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Monday, December 24, 2007

Five Reasons Your Weight Lifting Program Sucks

When you workout you want to know your weight lifting program is effective. Most of all you want to see the positive results of your labor and your efforts, as soon as possible.

If this weren't so you would not look in the mirror so darn much. Let's face it, your weight lifting program needs to be scrapped if you don't see a significant change within about a month or so. You may also end up asking yourself... "What does work?"

The real problem with any of these common weight lifting programs, especially those copied out of a magazine or just thrown together is that they lack significant formula to really get your muscles growing. There is a formula to muscle growth and since all of our bodies are made in the same way, we all can positively reap the benefits of a properly composed weight lifting program. That's great news!

Here then are five reasons most people's weight lifting program is not effective in helping to gain the beefy muscle they want.

! 1. Too much time in the gym. (over training, not using time wisely) 2. Isolation exercises (a mass growth limiter) 3. Too many exercises and or reps (another part of over training) 4. Not enough Rest (One of the most important growth factors) 5. Not enough Intensity (muscles must be torn in order to repair and grow)

These are five of the most common muscle growth killers. As long as you can recognize this, you can adjust accordingly and make your gains appear faster.

You should not spend more than a maximum amount of about 45 min. in the gym and that may even be starting to push it. I'm not kidding. It may sound ridiculous but we're so used to the 2 hour workouts that 45 min. seems like a joke at first for an effective weight lifting program... until you increase the intensity.

Isolation exercises should be avoided at all costs while your jouney to bulk up is underway. Your weight lifting program should pretty much take you back to basics with the kind of ! exercises you need:

Flat Bench / Incline / Decline Uprig! ht Row / Seated / Barbell Stiff and bent leg Dead lifts Leg Press / Squat ... etc.

Stop trying to do so many exercises in one session because it allows you to easily overtrain. There is a reason for sticking to a short workout and it also has to do with how your body releases chemicals and when you need to stop the intensity, take in certain nutrition etc. Follow the "formula".

Not enough rest - Not enough rest - Not enough rest... did I say that most people don't get enought rest? This point cannot be stressed further. We grow during the downtime and resting phase NOT when we work out. The workout in our weight lifting program is like the striking of the match and lighting the dynamite. The resting is like the burning and sparking before the eventual explosion of muscle growth through healing and recuperation .

The Formula Consists of : - Intensity - rest - replenish - heal - GROWTH!

The intensity it takes to tear muscle is not to be taken lightly. Before ea! ch exercise you should plan a clandestine attack of epic proportions on each of the muscle groups being exercised during that session. By the time you leave the gym you should have hit failure on each exercise in a well thought out strike against your muscle tissue. "Hit it, hit it hard and quit it!" is a good moto to go by. Last but not least QUIT NEGLECTING YOUR LEGS!

Effective weight lifting programs don't grow on trees.

Take up more space, get big, Dan Gonzalez

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