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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Most People Are Clueless About The Fastest Way To Build Muscle - Are You?

It really is incredible how science has helped to advance our understanding of how our bodies burn fat and build muscle. In fact, there have been many so many amazing new discoveries over the past twenty years that scientific opinion on the fastest way to build muscle has changed considerably.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that the scientific community has done a very good job communicating their findings to the public. While there certainly are many people who have kept up with all of these scientific advancements, there seem to be a great deal of people who have not.

These people appear to be largely unaware of the fact that they ways in which they have been exercising since the 80's have been declared inefficient and are not the fastest way to build muscle.

Incredibly, there are actually people who are still wasting hours of their days with aerobics videos that feature feathered-hair women in neon-colored leotards bopping around to Olivia Newton-J! ohn's "Let's Get Physical."

(If you are actually one of these people, please listen very carefully: Move away from the VHS player, take off the legwarmers and join the 21st century!)

There are probably even some people who have heard about the new scientific findings and information, but ignored them and kept exercising the way they were used to. Maybe they did not feel like bothering to learn new ways to exercise, or they simply felt that the old ways had always worked just fine so why fix what is not broken.

Well, as long as those people are just exercising for their health, that's fine. They are working harder and longer than they need to be, but that's fine. However, if they are actually trying to build pure muscles, then not only are they working way too hard for the results they are getting, they will most likely never achieve the kind of results they want.

And then there are a lot of old-fashioned die-hards that continue to argue that they hav! e been pumping for decades and know ten times more about burni! ng fat a nd the fastest way to build muscle then any scientist will ever know.

Well, those people are certainly entitled to their opinions. If they want to ignore all of the scientific facts that prove their out-dated workout routines are inefficient, that is certainly their prerogative. Besides, the only person they are hurting is themselves. If they want to have rocks for brains instead of rock-hard muscles, so be it.

It pretty much boils down to how people feel about change. The people that continue to resist all of the new information on the fastest way to build muscle and burn fat are probably the same people that wish cell phones and computers had never been invented.

Regardless of how you feel about change, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of every scientific discovery that can benefit your body. Why waste your time and your energy with out-dated, inefficient workouts? If you are going to take the time to exercise, then spend that time wisely and util! ize more efficient methods to burn fat and build pure muscles so that you are able to achieve faster results with less effort. Your body will thank you!

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