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Monday, December 24, 2007

Natural Body Building - The Exact Meaning of Natural Body Building

Natural body building refers to a category of body building among the different types such as teenage and female, without the use of steroids. As the very name suggests natural body building organizations do not promote the use of artificial body muscle enhancers like anabolic steroids and growth hormones by the contestants of their competitions. The men and women who use these types of artificial muscle enhancers will not be permitted by these organisations to participate in the competitions.

The contestants of body building competitions under the organisations will be subjected to medical examinations to rule out the possibility of the usage of banned supplements by them. If any of the illegal substances are found in the body of any of the competitor in the drug testing, he will be banned from participating in the future contests of the organisation.

Drug testing of the contestants will normally be conducted by examining the urine samples of the contestants.! Some time these organisations opt for a less expensive polygraph test or a lie detecting test instead of the urine examination.

There exists no uniform law that decides as to what constitutes an illegal substance to prevent the contestant from participating in a competition. A substance that is considered as illegal by an organisation or a federation of natural body building need not be considered as an illegal substance by another organisation. It all depends on the rules of the different federations of natural body building. Like wise the list of illegal substances need not only be the substances that are illegal under the law of the relevant jurisdiction.

Anabolic steroids, pro hormone and diuretics are the common substances that are banned by such organisations including North American Natural Body Building Federation (NANBF) and Natural Physique Association (NPA).

Drug testing of these natural federations will normally be organised at national level.! National drug or anti-doping bodies that organised under the ! auspices of World Anti- doping Agency (WADA) are often entrusted by these organisations to conduct the drug test on the participants of body building competitions. These anti-doping agencies approved by the natural body building federations include Australian Sports Anti Doping Authority (ASADA) and New Zealand Sports Drug Agency (NZSDA).

Like IFBB natural body building organisations also conduct a number of body building competitions where a contestant can acquire the rank of natural professional body builder.

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