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Thursday, May 1, 2008

How to Build Muscle Fast - 3 Fool Proof Exercises to Build Muscle Fast

You are going to do this for 30 seconds or more twice. Once you are close to a sitting position, push back up with your legs. Repeat with the right leg. Throughout the exercise, put both arms back down and sway your hips back and forth, always keeping your back straight. Lie face down on the floor. Your front leg should be at a 90 degree angle.

If you're like most people in the gym, you probably have a routine you like to stick to, but you don't really know a heck of a lot of exercises to really build muscle fast. You are going to be doing a lunge, with a shoulder press from this position. We've got four pretty good ones for you in this article. You need to target multiple muscle groups and stimulate a lot of different muscles.

CWHealthAndFitness is a resource dedicated to helping the world get in shape. Finding the most strenuous exercise is not always the answer. Now s! upport your body with your forearms by bending your elbows and making a fist with each hand. Visit our site and we'll give you a free bonus workout guide to help supercharge your workouts. Now lower your body using your knees keeping your back straight and your core flexed. Raise your body up so it is in a straight line all the way to your toes. From here, step forward with your left leg and bend your back leg down until your knee almost touches the floor. Make sure to keep your back straight while doing this exercises. Do 7 reps.

Exercise 2 - Alternating Floor Bridge Targets, shoulders, back, arms, core, upper legs

This one is amazing and you have to be in pretty decent shape to even attempt it, so be sure you are. Be careful not to use your back for this. Always keep your core engaged with this exercise. They're going to be a bit more difficult than your normal exercise, but they'll give you some great results in minimal time.

Exercise 1! - Lunge with Shoulder Press - Main targets are shoulders, cor! e, quads , calves and buttocks

Grab a pair of light to medium dumbbells. While doing this, press the dumbbells overhead by rotating your palms outward and pressing up with your shoulders. To do this, lift the dumbbells up to where they are next to your ears on either side. Move the dumbbells away from your body to the side by using your shoulders. Hold the dumbbells palms facing in and stand with your feet shoulder width apart. These are multi move exercises and will hit a ton of muscle groups. That's one rep. Put it back down and repeat with your other arm. Hold this position for 5 seconds, then lift one arm up and put it behind your back for a few seconds. This is a killer ab workout.

Exercise 3 - Dumbbell Squat - Main targets are shoulders, arms, core, and quads

Grab a pair of medium to heavy dumbbells depending on how strong your grip is and how strong your legs are. Now hold them at your sides palms facing in and stand with your feet a bit l! ess than shoulder width apart. You should be able to easily lift them over your head without arching your back. Perform 8-10 reps twice.

Work these exercises into your routine and you will build muscle fast for certain.

Learning how to build muscle fast is all about exercise efficiency.


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