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Monday, February 4, 2008

Bodybuilding Tips And Advice For Beginners

Yes, it is true that having that perfect lean and cut body isn't only for a few. It does not matter if you are a male or a female, gaining muscle and losing fat is not a mystery, and not, I'm not going to sell you anything. I'm just going to give you some advice.

Bodybuilding is not only for the looks. If you train, you will lead a much more healthy life and you will be and feel stronger, you will notice that all those everyday routines you are doing will be less energy consuming and you will find you have the strength to get on with the day without any problem!

How to gain muscle mass is not such a mystery as you may think. You need to take the right amount of calories (carbs, fats and proteins) that will make your muscle grow while you train. Remember that the best exercises you can do are free weight squats and compound exercises.

You will train much better and a major number of muscles with compound exercises rather than with isolation exercis! es. One thing you should do is check your body fat, your body mass, you daily calorie intake and how much you should take to gain muscle mass.

If you are new to bodybuilding it does not matter if you are too skinny or you are too overweight. What you need is 3 ingredients and 1 secret ingredient:

The first ingredient is Patience. Yes patience is a virtue, and you need it! There are not miracles in having the looks of your dreams; you only will get them with time. Keep in mind that all those miracle-diets out there may succeed in giving you a burst lose of weight, but as soon as you lose it you will recover it. The real trick is on losing little weight over time in a steady pace, then train your muscle so it makes the work for you 24/7

The second ingredient is Perseverance. You need to stick to your nutrition plan and your workout plan for bodybuilding. Then do little changes to both just to get the results you want, for example, increase your! reps and sets of free weight lifting routines or even the amo! unt of w eight you are lifting, or you could increase the number of calories you are consuming to gain much more muscle. But overall, don't do drastic changes. Stick to your plan and never let the lazy bug get over you.

The third ingredient is to find out the exercises that work as well as the nutrition diet that works for you. For the former there are plenty of bodybuilding programs out there on the internet, some free and some cost just a very little amount of money. Your nutrition plan usually comes along this workout programs. The only problem with all this information out there is that it is too much; it will confuse you and get you lost with all the contradiction and all the wrong information. The best thing you could do is heading out to a good reviews page to find out the best programs out there, is probably the best example of a website you should go to get information on! that bodybuilding program that will suit your needs.

Now the most important ingredient is the secret one... ACTION! You need to get started, then with patience and perseverance you will see results.

Many people want the quick fix and look for the fastest way to build muscle but they don't realise that they cannot force their muscle and over train it. They can get easily injured. Your muscles need rest and recovery, it is better to spend one day in the gym and one day resting in order to avoid overtraining and hurting your muscles. Nutrition wise you should eat at least 5 or 6 times a day with the same amounts of calories in each meal, and have a good protein shake after your workouts will be useful too. You should stick to your diet, if you change your habits it won't help you building muscle.

Just sitting in front of your computer won't make your muscles show up and won't make you lose fat, so don't waste more time!

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