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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Under Used Un-Talked About Bodybuilder Secret

There are many things that you can spend your money on when it comes to muscle building. But one of the most beneficial expenditures that you can make is one that few take advantage of. The average lifter doesn't see it as a worth while investment. But the most successful and best built bodybuilders in the world see it differently and wouldn't think of training without it.

People think nothing of dropping hundreds of dollars monthly on gym memberships and supplements when in truth you could do bodyweight exercises at home and eat right, and for most people their physique wouldn't suffer at all. The benefits of belonging to a gym are easy to see, and the supplement manufacturers advertising sees to it that their products are viewed as necessary, which, depending on your level of seriousness, may or may not be true. So the value for these expenditures is justifiable. Athletes the world over though have another must use product.


When I tell people ! that I would rather spring for two one hour massages a month instead of the same dollar amount of certain products people think I am crazy. But the best and most fit people in the world agree with my thinking. If you are a regular, serious lifter, runner or athlete and ever have a full body, deep tissue massage, you understand the long term benefit that it can provide. All professional athletes get massages almost daily. I was fortunate enough to stumble onto a person that used to be Dennis Rodman's personal masseuse, and they told me that at the height of Rodman's athletic success he was getting a massage twice a day!

Everyone knows the benefits of stretching relative to exercise, well massage has a similar effect. We all know how lactic acid builds up in your muscles (which is what causes the soreness), and that a massage "works" that out, but did you know that it also lengthens muscles as well? This provides for a larger range of motion that in turn translates into! better, more efficient workouts, not to mention the injury pr! evention that comes from less "tight" muscles.

I am a firm believer in protein and creatine supplementation, and I own my fair share of "fitness" aids. But the next time you are trying to decide on what to buy to help your muscle building efforts, treat yourself to a massage. You may find yourself re-evaluating how you want to allocate your fitness fund in the future.

Steve R. Robbins has been a life long fitness enthusiast. Has the distinction of being able to run a marathon and bench press twice his weight in the same day. All at the age of 50. Editor and regular contributor to

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