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Thursday, December 6, 2007

How To Get Great Abs - The Plan

Greetings Health and Fitness Individuals,

Fad diets come out all the time. You may have even tried some of them. They have a plan or even a system that if you will just follow it the pounds will fall off and you can get in shape.

Dieting and exercise requires a great deal of commitment. You can't do it alone. Everyone needs help. Tell your family doctor your plan and see what he or she has to say. They read about the diets and medical information often. Your doctor should know if a supplement will harm you or if a diet product will cause more problems than it is worth.

Years ago my back sustained an injury. The doctor I had at the time recommended a series of back exercises I could do to improve my back. He gave me some information to read and exercises to do. They really did help me to improve.

You could have a history of heart problems so you would need a special diet and exercises that would be good for you. Riding a bicycle, walking or running ! would improve your physical condition.

You don't have to join a gym or buy expensive exercise equipment. Go to your local library and find some books on exercise that you can take home and read. You'd be surprised at what your library has that can help you out.

Here is what you need to really succeed at dieting and exercise. You need a plan, an exercise routine, some goals, self-control and accountability. Make sure you write out your plan and goals. You have to learn to say no. Don't go around where temptation will get the best of you. Stay away from places that provide unhealthy food choices that will put pounds on and fatten you up. Commit your diet and exercise plans to a friend or mentor, someone who can talk to you weekly about the results you are getting. Confession is good for the soul. Everyone fails. Once in awhile you will fall down and goof up. You'll eat the wrong food. You'll forget to exercise. You could even be sick. That's ok. Just pick yourself! up and keep going.

Find out from your doctor what your ! weight s hould be for your age and height. Now make your plan. Then work your plan. Weigh in at least once a week. Measure your waist line. If you are following a weight lifting program you will need to measure your arms and legs too.

Finding out how to get great abs is very popular among men and women who exercise regularly. Some feel this makes them look sexy and more appealing. The persons who are able to achieve this will physically look good, yet not everyone can get to this level. Some call it a myth. It is true some have a better chance of accomplishing this challenge than others and that is because of their body built. Not all bodies are the same. Some have less muscle and are leaner, whereas others have more bulk and a larger frame.

In closing that are many magazines both online and off line where you can get good advice by experts in health and fitness. That old clich?irds of a feather flock together is true. Make some friends from fellow body builders, health a! nd nutrition types. You can really encourage each other. Let's face it, this isn't going to be easy, but you can make it achievable and fun. The New Year is coming. Make your plans now so at the end of 2008 you can look back and feel good about what you have achieved. Have a great New Year as you find out how to get great abs. Remember it is a process.

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