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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lean Muscle Building

Building lean muscle mass is very important when you want to have a fit, healthy body. It will give you more confidence in your appearance, which is very attractive to others, and you will definitely feel stronger and more energetic. Lean muscle building will also burn fat faster 24/7.

How do you build this lean muscle? It is a pretty simple process; the act of building muscles involves the use of resistance training to stimulate the growth of muscles.

But, you cannot build lean muscle simply through exercise. You need to take a three pronged approach with resistance exercises, nutrition and rest. These three things are equally important. .

Resistance Exercise:

The most common form is with weights but you can also use elastics bands or your own body weight with yoga and palates workouts. Work hard enough to get a nice burn in your muscle tissue, you will then trigger your muscles to grow.

If you are an average weight-trainer, working e! ach muscle group about once a week will be enough, be sure not to over train, most trainers recommend a day of rest between heavy weight workouts.

Normally three to five workouts a week will do the trick. Remember when you workout, you are going to work hard. You should feel as if you need your day of rest. Below is a example muscle building schedule. You will of course have to personalize it to fit your muscle building goals and your physical ability.

Day 1: Biceps, Triceps

Day 2: Chest, Back

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Shoulders, Abs

Day 5: Legs, Butt

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: Rest


Protein is the main ingredient your body needs to gain lean muscle. It is used to build and repair damaged muscle and this is just what you do when you weight train. Without the proper amount of protein, your body will find it more difficult gaining lean muscle. Protein can be found in lean meats, protein shakes and so on. As far as ! the meats go, I prefer fish as a protein source, because of th! ose omeg a 3 fatty acids. They are super good for our bodies.


Rest is as important a part of muscle building as nutrition and exercise.There are two things that will take care of this in short order. The first is a good night sleep! The other is a workout schedule similar to the one outlined above. You and only you know your threshold for rest. Follow your instincts; you know when you are not well rested; be selfish enough to get the rest you need. This is more than just a muscle building issue. Get your rest, and every aspect of your life will be better.

There are some things in life that no matter how hard you try, the results depend on outside factors; muscle building is not one of those things. To seize the many benefits of strength training visit the following site, get informed and take action! Life is better lived in a tight muscular frame. Gook Luck.! clebuildingreviewed

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