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Monday, December 10, 2007

Super Slow Training - A Bodybuilder's Secret Weapon

Are you feeling burned out on your current bodybuilding training regimen? Have you been plugging away at the same low-weight, high set routine for years now, and you just feel like your central nervous system needs a break? Do you love training, but feel the wear and tear on your joints starting to add up? Do you just spend too much time in the gym without seeing good results? Super-slow training might be the solution you're looking for.

Take a week off of the weights. Enjoy life - go for walks, play some touch football, and catch up on a little cardio. When you come back in the gym, reduce all weights used by 40%. That's right - we're going light. After your standard warm-ups, don't plunge into your normal powerful reps with fast, explosive lifts. It's time to leave that mindset behind.

Instead, stop thinking about moving the most weight. Begin thinking about moving the most blood into the muscle you are training. Move the weight slower, with more controlled ! movements. Feel the muscle. Don't worry about counting reps, and don't even think about the weight you are moving. You will actually be moving more blood into the muscle group than normal, as the slower speed will recruit many fast-twitch muscle fibers which have been dormant for years due to your previous lifting style.

Super-slow training has an interesting way of taxing the body in new ways, while giving it a rest from the continual long-term damage which is caused by high-set heavy training several days per week over a series of years. On its own merit, super-slow isn't the best routine for building an overall foundation of muscle. Employing a routine calling for a greater number of sets with heavy weights is the only ready to do that. However, once the base foundation of muscle has been established, super-slow training can be very effectively used to push new volumes of blood into the muscle group in order to elicit new growth. Give your body a break, and give su! per slow training a shot!

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