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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How To Gain Muscle And Burn Fat

You can gain muscle and burn fat by going into strength training. Gaining muscles through weight training will result in fat-loss because muscles burn more calories even in a "resting" state. That's how the body works.

But often, professionals like body builders prefer to burn most of the body fat first through cardio exercises and a little bit of weight training for the whole body before going full blast with their strength training for specific body parts. They go through their program in phases. In the beginning, the total body weight training will involve lower resistance for higher reps which will increase their metabolisms allowing them to burn more fat. At the latter part of the program, they work on specific muscle groups which will allow their muscles to have a better tone.

Also if you have a high Body Mass Index (BMI), you may need to lower your calorie intake which is not ideal for muscle-building. To grow muscles, your body must be supplied ! with enough calories and plenty of proteins. Which is why for extremely overweight people, it may be best to burn fat first before going into strength training to develop muscles. If you have lost enough weight during the first phase of your program than you can work your way up to developing muscles.

For those who are not excessively overweight, they can go into strength training right away and just modify their diets after they have developed enough muscle mass to lose the remaining fat. Just remember that building muscles and losing weight requires different types of diets and different types of exercises. The type of figure or muscle tone you want will also determine the types of exercises you need to do. Do your research or work with a professional so you can gain muscle and burn fat the right way.

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