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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How To Build Muscles - Why The Pen Is Mightier Than The Dumbbell

If you ask people in the gym what's the most important piece of equipment is for people who want to build muscle mass fast, most people would point to the nearest dumbbell rack. If they do, than you should discount any other advice these people give you because they have no idea what a muscle building process requires and will likely provide you with false information.

The most important piece of equipment a person who wants to gain muscle mass needs is a pen. Yes, a pen. And to paraphrase a famous saying, the Pen is mightier than the dumbbell. What does a pen have to do with muscle building? I'm glad you asked...

Any successful body builder will tell you that building muscle mass takes a lot more than simply going to the gym, lifting some heavy weight loads, and eating protein afterwards. Gaining muscle mass is a science onto itself; it's a structured process which needs to be maintained precisely for optimal results. If you're comfortable with mediocre resul! ts, than fine, simply do things in your own amateurish way, but if you want maximum results in minimum time, than the pen is going to be your companion in every gym session.

Just like a scientist, you're going to be keeping close track of everything you do in the gym: which exercises you do, which muscle groups you're working, how many reps and how many sets of each exercise you're doing. Everything. You're also going to keep track of your nutrition. Doing these things will help you see how your body is reacting to different exercises so you'll know when it's time to switch routines, pack on a little more weight, change your eating habits, and anything else which may affect your muscle building results.

You won't imagine how much better your results will be once you start keeping track of your actions. All the pros do it, so you should get used to doing it too.

If you want to build muscle mass, remember that the Pen is mightier than the dumbbell.

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