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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Best Exercise To Lose Fat And Gain Muscle Mass Fast

A lot of people want to re-engineer their body and most of the time they want to do two things in one they want to lose fat and at the same time they want to gain muscle mass. With reading this article you are not an exception there are millions of people worldwide who want to do it. The problem is that most people don't know where to start. A lot of people are working on their body every single day and some of them can't see results because they do it wrong. In the next few minutes you discover the best exercise to lose fat and gain muscle mass. Yes this method is not for lazy people you will have to train but I promise you that you will be very happy with the results.

One if not the most effective exercises to achieve both goals is weight lifting. Weight lifting is a very broad topic so it is almost impossible to write down all the aspects of it in a single book and certainly not in a single article. A lot of people know already that weight li! fting is a great exercise to gain muscle mass but few know that it is excellent to lose fat fast as well.If you train with weights you increase your lean body mass index and this increase your metabolic rate. So you burn more calories when you are at rest (basal metabolic rate).Even if your goal is only fat loss training with weight is highly recommended. If you follow a diet you will lose muscle mass and your resting metabolic rate will increase so the result is that you burn fewer calories.

An excellent weight lifting workout has a duration between thirty and forty-five minutes but don't try to train more then sixty minutes in one session. But weight lifting is not alone to re-engineer your body you must do cardio exercises as well. The best way to achieve the best results is to split your cardio and weight lifting workouts. You can do cardio in the morning I recommend do it before breakfast and in the afternoon or in the evening you can train with weight. Perhaps s! plitting your workouts up is not practical for you then you it! is reco mmended to do cardio training after your weight lifting session. The only problem you may have is that the workouts can become very boring. I would say try do some variations in your exercises with a little bit surfing on the internet it is not hard to find thirty or more exercises for the triceps alone.

I'm sure it is clear to you that weight lifting is one of the best ways to lose fat and gain muscle. Keep in mind achieving these two goals can't be done by a wonder pill or a wonder tool but with the right education and goal setting you can have your dream body.

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