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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Muscle Building Tips

Here are listed some of the important muscle building tips which are required to be followed in order to build muscle and get ripped fast. Plain language makes it easier to understand and follow:

* Proper warm up exercises done before every workout routine will increase exercise output, efficiency and will safeguard you any injury like pulls or strains to great extent.

* Recuperation is often the most neglected part of training and it shows in poor underdevelopment. So to muscle-up, rest and grow. Having adequate sleep is the best way to do so.

* Don't train the abs specifically to lose fat - In the fitness world this concept is known as spot reduction, which is impossible. Fat is certainly burned while you train, but here's the catch: Fat is reclaimed from all over your body before it's reclaimed from any given body site. It is an importance fact that your body will burn fat from all over the body reserves then from one point exclusively for which exerc! ises are performed.

* Running or jogging is a good exercise for overall body fat loss. But if running or jogging is done on an uneven ground the resultant body fat loss shoots up to 50% to 75%.

* It is impossible to turn fat into muscle. However it is possible to change your body composition while maintaining the same body weight.

* You need at least two grams of protein per pound of body weight if you want to see any form of muscle gain. For example, a 150 pound individual needs at least 300 grams of protein a day, but most muscle builders don't even take 50% of that.

* Muscle soreness after a workout signals muscle growth. One usually feels soreness the following day on account of training. Don't go back to the gym until the sore feeling has completely vanished. Concentrate on the diet and rest instead to reap the best.

* Be sure to write down details of each of your workouts. This will help you in gaging your strength increase and keep you m! otivated and up.

* Beware of over training. Long hours o! f weight training routine don't benefit in any way. On the contrary it will damage your previous gains also. Often the beginners make this sort of mistake. They may see good gains at the start. But they hit a plateau soon and see no gains in muscle size or strength. All this happens because muscles need adequate rest.

* When you are lifting weights you get a fair idea on the max you can lift. Don't try to experiment on how much you can lift. This is potentially dangerous and ruin all your muscle building goals.

* Take plenty of water. It should be no less then 8-10 glasses per day.

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