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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Teen Workout - Learn The Best Teen Workout

So you�ve decided you want to start working out and you probably want to build up a nice set of muscles to impress the girls down at the beach or maybe just get toned for the guys down at the beach. Everybody has there own reason for wanting a good teen workout but, despite what your motivation is there are three main elements to being successful with your teen workout. I will list these below.

1.) First of all you have to make some small goals for yourself to keep yourself going and motivated. You should have a training partner to help you workout and spot you for heavy lifts and who will drag you to the gym on days when you don�t want to go and visa versa. When it comes to getting results and getting in shape with a good teen workout it�s all mental if you think your going to fail you will so keep your head in the game and you�ll see results fast.

2.) No great teen workout would be complete without a great training program. At your local gym most will give you free personal training sessions when you first start to get a good program designed. You should start out on mainly machines because they teach you proper technique then you will advance into mainly all free weights and this will double your muscle gains over time. You will want to get on a program that has a lot of compound movements such as bench press, squats, dead lifts etc these will put on the most muscle and shape your body nicely.

3.) If your gym doesn�t provide you with a workout you will have to customize your own but, not everyone has the same goals so if you want to put on muscle fast your going to want to lift really heavy weights so about 70-80% of your total strength for max muscle growth. And you will want to lift lighter weights 40-60% of your total strength to tone your muscles and get that Bruce lee ripped muscle look. Also if your packing a little extra weight your going to want to start doing cardio regularly so you can see the muscles you�ve been developing with the weights and look good for the summer.

Put some of these tips to work and you will see a drastic improvement with your teen workout and over time you should get your dream body if you work at it and stay focused.

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