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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Get Six Pack Abs Without Crunches or Sit-Ups

In order to get six pack abs without crunches or sit-ups, start by throwing away the "out of date" exercise manuals and get ready to find a new and improved method of effectively and safely achieving those rock hard 6-pack abs you have been dreaming of;

Most "old school" trainers will tell you that hundreds of sit-ups and crunches performed on a daily basis are the only way to achieve rock hard 6-pack abs.

The problem with this approach is that it does nothing more than cause fatigue to your abdominal muscles and therefore hindering their over all development. This type of workout also puts quite a lot of unnecessary strain on your lower back.

In order to achieve maximum results for your abs, a combination of three factors should be implemented into your abs workout routine;

The first factor is a healthy low fat eating lifestyle. By maintaining a healthy, low fat eating lifestyle, you are effectively speeding up the process of achieving rock hard six pack abs.

Interval training and compound exercises are the second factor that should be implemented into your abs workout routine. This type of training has been shown to burn fat fast without the risk of burning muscle too. It is also shown to burn away fat long after you have left the gym.

The third factor is abs strength building exercises. These exercises will ensure that you don t only have fat free, great looking abs, but that they are also able to support your overall body, as well as help to prevent unnecessary injuries too.

A well designed exercise program is the best way to develop six pack abs without the risk of injury. This also ensures that you get maximum results in the shortest time frame possible.

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