Friday, May 11, 2007

Senior Men - What Is The Best Way To Build Muscle Mass

If you are a senior man and you are into the sport of bodybuilding, congratulations on choosing a sport that is not only great for your health but also for your heart and just may help to prolong your life. Did you know that men and woman who body build tend to look about 10 years younger and feel better and are more confident about them selves? Well it is true so if you are older and want to be healthy then try body building. So what is the best way to build muscle mass for senior men? Well read on because in this article I will tell you how senior men build muscle mass.

Well to tell you the truth they build muscle just like anybody else. Just because they may be senior citizens does not mean that they have to build muscle mass a certain way they just may have to do it slower then other men. Of course if you are an older man and you are just beginning body building then you may need to take it easy and if you have any health problems then you should definitely go and see a doctor before starting any exercise routine. Even if you are perfectly well you should most likely visit your doctor and discuss with him your bodybuilding goals. Remember safety first.

So how do you build muscle? Well you need to lift enough weight to achieve muscle failure this means that you need to lift with enough intensity and enough weight to teat and break down your muscles and then when they heal they will be stronger. This is how you build muscle mass along with a high protein diet. You need to eat one gram of protein per pound of body weight everyday. This is a lot of protein but when it comes to protein supplements then this is easily achievable. Vegetables are great for your body as they help with the healing of muscles and fruits do pretty much the same thing.

So there is really no best way besides the right way for a senior man can build muscle mass. If you are a senior man and are interested in bodybuilding then first ask your doctor but then a good idea is to get a personal trainer to show you the ropes and make sure that you are lifting weights the right way. Make sure that for your own safety you always have a spotter and you wear a weight belt because of a senior mans age he needs the support of a weight belt to prevent hypertension and make sure you always have a spotter so that you can avoid seriously hurting yourself.

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