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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Isolation Training Vs Compound Body Training - Training For Real and Functional Strength!

As a result you burn more calories and become leaner, more muscular and injury free.

Now let's use some real world examples. The man would be fired when the players get injured more frequently or less stronger... you tell me in what world would you JUST use your bicep muscles? Just don't do it and stop reading those weight lifting magazines...

Compound exercises uses a group of your muscles to perform a task. And doing THAT strengthens all the muscles used.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from my clients is "What kind of exercise do you recommend that I do to isolate my (fill-in-the-blank body part).

And I have to tell you, that is a very bad question my friend...

Let me explain...

You see, your body doesn't work well in isolation. Your body is an well-engineered miracle. compound exercises are not only better for you... isolation training to my clients is this... And grab that free report for effective ways you can ! increase your metabolism and burn away the stomach fat.

Get Flat, 6 Pack Abs NFL football players do compound training for strength. just say no to the B.S. When you do those exercises, you are performing single-joint exercises which creates an artificial muscle... they can also develop and tone your muscles just as well or even better than isolation exercises.

My conclusions after pointing out the benefits of compound training vs. And if you look at a lot of the football players who play the positions of running backs, linebackers, wide receivers -- they are ripped. of isolation training. It is weird and when you do isolation workouts, you will be more prone to injury.

No! joke. You can't! In fact, isolating your muscle is counterp! roductiv e because you are creating a movement that isn't natural. It makes no sense and why in the world would you want to do it unless you like hobbling around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame...

Go to this website to find out what else you can do to lose body fat and get those love handles reduced. And you can be sure they don't do isolations exercises either...

My point is this... You "train" your body to use a set of muscles to strengthen your body.

This is a perfect example of why wrestlers, even gymnastics can kick a bodybuilder's butt who uses "isolation" exercises in tests of strength.

And let's talk more about how isolation training can make you more injury prone. It works far greater with compound exercises which uses a group of your body muscles to perform. So do the compound exercises that train your body to perform multi joint movements so it works as a more powerful and functional unit!

Do isolation exercises and you could very well e! nd up with tendonitis, joint problems and excess muscle fat. It is way smarter to do compound exercises which uses a group of muscles to strengthen it and grow larger. There is no way in the world a NFL strength coach would let his players do "isolation" training. Whenever you do something, like run, lift or throw, you are using groups of muscles to get the most power.



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