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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Build Muscle Workout - Learn The Build Muscle Workout

I always seem to see a high demand for a build muscle workout and this is most likely because the world is becoming more and more aware that we need to be healthier and get ourselves in better shape because there is enough problems out there to deal with besides having to deal with poor health and diabetes. The other half of people are in alright shape but would like to go up a shirt size and look good for the girls down at the beach and I don�t blame you because I happen to be one of those guys.

The point here is write down what drives you to succeed because some days you wont want to move a muscle to go to the gym to workout or eat healthy, you want to put this note with what motivates you somewhere that you will see it daily just to keep you going. This may not seem all that necessary but many people start out on a build muscle workout and end up quitting within less then a month so any extra edge you can get you should be taking.

The second thing is selecting a good gym because it can be extremely expensive to set up a proper gym in your home in comparison to just paying a monthly fee to a gym. In order to get a good build muscle workout your going to have to decide your goals prior and decide if you want to be huge and muscular or have nice toned muscles. If you decide to go with huge muscles your build muscle workout should consist of low repetitions of really heavy weights to put on the most muscle about 70-80% of your total strength. If you decide to get nice toned muscular look your going to want to do high sets and high repetitions with lower weights with around 50-60 % of your bodies total strength.

At nearly any professional gym you start at they should offer free personal training and set you up with a build muscle workout and lend you a hand whenever you need it this is ideal because developing a workout for someone isn�t always easy because everyone is built differently and has different goals. So be sure to make sure they offer introductory personal training and explain clearly to them your goals and you should be well on your way if you stick to what you�ve learned here.

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