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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Are You Doing Your Bicep Curls Properly?

Getting bigger biceps is mostly an ego thing. I've seen people who try to lift more than they can handle. They sacrifice their backs and proper form just to lift the weights high up. They get 2 benefits for doing this: 1.)They feel great about "curling" the weight up. 2.)They get to visit the chiropractor for an injured back.

The most common mistake I see people doing bicep curls is when they lift their elbows up as they curl the weights up. That will put more effort on your front deltoids than your biceps. Less work on your biceps means less developed arms.

Second common mistake is when people lean back to try to curl up heavy weights. These people usually complain about their back hurts after working out. When you lean back as you curl up the weights, you are cheating yourself and injuring your back. Cheating in the gym will get you no where.

How do you stop doing these mistakes next time you work out your biceps? Keep your elbows "glued" to your sides! . Do not move them at anytime. If you are doing bicep curls properly, the weights shouldn't go above your neck. Keep your back perfectly straight with your knees slightly bent for stability. Feet should be shoulder-width.

When you start doing your bicep curls properly, you will begin to pay close attention to how other people do it. You will see that most people are doing it wrong. Let go of your ego for a bit, and do less weight than you normally would when you were doing curls improperly. Your results will improve dramatically.

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