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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bodybuilding Workouts - The 3 Keys To Building Muscle Fast

Are you interested in building muscle and getting results with your workouts?

If you are, then be sure to not make the mistake that so many guys make!

What am I talking about?

Well, have you ever worked out at the gym for months on end, but not seem to make the progress that you'd expect from the effort you put into it?

I mean for example, you may be spending 6-7 hours a week at the gym, working hard, but then not gain huge muscle to show for it?

Well, I know, because I've been there and done that!

And you know what? It's frustrating.

So what's the secret to building muscle mass and getting the ripped body that you want?

Well, let's go through them right now in this article.

After all, there's no reason to not get results, when it's something that you can achieve - if you know what you're doing.

Here are the keys to building muscle mass fast:

Tip 1

You have to use a bodybuilding workout that works.!

Yes, it may sound obvious, but so many guys out there use a workout that's simply not effective. They spend hours doing a workout and get little or no results!

It's not only the time, it's also the effort. And the key to muscle growth is the actual workout that you're using and how effectively this stimulates muscle growth.

So what should you do first?

You should use a bodybuilding workout that works to build muscle fast. And when you build muscle, 2 things happen:

a. You'll gain muscle and look great

b. You'll burn fat all day long because your metabolic rate is raised

c. You'll feel younger and healthier because you're producing all the youthful hormones like growth hormone and testosterone. Good stuff.

Tip 2

Your diet should be wholesome and healthy.

We can go on about several points here, but let's talk about carbs.

You should have low GI carbohydrates mostly.

Notice I said mostly.

Low GI carbs causes a gradual rise in your blood glucose and ! so it do esn't cause a spike in your insulin levels.

Why is this important?

See, high insulin peaks causes your body to store fat. In other words, you'll work out, but the hormones in your body are causing you to not burn fat.

So have low GI carbs instead of high GI carbs whenever possible.

The only exception is straight after a workout where you can have some high GI carbs is you wish, as the glucose will be absorbed quickly back into your muscles.

Tip 3

You should do some aerobic exercises if you need to.

When you build muscle, you'll burn fat anyway, so most guys will not need to focus too much on aerobic exercise.

But if you want an extra fat burning session, start off with fast walking for 30 minutes.

This will get you into the fat burning range, rather than the cardiovascular fitness range.

If you do this and get results, then you don't need to run vigorously. You can conserve your energy for the muscle building! workouts that will build muscle and make you burn fat that way.

When you do one of the above, the results are good. But when you combine them, especially point 1 and 2, the results are very impressive.

So there you go.

You now know the 3 keys to build muscle, lose fat and to get a ripped body.

And remember, that the first thing that determines whether you'll gain muscle or not is your bodybuilding workout.

If you aren't getting huge results with your training, then get a bodybuilding workout that works.

So go for it and get the ripped body that you want!

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