forward movement of the knees.

The key points of a good squat are:

- Athletic stance.
! - The bar across the upper back (on traps and shoulders).
! - The ch est out and the back tight with a slight forward lean.
- The knees stay directly above the feet at all times.
- Sit back deep to parallel, keeping weight on the heels.

Before attempting squats, have a trained professional or someone who knows what they are talking about scrutinize your technique to make sure it is fundamentally sound. Concentrate on technique and achieving perfect form and then later work on ramping up the weight, for now stick to a few extra repetitions with ideal technique.

Step ups are performed with dumbbells and a step-up box or bench. Standing in an upright position holding the dumbbells in each hand, you step up on to the box or bench at the height that would put your knee at a 90-degree angle. Do 10 repetitions with one leg and repeat with the other, alternating which leg you use every set.

Lunges can be done holding dumbbells or with the bar across your upper back similar to the position the bar is placed during a squat. St! and up in an vertical position, step as far forward as possible with no forward lean of the upper body until your front knee is at a 90 degree angle. Then step back to the original position in one step. Steps and lunges complement squats because they work each leg independently while on the other hand the squat being a compound exercise works both legs at the same time. All three of these exercises not only promote the growth and increase in strength of the large muscle in your legs but also enhance your balance by working the synergists= muscles in the legs, these are the normally smaller muscles which advocate properties such as balance during an exercise.

Power exercises involve explosive quick movements. They include power cleans, plyometrics and weight box jumps. These are the types of exercise that use explosive movements to develop muscular power, the ability to generate a large amount of force in a short period of time. It may be used, for example, to improve ! the effectiveness of a boxer's punch, or to quicken the throwi! ng abili ty of a baseball pitcher. Plyometric training acts on both the musculotendinous and neurological levels to increase an athlete's power output without necessarily increasing their maximum strength output.

Power Cleans

Power cleans are a very advanced technical exercise that develop core muscle strength and explosive hips. Normally associated with power lifting as it is one portion of the Olympic lift, the clean and jerk. They involve the use of many joints and muscle groups in a coordinated movement


Plyometrics are explosive, hopping and jumping callisthenics. Jumping in this manor brings together the strength and speed components to lead to an increase in power. Plyometrics have one key feature, which resembles a lot of workouts such as HIT (High Intensity Training) they require maximum effort for greatest results. Practicing maximum effort jumps will increase your vertical jump - 'Practice makes perfect.'

Weighted Box Jumps

Th! e most obvious form of exercise to perform would be jumping with a greater resistance this is where weighted box jumps come in to the equation; they are a form of plyometrics. You hold light dumbbells in each of your hands (start with a light weight) with your arms straight right the way through the exercise. Stand in front of the box and jump as high as feasible and then landing softly as possible. Step down and repeat for 3 sets of 10 jumps, this high rep range is adapted because your legs are used to being used a lot; we use our legs a lot day to day, thus they can endure a greater force against a resistance. This should be done twice a week with the rest of your leg workout. Never land with your hips lower than your knees and concentrate on each jump and maximise effort for every jump to achieve the best results.


There are a few key rules that should be implemented with any workout to achieve results, such as using the correct form and putting max! imal effort into each and every rep while focusing on the task! at hand . With consistent, proper training, I have seen young athletes increase their vertical jump by 6 inches over a few months of dedicated training. This article covers all bases of improving your jump, this training is key if you want to excel in sports such as basketball.


Leg muscle mass
Bodybuilding site for your muscle and fitness!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Extreme Pectoral Muscle Enhancement

Being a personal trainer and in the gym every single day I see so many people doing so many things wrong. Then you see these same people getting discouraged because the results aren't following. So I'm going to discuss a very important key to getting extreme muscle growth without the use of drugs. When it comes to bodybuilding or any other type of training with lean muscle mass being the end result you need to know one key term and then make sure you perform this term. Positions of Flexion! What is Positions of Flexion?

