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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tips on How to Gain Weight Fast - Some Really Useful Tips That Will Make You Fit, Not Obese!

Don't want to be skinny anymore, right? It's time to get healthy. You need to change yourself now! In your excitement, don't start consuming unhealthy food to gain weight fast. Its not the way how to gain weight fast.

By consuming unhealthy and harmful food, you will be typing "how to lose weight fast" in google in when you become obese. But, I don't want you to do that. Try to gain weight the healthy way. Thats why I' m giving you tips on how to gain weight fast and through healthy methods. Yes, healthy methods.

Eating junk food or chips and such foods will make you gain your weight fast, but such foods will harm you a lot. You might become obese if you eat a lot of them! You don't want to get overweight, neither do you want to stay thin as you are now. I know you want to be fit.

Apart from all these, genetics can also be a reason why people work hard to gain weight. But this doesn't mean you have to live like this throughout your life. Just follow my t! ips on how to gain weight fast and see the difference in you! If you haven't been able to gain weight however hard you tried, there must be a problem in the diet you follow.

You should eat food consuming essential fats and calories.

Consuming Protein foods will be very very important for gaining weight. Eggs are great protein source. Meat like chicken and beef are also good protein sources. But if you are strictly vegetarian, you may consume oranges, cow milk and cheese which are a very good source of protein.

Some really high protein foods are- Turkey breast, whey, salmon, etc.

Eat more, much more! Instead of eating only two big meals a day, eat 4 to 5 small meals a day.

When you start gaining some weight, make sure to make exercising a habit. Continue eating healthy and also exercising for some 15 minutes a day as well. Or you could just take a walk in the mornings. Its really fun, take your i-pod with you.

Fats- You need the right fats! to gain weight. No trans-fats or hydrogenated fats ok! Cheese! , butter and eggs would be a good option.

Fine, so you've found the most important and basic tips on how to gain weight fast.But there's something more special waiting for you.

Its a special Sample Meal Plan for you. Be sure to follow this plan to effectively gain weight by healthy methods.(Click on the link,you'll find an article, at the bottom part of the article,you'll find your Sample meal plan.)

Tips on how to gain weight fast-Sample Meal Plan And yes, if you liked my article-Tips on how to gain weight fast, please leave a comment or give it a rating.

Jason is a student of science and has special interest in biology and chemistry. He has collected all possible information he could on how to gain weight fast to help all the skinny people on this planet.! He has tried to do his best in the topic. Visit his website by clicking the link above to get your sample meal plan now. Don't forgo the link, cause now you need to wake up and do it!

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