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Friday, May 2, 2008

How To Gain Weight Fast?

You certainly look more attractive in muscle than in fat!

4. Take The Right Amount Of Supplements

Of course, you should go for natural food as they have many naturally occurring minerals, vitamins, proteins and fiber to help you build muscle.

You should only go for supplements when your intake of natural food isn't sufficient.

Some of the supplements that could worth your while trying them out are L Glutamine (in moderate amount), Creatine Monohydrate and a good protein powder minus all artificial flavorings, sweeteners and colors.

You should consult your doc before taking any kind of supplement, to ascertain its efficacy and safety.

5. If usually you take in 1,800 calories, you should now take 2,100 or 2,300 calories per day. Eat More

This isn't just stating the obvious but it's the basic truth about gaining weight.

You got to consume more calories than you burn, in order to put on weight. Follow the above 5 strategies a! nd you won't get frustrated anymore trying to gain weight.

Cecelia Yap is an avid exerciser and is the owner of the successful exercise and fitness website:

Due to her strong passion in exercise and fitness, she has learnt how to convert her passion into a money-making venture. Eat The Right Kind Of Food

The kind of food you consume will affect the kind of weight you add on.

My advice is you go for a healthy weight gain that comprises mainly weight of lean muscle mass, not weight of plain, old body fat.

Eat wholesome food, not junk and unhealthy food.

According to experts, a healthy weight gain diet should contain 20 - 50% carbohydrates; 30 - 50% protein and 20 - 40% fat (most of which should source from essential fatty acids).

3. Make every calorie a worthwhile calorie.

Now, you've some idea how to gain weight! fast? Instead of 3 large meals per day, spread your calories! over 5- 6 smaller meals.

Keep on increasing your calorie intake until you've gained the desired weight.


Lots of thin people want to know how to gain weight fast but they have this dilemma - they can't gain weight easily, let alone gain it fast......

Here are 5 natural ways to help you gain weight fast and gain it healthily.

1. Make Your Calories Count

This means don't eat food with "empty" calories such as chips, pretzels and other treats. Go for nutrient-rich food like fruits & vegetables, wholemeal bread/pasta, lean meat, nuts and beans and drink plenty of water. She shows you how here: Do Weights

Weight training is an excellent way to boost your muscle growth and as muscle is denser, it weighs more than fat.

Do a weight routine that focuses on the use of multiple groups of muscles s! uch as squat, bench press, lunge, Pilates....

Weight training will help you to gain weight in muscle pounds, not fat pounds. However, you should do it in a controlled manner.

First, count how many calories you normally consume in a day.

Then, check your weight.

Start to increase your calorie intake by 300 - 500 calories per day.


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