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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Extreme Pectoral Muscle Enhancement

Being a personal trainer and in the gym every single day I see so many people doing so many things wrong. Then you see these same people getting discouraged because the results aren't following. So I'm going to discuss a very important key to getting extreme muscle growth without the use of drugs. When it comes to bodybuilding or any other type of training with lean muscle mass being the end result you need to know one key term and then make sure you perform this term. Positions of Flexion! What is Positions of Flexion?

To put it simply it means hitting your muscles in the three positions needed in order for fast and proper growth to occur. Your muscles need to be worked in the stretch position, contracted position, and midrange position. If this is not done then you will be one of those people who work too hard for little results year after year. That is unless you have killer genetics. So let me give you a quick example of what I mean. Lets take a mens chest worko! ut for example. I usually see guys performing bench press, incline bench press, decline press, and flat bench flys.

These are all good exercises but a lot was left out if you want your chest to turn into a look of perfection. You need to start off with a midrange movement which would be bench press. Do a couple warm ups and then three all out working sets. Then do two sets of flat bench dumbbell flys for the stretch position and follow that up with a couple of pec deck flys for the contracted hit. Next, start with a couple warm ups on the incline bench press or dumbbell incline press for your midrange exercise.

Then do three all out working sets. Follow this up with dumbbell incline flys for that stretch hit and perform two sets. Finish the upper chest with two sets of incline cable flys for the contraction hit. All that left is the lower chest now and by this time your chest should be spent and full of blood. So end the chest workout with either decline cable f! lys or wide dips. All reps should be around eight to ten reps ! and warm up sets can be done with twelve reps. You just broke down the chest in its three sections and worked it properly. In my next article we will talk about adding drop sets and super sets to make it a more advanced training routine.

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