To put it simply it means hitting your muscles in the three positions needed in order for fast and proper growth to occur. Your muscles need to be worked in the stretch position, contracted position, and midrange position. If this is not done then you will be one of those people who work too hard for little results year after year. That is unless you have killer genetics. So let me give you a quick example of what I mean. Lets take a mens chest worko! ut for example. I usually see guys performing bench press, incline bench press, decline press, and flat bench flys.

These are all good exercises but a lot was left out if you want your chest to turn into a look of perfection. You need to start off with a midrange movement which would be bench press. Do a couple warm ups and then three all out working sets. Then do two sets of flat bench dumbbell flys for the stretch position and follow that up with a couple of pec deck flys for the contracted hit. Next, start with a couple warm ups on the incline bench press or dumbbell incline press for your midrange exercise.

Then do three all out working sets. Follow this up with dumbbell incline flys for that stretch hit and perform two sets. Finish the upper chest with two sets of incline cable flys for the contraction hit. All that left is the lower chest now and by this time your chest should be spent and full of blood. So end the chest workout with either decline cable f! lys or wide dips. All reps should be around eight to ten reps ! and warm up sets can be done with twelve reps. You just broke down the chest in its three sections and worked it properly. In my next article we will talk about adding drop sets and super sets to make it a more advanced training routine.

Matt Deloff

If you have any questions please contact me at

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A BodyBuilders Success Is Your Success! Top 3 Tips & A Proven Program!


1) Starting Slow is Better than Fast

Ever start an exercise plan by running ten miles and then puking your guts out? Maybe you aren't that extreme, but burnout is common early on. Take your time, you have a lifetime to be healthy, so don't try to go from couch potato to athletic superstar in a week.

If you are starting running, run less than you can to start. Lifting weights? Work with less weight than you could use. Increasing intensity and pushing yourself can come later when you are familiar with regular exercise.

2) People Can Lift OR Anchor

Should you have a workout partner? That depends. Workout partners can be great motivational boosts and make exercising more fun. But they can also stop you from reaching your goals. My suggestion would be to have a workout partner, but when you start to plateau (either in physical ability, weight loss/gain, or overall health) and you haven't reache! d your goals, consider mixing things up a bit.

If you plateau, you may need to make changes to continue improvements. In this case it is important to talk to your workout partner about the changes you want to make, and if they don't seem motivated to continue, offer a thirty day break where you both try different activities.

I notice that guys working out together tend to match strength after a brief adjustment phase. Even if both are trying to improve, something seems to stall improvement once they reach a certain point. I found that I was able to lift as much as 30-50% more after taking a short break from my regular workout partner.

5) Watch Out for Holidays!

Don't let a four day holiday interfere with your attempts to get in shape. I don't mean that you need to follow your diet and exercise plan without any excursion, but when you are in the first thirty to sixty days, still forming habits, be careful that a week long break doesn't terminate your ! progress.

This is also true of schedule changes that lea! ve you s uddenly busy or make it difficult to exercise. Have a backup plan so you can be consistent, at least for the first month when you are forming habits.

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Bodybuilding Tips And Advice For Beginners

Yes, it is true that having that perfect lean and cut body isn't only for a few. It does not matter if you are a male or a female, gaining muscle and losing fat is not a mystery, and not, I'm not going to sell you anything. I'm just going to give you some advice.

Bodybuilding is not only for the looks. If you train, you will lead a much more healthy life and you will be and feel stronger, you will notice that all those everyday routines you are doing will be less energy consuming and you will find you have the strength to get on with the day without any problem!

How to gain muscle mass is not such a mystery as you may think. You need to take the right amount of calories (carbs, fats and proteins) that will make your muscle grow while you train. Remember that the best exercises you can do are free weight squats and compound exercises.

You will train much better and a major number of muscles with compound exercises rather than with isolation exercis! es. One thing you should do is check your body fat, your body mass, you daily calorie intake and how much you should take to gain muscle mass.

