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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Size vs Strenth in Bodybuilding

The main debate for bodybuilders is with size vs strength in bodybuilding. Which is better size or strength? For some it is the size of the muscles while for others it is how strong the muscles are. Whichever one is the motivation, there are right and wrong ways to achieve it. Diet and drinking lots of water plays an important part as does knowing and using the proper form when using the dumbbells, bench press and barbells. If you really want to concentrate on building the strength and size of your muscles, power partials are really effective even though they are not used as much as other exercise routines.

Again, power partials are simply another training tool that you can integrate with your workout routine. However, they are extremely hard and not intended for a beginner bodybuilder. You will need a power rack, which you will find at most gyms. If you workout at home, you can buy a power rack and use it as part of your routine. The best thing about using this pie! ce of equipment is that you can use free weights on it and you don't need a spotter.

If you wish you can perform power partials at the end of your set. Perform your normal sets on the bench press, for example, and then add two or three partials. You can do this on top of your range of motion. If you are doing squats, you can do some with your normal weights and then add weights for the remaining sets.

You do have to build up to this so that you don't injure yourself while trying to workout. Heavy weights can add up to serious injuries if you don't watch what you are doing and recognize the signs that your body cannot handle the extra weight.

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