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Thursday, January 31, 2008

How to Gain Weight (Muscle)

To learn how to gain weight (muscle) fast and effectively you need to learn how to eat and train. Eating is a huge part of successful weight gain. You'll only pack the pounds on if you pack the plate heavy and feed often. Training should consist of the exercises which will build bulk. Here's how to gain weight (muscle) both quickly and ultra effectively:


You have to do your time at the dinner table, the lunch table, and the breakfast table. And not only that, you have to do time at the snack table in between. This is going to force your body to gain weight, and when you combine this eating with training, you'll get muscle weight.

Protein is the primary element of every meal. Add in a sufficient amount of carbs and some fats to the meals, but primarily make sure your protein is the focus of your meal. For example:

Breakfast: Eggs.

Lunch: Meat sandwich (roast beef, turkey, etc)

Dinner: Chicken or Steak.

You then need to add ! in your favorite sides to each meal (hash browns and toast for breakfast, rice or pasta for dinner, and so forth) Make sure their hefty meals and they fill you up.

And in between those meals drink down a protein shake, so your protein intake is constant (every 3 hours) throughout the day.


For proper weight training you should get a muscle gain lifting manual which shows you the best exercises to perform to gain weight (muscle). Basically you are looking at the squat and the deadlift as the your two muscle bulking exercises to focus on. These have been proven time and again to be far superior than any other weight training exercise for gaining weight and getting big.

Focusing on eating heavy and training with these heavyweight exercises, will be the absolute fastest route towards gaining muscular weight.

And here is an excellent muscle gaining manual where you can learn the right exercises to perform for quick weight gain - http://gainin! g-muscle

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