If you are new to bodybuilding it does not matter if you are too skinny or you are too overweight. What you need is 3 ingredients and 1 secret ingredient:

The first ingredient is Patience. Yes patience is a virtue, and you need it! There are not miracles in having the looks of your dreams; you only will get them with time. Keep in mind that all those miracle-diets out there may succeed in giving you a burst lose of weight, but as soon as you lose it you will recover it. The real trick is on losing little weight over time in a steady pace, then train your muscle so it makes the work for you 24/7

The second ingredient is Perseverance. You need to stick to your nutrition plan and your workout plan for bodybuilding. Then do little changes to both just to get the results you want, for example, increase your! reps and sets of free weight lifting routines or even the amo! unt of w eight you are lifting, or you could increase the number of calories you are consuming to gain much more muscle. But overall, don't do drastic changes. Stick to your plan and never let the lazy bug get over you.

The third ingredient is to find out the exercises that work as well as the nutrition diet that works for you. For the former there are plenty of bodybuilding programs out there on the internet, some free and some cost just a very little amount of money. Your nutrition plan usually comes along this workout programs. The only problem with all this information out there is that it is too much; it will confuse you and get you lost with all the contradiction and all the wrong information. The best thing you could do is heading out to a good reviews page to find out the best programs out there, is probably the best example of a website you should go to get information on! that bodybuilding program that will suit your needs.

Now the most important ingredient is the secret one... ACTION! You need to get started, then with patience and perseverance you will see results.

Many people want the quick fix and look for the fastest way to build muscle but they don't realise that they cannot force their muscle and over train it. They can get easily injured. Your muscles need rest and recovery, it is better to spend one day in the gym and one day resting in order to avoid overtraining and hurting your muscles. Nutrition wise you should eat at least 5 or 6 times a day with the same amounts of calories in each meal, and have a good protein shake after your workouts will be useful too. You should stick to your diet, if you change your habits it won't help you building muscle.

Just sitting in front of your computer won't make your muscles show up and won't make you lose fat, so don't waste more time!

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Strong Bodybuilding - Three Important Factors To Consider

Muscle building is a drag. All those ads in the internet and promises that if you do A, B, and C, you will get muscles. Results end up in the trash, and you end up quitting. Don't get discouraged by all those people who are trying to deceive you with false information. You have to know that the fact of the matter is that it is really simple to build muscle.

If you have determination and can commit to an efficient program your body will be effectively be fit, muscular and healthy.

There are three major factors to consider about body building.

The first factor to consider is having the time for it. Time means everything. If you can not dedicate time for body building you definitely will not accomplish your goal of building muscles. For example, developing strong muscles does not happen after you read a good ebook on the internet. It happens after you have implemented what you learned from that ebook.

The second factor is to find a good program that d! elivers. Not all that shines is gold and not all programs work. On this step it is really important to find out for yourself if a program being offered is legit, or if they are bluffing and just are after your wallet. Find out if a certain program really works through reviews, forums, and word of mouth.

The third factor is to take action and commit. After you joined a certain program, be like a sponge and absorb everything you can. Doing this will fasten your results. It is also getting the most for your hard earned money.

In conclusion, I am sure that if anyone follows these three factors, they will be very successful at achieving their goals of muscle building.

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

How to Get Big Arms

The reasons for wanting big arms are many and obvious. Arms rank second to a flat stomach as the most noticed and sought after fitness goal. The vast majority of people make three consistent mistakes in training for big arms. Depending on your current size (smaller arms will obviously respond more) my workout can add up to an inch in the first month and will continue adding size after that.

First, all workout plans should be well rounded and full body in focus. So if you are relatively new to training focusing on your arms is a mistake. Your primary goal in the early stages of a mass gaining plan should be the big muscles. Focus on compound exercises (bench, military, and leg presses, seated rows and lat pull downs in particular) that work the smaller muscles as well as the large. But if you have a foundation of training already (at least 6 months) then you are ready to isolate and can start seeing some real gains.

