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Friday, May 2, 2008

What Body Type Are You?

It is recommended that Endomorphs incorporate a lot of cardio into their weight training programs to avoid gaining fat. In fact, one of the greatest benefits of being an Ectomorph is that it is easy to put on lean muscle because you likely don't have much fat to burn. Many people have some attributes of more than one body type, some being positive and others negative. Every man can generally be classified into one of these three categories, or some variation/combination of them. Ectomorphs typically have smaller bone structures and muscles and longer limbs.

Although it is more difficult to add muscle with this body type, it is definitely not impossible. Mesomorphs have the strongest and most muscular natural build of the three body types. You will need to work harder in the gym and may need to take supplements to get the necessary protein and calories, but you can still put on muscle mass. Also, your workouts should include more weight lifting than cardio to ach! ieve the results you are aiming for.


The Mesomorph has the ideal body type for gaining muscle. In general, it will take more hard work for those built like Ectomorphs and Endomorphs to achieve the results they desire, but the knowledge of your body type and what it takes for you to attain the muscular build you're looking for should make you well equipped and on your way to meeting your goals. is a resource of information on building muscle, with articles on training routines, nutritional supplements, motivation, and product reviews. However, they also gain fat more easily than Ectomorphs, so they will need to watch their caloric intake and will have to work a little harder to keep their muscles lean and cut. When you do put on muscle, you will look more "cut" because you do not have this excess fat. They are characterized by a rectangular, muscular build, with! thick skin and larger bones. Endomorphs should also take pre! cautions in their diet, monitoring the amount of calories they consume if they want a lean appearance.

Each body type has its own definitive benefits as well as drawbacks. They are known for their sizable upper legs and lower body strength in general. It is very important for you to understand which group you fall into, because this should influence some of the main characteristics of your training and diet regimens. It also provides a forum for discussion on these topics and encourages readers to contribute to the conversation. Characteristics include a lean, lightly muscled body, smaller shoulders, and a slim build all around. This article will give a brief overview of each body type, including the defining characteristics of each, positives and negatives, and recommendations that can help you achieve the best results and build the most muscle for your specific body type.


The Ectomorph is your classic "hard gainer," or skinny guy. Endomorphs are ! usually shorter in height and also have shorter, thicker limbs. They are normally more athletic and gain muscle mass faster than the average person. Eating five healthy meals with snacks in between is recommended.

Most people are not aware that there are essentially three distinct body types among the male population. It is recommended that Mesomorphs combine cardio and weight training for optimal results.


This body type is characterized by a rounder, softer appearance, with more mass in the stomach and surrounding areas. A faster than average metabolism makes it more difficult to put on weight, both in the form of fat and muscle. The three different body types are Ectomorphs, Mesomorphs, and Endomorphs. They also tend to put on fat very easily, but can put on muscle quickly as well.


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