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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Weight Gain Workout and Tips For Hard Gainers

Many people like you and me have tried to find a weight gain workout and hundreds of other ways to start gaining healthy pounds, but most fail. I have found that the most basic of things and the ones that really help and here is a quick, simple view of what I have found that works.

Fist things first, many guys try a weight gain workout to start gaining, but for some reason, just about all give up. Whether it's because they are lazy, or because they find it to hard, most just don't get to the Promised Land. If you were like me, you have tried all sorts of "high-tech" supplements and products that had little to no effect. Well, the truth is, most people do not need all of that junk to put on healthy pounds. All you need is a goo weight gain workout, along with a few insanely simple other things which you will find below.

If have found, and have seen others close to me realize it to, that the most basic of things are the ones that work and all of them make gainin! g weight fun once again. All of them were cheap, or even free, and even my ultimate workout routine was next to nothing and I was off in no time. Best of all it made my overall gain weight routine and experience fun again.

The first thing I realized was that free weights are your friends and nothing else came close. What I had to do first was master my postures and form when using free weights in all exercises. I can't emphasis this enough. The good, healthy, fast gaining will come when you take a bit of time to get excellent form and posture when doing your different free weight routines. The two exercises that were by far the most beneficial to me and many others have been squats and dead lifts. These happened to be the foundation and building block to amazing results with my weight gain workout. The great thing about these two weight gain workout exercises is that you only have to do them once, maybe two times per week, depending on your early goals.

Secondly! , I stopped taking and buying the high-tech supplements to hel! p my wei ght gain workout. They only brought disappointment with their minimal results. The only place they didn't have minimal results was in my bank account! The one thing I do swear by now happens to be a good multi-vitamin. Yes, a multi-vitamin. In short, it helped my endurance, energy, drive, attention span, and overall feeling of health, all which are crucial to maintaining a good weight gain workout routine. This, along with a cost effective protein, and a detailed workout routine, have done wonders

These are just a few of the mind boggling simple things that have helped me put on healthy pounds and none of them are hard to do. Getting your perfect weight gain routine and the building blocks to get you gaining healthy pounds has never been easier.

Want more insanely simple ways to put on the pounds with your weight gain workout?

Adam Woodham is the author of this weight gain article. He has str! uggled to gain good muscle weight, but finally found the simple ways around this hurdle. He has extensive experience making close friends see the light with weight gaining issues and runs the free blog Gain Weight Quick, which features a mind bogglingly simple way to gain the weight you want, cost effectively and safely while having fun doing it. It has never been easier to start a weight gain workout.

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