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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How to Gain Muscle and Strength Fast

Everyone wants to know the secret to gain muscle, power, size and strength the fastest way possible.

Well, here it is.

Suck down strength powders and creatine.


Hop in a deep water tank to flush out your bad dreams and replace with positive ones.


Standing on your head for two hours a day so all the blood rushes there to give you more mind power to explode into your workouts.


Here's the skinny -- from the one and only Vinnie.

The quickest way to do so is to take your muscles to the point of exhaustion til' you can do another single rep.

Then your muscles will say, you may have got me today but tomorrow will be another story. All the micro tears will repair your muscles bigger, stronger, and faster. Plus, you'll have more strength and energy in your reserve tank ready to be unleashed the next time.

The human body is truly an amazing self-healing instrument.

And you can apply this to qui! ck-twitch muscles (using low rep - high weight) as well as slow-twitch endurance muscles (using high rep - low weight).

Once fully healed, you'll be amazed at the extra bounce in your step and tone in your muscles.

Now the challenge if you are just starting out is not to overdo it.

My sister started doing hindu squats a few months back and she nailed 65 her first time. Twas a great outting for someone who had never done them before.

The bad news was she couldnt walk the next day. She pushed herself past her limit.

But after I taught her some of the endurance building techniques in Triple Your Endurance,

she never had another challenging experience recovering the next day.

So in the beginning simply start a routine and get the feel good endorphins flowing.

Then once you are at a point where you are consistent for three weeks straight, apply extra reps and weight ! to your sets to fatigue the muscles. Make sure to take your mu! scles to the point of failure on the last set.

This will also blast you through any kind of plateau you might be facing too.

Now if you are a seasoned fitness fanatic,

I would NOT go to failure on every workout.

I would suggest only once a week or every other. Give your muscles a chance to recoup. Thats all you need.

, this process doenst have to be painful. The process of healing will be energizing if you do what I instruct in Triple Your Endurance

You'll recover quickly and easily AND with less pain the next day.

Simply follow my lead in the program.

Applying these simple techniques above will grow muscles and mold you into a powerful lean, mean, fighting machine.

This practice will also give you the endurance needed to be an Energizer Bunny in any task you face.

Unleash Your Endurance,

Vince Palko

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Vince Palko is the author of Linebacker Fitness and also the creator of Triple Your Endurance. An all natural energy boosting system created for the athlete and non-athlete. His website can be visited by going to Natural Energy Booster Vince is a marathoner and triahtlete. Vince is a member of both his college Bowling Green State University's and his high school's Hall of Fame for his performance on the football field.

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