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Monday, December 31, 2007

3 Muscle Gaining Tips Which Can Make Or Break Your Muscle Building Efforts

If you ever wandered around the net looking for muscle gaining tips, most of what you see has to do with weight lifting. Of course, that's the main thing when it comes to building muscles, but it's far from the only thing. In fact, some people who lift some very heavy loads at the gym fail to develop the lean, ripped, and pumped up body they desire simply because their out of the gym way of life destroys all their efforts at muscle building.

The things you do when you're not lifting weights are just as important as how you workout. Unless you assume the correct lifestyle, you will never develop your full potential muscle mass.

Here are 3 Muscle Gaining Tips:

1. Sleep - Research shows that most of us sleep too little. Lack of sleep can be very unhealthy, but it's beyond doubt devastating for anyone who wants to gain muscle weight. Why? Because our muscles develop in our sleep. That's right! If we don't sleep, we don't allow our muscle tissue to gr! ow, meaning that we're working out for nothing. Not only that, lack of sleep increases the chance of injury. You try sitting at home with a torn muscle or tendon inflammation and see how well that helps you to bulk up. So the 1st muscle building tip is to sleep at least 7 hours each night.

2. Eating a little many times a day - If you really want to add muscle mass, you should forget about eating 3 square meals a day. This archaic custom will not only hold you back in terms of gaining muscle mass, it can also make you fatter than you should be. This is because when we eat 3 meals a day, each meal tends to be a big one (especially if we try to bulk up and need to eat a lot). Our body simply can't handle such a heavy load of food at the same time. What happens is that our body doesn't even use a lot of the macronutrients that our muscle needs and gains fatty deposits. None of which is something you want. So the 2nd muscle gaining tip is to eat 5--6 small meals a day.


3. Water, water, water - Everyone knows that you need to ea! t a lot in order to gain muscle tissue. Yet many aspiring muscle builders drink too little water each day. Drink between 8 - 12 glasses of water each day (don't go overboard with water to prevent water poisoning). This will keep your body from dehydrating and your overall bodily functions working at top level. So the 3rd muscle building tips is to not forget to drink enough water.

I hope these 3 tips will help you in your quest to build your muscles. Remember, this is a process, not a one time thing. But if you take it seriously, you will improve how you look and feel.

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