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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Foods That Build Muscle

Most people in general eat incorrectly. For those of you who want to build muscle, it is important to eat the correct foods. What you eat, how you eat, and when you eat is just as important as weight lifting.

Eating 3 large meals a day is what causes many people to become overweight. The best eating plan involves eating 6 smaller meals per day. This helps to increase metabolism therefore allowing the body to burn fuel more efficiently.

The best way to eat for muscle building

It is important to eat carbohydrates before starting strenuous exercise such as weight lifting. Proteins should then be consumed afterwards. It is essential that eating in this order be maintained.

Carbohydrates causes blood sugar levels to rise. The increase in blood sugar levels gives the body increased energy for a tough workout session.

However, it also causes the pancreas to release insulin into the blood stream. Insulin is used as a transport vehicle to deliver Amin! o Acids (building blocks of protein) to the muscles to help them to repair and grow larger.

The more proteins that are consumed after a workout, the quicker muscles will repair and build up.

The best sources of protein for meat eaters include:

White meat: Fish, Chicken and turkey (both should be skinless)

Red Meat: Ostrich - This meat is extremely lean and a great source of protein.

Stay away from fatty foods and foods that are fried in fat. These foods contain bad cholesterol, which block up arteries that can lead to heart disease.

Foods should be grilled. Alternatively, olive oil can be drizzled over anything.

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