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Thursday, February 14, 2008

How To Gain Muscle Mass

Building mass and weight gain don't happen by accident. If you are reading this, then my guess is you're ready to change your body once and for all. For successful weight gain you need 3 things..

1. Motivation and planning

2. Diet

3. Exercises

4. Motivation

Sorry I mentioned 3 things but I have to list motivation twice. There'll be time when you'll not see results or very less results... but don't just give up in between, That's the worst thing you can do. An essential key to successful weight gain program is staying motivated throughout this process. Diet and training comes second.

If you're motivated, ready to shed your skinny image forever then here is few tips for you.

1. Planning for massive gains

First you have to decide what kind of results you want. Make it achievable. If you want to gain extra 30 pound of muscles in 1 yr... Its going to be really hard. I don't prefer using steroids or anything like that. I l! ike building a body which is natural.

Second is chose your Gym. These days you'll find few high tech gyms who'll not allow you to lift free weights (especially those chain gyms like macD's). Leave those alone for grandma and cardio hippies.

The gym is to a bodybuilder as a studio is to an artist.

You cannot build exercises without lifting heavy weight so find an old gym with instructors who knows what they are doing...

If you want to train at home...

Weight training at home can give you convenient and quick workout without distractions provided you have all the tools necessary. I recommend having at least a bench and squat rack in your home gym.

2. Diet for your bodybuilding training.

It doesn't matter if your goal is losing weight or gaining weight, your diet plays important role. Without proper diet your chances are very low. You simply can't put on weight until you consistently supply the body with enough calories.

M! ark Rippetoe author of starting strength suggests drinking 3-4! ltrs of milk every day while you are on weight gain program. According to him, this'll help you gain 10-12 pounds in no time. Well I know how good this is... but what about those who are not tolerant of milk and lactose. Actually this makes good point about feeding yourself properly.

In India, Old wrestlers used to drink litres of milk with almonds and dry fruits. They used to build massive body and strength using these tactics.

For exercising...

Use free weights for all heavy sets. Leave those machines for ladies... We don't want to go near them. Free weights are what you need for building great body. Lift heavy with free weights. It won't take you master machines in few days... but mastering a barbell is real challenge.

compound movements. Your bread and butter exercises are going to be compound exercises. You'll survive on heavy squats, dead lift, clean and press, bench press, inclines etc. You need to build overall strength in your muscles... hammer curl! s won't cut it for your training.

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