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How to Build Muscle Fast - There's a Right Way In Learning How to Build Muscle Fast and Easy

With all the lose weight craze still going strong, there are some of us out there who want to learn how to build muscle fast because we are skinny as rails.

What do you do when you don�t need to lose fat? What do you do when you need to gain weight and put some size on? What do you eat? How do you workout? What extra help can you get?

These are all questions that I battled with before the Internet. Short of doing steroids and ruining my body, I tried just about everything. Some things worked and some things didn�t. I paid what seemed like a small fortune to learn how to build muscle fast.

I remember being pushed around in sports, being picked on by bigger kids, and being passed up by the young ladies because I was scrawny. One girl even pointed to a guy and said, �if you build your body like his, I�ll go out with you.�

That one really stuck with me. I hated being skinny and wanted to know how to build muscle fast � mainly so I could get a date with that girl (she was really Hot)!

Everyone has their own opinion on this matter and you will need to find the strategy that works best for you. Nobody�s body is the same and your will respond to the tips I�m about to share with you differently, so just know that upfront.

Top Tips You Must Know on How to Build Muscle Fast

** What you eat and how much you eat is a major factor in this game. You can pump iron all day long, but you will not get big muscle gain without eating the proper types of food and the proper amounts. Did you know that most of the strongest men contestants eat upwards of 10,000 calories or more per day? That is insane! You won�t have to eat that much, but the 3-4K plus range is a start. Some will tell you if you want to learn how to build muscle fast, you must eat everything in site. Not true. This will only make you fat as you build muscle. Good health and good nutrition is the key.

** You need to understand your body and what it responds to. This will help you get everything in tune to what you are trying to do � which is teach your body how to build muscle fast. Your mind and body connection is as important as anything else you do.

** Hit the gym hard and find the perfect workout. There are all types of routines to build muscle fast. You can do power routines or just hit separate body parts and do a combo of low reps with plenty of rest. What always worked for me was doing 2 body parts every other day. I would range in reps from 4-12 and take around 1.5 to 2 minutes between reps.

I would do 2-4 exercises per body part and make sure at least one of the movements was a power-type exercise (i.e. bench press, squat, rows, etc�) If you want to know how to build muscle fast, you will need to put your time in at the gym. You don�t have to be there for hours on end because let�s face it, we are all busy. You can do all this within an hour or 2 max. Personally, I never did more than an hour of anything at one time. Other guys who would be there for hours would wonder what the heck I was doing only being there 45 minutes.

** Are supplements really necessary? This can be argued by experts, scientists, and the like. If in your mind, you need all the supplements in the world to discover how to gain muscle fast, then by all means go spend. I have had to do this on a budget my whole life, so going with expensive supplements usually was something I didn�t have the luxury to do. I did do a lot of high quality protein and experimented with various things like andro, creatine, and many others. If it was told to build muscle fast, I took it. In the end, I found out by combining all the above and adding a good meal replacement for convenience worked just fine.

** Finally, stay away from steroids. Anyone I ever met always regretted it. I was very close to doing them but couldn�t stand the needles and knew I�d be heading down a path or destruction instead of continual health. If you want to know how to build muscle fast, this isn�t it.

Your body is your platform and you must sculpture it correctly by understanding the science and art behind learning how to build muscle fast.

Just doing one or two of the above will help, but it won�t get you the progress you desire. Whole books are written on this subject, so to think you are going to get all the answers in one article is not going to happen. Be sure to get informed and if you combine everything together, put the right exercise and nutrition program to the test, you will build muscle fast.

Joe Collinsworth knows what it is like to be scrawny and struggle with adding muscle. Being a guinea pig, I found solutions over years of trial and error. With the web you don t need to do that. If you are tired of being skinny, click here to learn how to build muscle fast

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