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Monday, February 18, 2008

Build Muscle And Burn Fat - How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

I first got serious about getting into shape when I was in my mid twenties. I spent about six months or so jogging and dieting. I lost about twenty pounds. It was good to have lost the weight but I still didn't feel good about the way I looked. I did not have much muscle mass so when I lost the weight I just looked like a smaller version of the pear shaped, flabby guy that I was.

It was good to have lost the weight, but I wanted to look, you know, a little more "buff". That presented another challenge. I would have to lift weights and I had never done that. The thought of buying all of the weights and putting myself through hours every day of "pumping iron" did not sound like fun to me at all. And besides, I didn't believe I could change the shape of my body.

I didn't really know how simple it could be to build muscle and burn fat. So for the next twenty years I gave in to my belief system and decided to be happy with the way I looked and get on with more impo! rtant things in life. But I continued to wish I could have a leaner, more proportionate shape to my body. I just didn't think it was possible.

One evening I was having dinner with some friends at a local restaurant. There were about eight of us sitting around the table eating and chatting. The conversation turned to discussion of a book that one of them was reading about getting physically fit and transforming your body in three months. Most everyone at the table seemed to know about this program but me. I asked some questions and listened to them talk about the many testimonials, before and after pictures they had seen and so on. It sounded too good to be true. Twelve weeks to transform your body?!

Although I did not say much during that discussion, I listened intently. At some point during the evening I felt my belief changing on the inside. I decided, as we were wrapping up our visit, that I would find this book they spoke of and it would become the source of! my new found hope to do something about the shape of my body.!

I went out the next day and found the book, took it home and read it. I saw incredible before and after pictures of people, many older than me, who had gone through unbelievable, physical transformations. And they all did it in a ninety day period! I was beginning to really believe I could do it too!

I implemented the program, which involved eating healthy and exercising. I got tremendous results in ninety days. I went from a hundred eighty one pounds and twenty percent body fat, to a hundred sixty eight pounds and around nine percent body fat! I was fired up! Amazing! For all those years I just accepted the false belief that I could not build muscle and burn fat in a way that would change the shape of my body. But once my belief changed, I got what I wanted in twelve weeks.

What you believe is so important. I believed that I couldn't do anything about my shape without spending hours and hours in the gym pumping weights and sweating, and doing it for months and mo! nths. I could not get excited about working out that way. But once my belief changed, my motivation sky-rocketed!

Here is how I changed my belief, and it was almost effortless! I read stories about other people like me. Many in worse shape than me. When I saw that they could do it, I began to have hope. Hope is a powerful force my friend. But it must be based on facts and truth. Those stories presented that truth to me. If you have been struggling with eating right and working out for a long time, the problem may not be as much of an eating problem as you think. It is most likely a "hope" problem. Once I had hope, it became a powerful force for change in my life. It become much easier to eat right and get to the gym regularly. You can do it too!

If you have any unfulfilled desires to change anything for the better, you can do it! Whatever your situation is, someone else somewhere in the world has been in a worse situation and changed it. If they can do ! can too! You must believe that. And if you don't believe it no! w, that' s ok. You can change your belief in yourself by doing what I did. Find the stories of others. Look at their before and after pictures. There are plenty of programs and testimonials for you to read and follow. You can draw strength and encouragement from the stories of others.

It is very difficult to overcome obstacles and develop hope if you do not "know" that it can be done. It that case it is probably more fantasy than hope. But once you see it can be done, by ordinary folks who somehow mustered up extraordinary desire, hope springs up in you. Now your hope is based on truth and your life can change if you really want it to.

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