Secondly, did you know that the triceps muscl! e makes up 60% of your arm size? People who focus on bicep curls as the basis for getting big arms are completely wrong. The primary focus should be on the triceps, if overall size and arm balance are your goals (and it should be). Lastly, the mass gaining principals for arms are the same as for any other body part. You must go heavy and low rep. And I mean heavy. Most people grab up a set of dumbbells and knock out 3 sets of 12-16 reps of curls and wonder why my arms aren't growing.

Here are the basic principals to remember in an arm workout geared to mass gains:

1) You must have a foundation of training before you start isolating arms

2) Do 3 triceps exercises for every 2 bicep exercise

3) If you can do more than 6 reps of anything with good form it isn't heavy enough

4) Never do the same number of reps with the same amount of weight in consecutive sets. Never.

5) If you are not sure, on weight and reps, add weight, reduce reps

6)! Perfect form is NOT a necessity for all reps (don't injure yo! urself b ut "cheaters" reps with heavy weights are VERY effective)

The last principal is one that I use because of the psychological impact it has, and it may not be for everyone:

7) I train my bi's and tri's together, alternating sets, in a workout of just arms. I do this because the rush of fully pumped bi's and tri's simultaneously, gives me, momentarily, the biggest arms I can have and it motivates me better than working one or the other on separate days and as secondary workouts.

Follow these basic principals for any arm exercises for a month, eat right (plenty of protein) and get your rest and I guarantee you that in the first month your arms will grow more than they have been.

Steve R. Robbins has been a life long fitness enthusiast. Has the distinction of being able to run a marathon and bench press twice his weight in the same day. All at the age of 50. Editor and regular contributor to http://www!

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Get The Know On NO!

Nitric Oxide is a free gas released inside the body and is an important signaling molecule in the human body. It is produced by the effect of normal metabolism of the amino acid Arginine. The production of Nitric Oxide occurs when the amino acid L-arginine is converted into L-citruline through an enzyme group known as Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS).

The endothelium (inner lining) of the blood vessels uses nitric oxide to signal the surrounding smooth muscle to relax, thus dilating the artery and increasing blood flow. Other effects of Nitric Oxide include blood vessel dilatation, neurotransmission, modulation of the hair cycle, and penile erections. Sildenafil, popularly known by the trade name Viagra, stimulates erections primarily by enhancing signaling through the nitric oxide pathway in the penis. Every human requires nitric oxide to regulate important physiological processes in the liver, lungs, brain, stomach, nerve cells and endocrine system. From the bodybuildi! ng prospective, there is a growth stimulation pertaining to the increased blood flow to the working muscles of the body with NO supplementation. Arginine Alpha Keto-Glutarate (AAKG) is the key ingredient in most NO supplements. So the good news is it can help you add muscle to bodies.

It is good to use Nitric Oxide but with this in mind, If it is good with this, it can go bad with more than this!?ke the old adage goes 'Excess of everything is bad'. Use this product as recommended on the box and don't go beyond the recommended dosage, on top of this is it is advised to have half the recommended dosage to see how your body reacts to the NO. Diarrhea, Weakness and Nausea are few signs of overdose and sensitive individuals. If this happens, decrease the dose; notice the side effects, then with things in control start increasing the dose again gradually. The body will build up tolerance to the product over a period of time and the side effects will be gone and effects on!

People with a medical conditions seeking to use NO Suppl! ements p lease get a medical review and clearance before you start. Especially for the people with the following conditions: high or low blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, stroke, heart, liver or thyroid disease, anxiety, depression, seizure disorder, psychiatric disease, diabetes, pernicious anemia, difficulty urinating due to prostate enlargement or if you are taking an MAO inhibitor or any other medication. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing, prone to dehydration or exposed to excessive heat. Reduce or discontinue use if sleeplessness, tremors, dizziness, nervousness, headaches, or heart palpitations occur.

In addition to all this, all NO supplement producers point toward having at least 64 ounces (roughly two liters) water everyday.

In Iron, Train Hard,


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