Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How To Build A Big, Muscular Chest With Isolation Workout Techniques

Whether you're wearing an Armani suit or a tank top, to look your best you need a thick, muscular chest. Isolation chest training is designed to force the targeted muscle, in this case your chest or "pecs", to perform with minimal assistance from other muscle groups. Flat bench and incline dumbbell flys are examples of isolation training that, when performed correctly, are very effective for building a big, muscular chest.

On the other hand, compound exercises encourage simultaneous and coordinated work between various muscle groups. For example, the barbell bench press is a compound powerlifting movement that enlists help from the triceps and shoulders. While the bench press is great for sport specific conditioning and building overall upper body strength, isolation training will stimulate maximum growth of the pectoral muscle area.

For example, I recommend flat bench and incline dumbbell flys for adding mass and shape to the entire pectoral region. Though th! ese exercises are very effective when done properly, I frequently see beginning bodybuilders wasting valuable gym time doing them incorrectly. The most common mistake with flat bench and/or incline dumbbell flys is jerking the dumbbells together by shifting or raising the shoulders during each rep.

Flat bench and incline dumbbell flys are designed to build massive pecs by isolating resistance on the chest as much as possible with strict training technique. Such technique requires the controlled movement of the dumbbells over the chest with your back and shoulders planted firmly on a flat or incline workout bench. Jerking the dumbbells together with bodyweight or shoulder assistance deprives the chest of the work it needs to grow and simply wastes time.

Unfortunately, many beginning bodybuilders have more enthusiasm than knowledge when it comes to properly performing isolation workouts for their chest. As a result, too many beginners start out working with weight! that is too heavy to handle without cheating on their chest t! raining technique.

Remember, you should never work with more weight than you can lift naturally and with proper training technique. These rules particularly apply with flat bench and incline dumbbell flys. Both of these exercises require careful, deliberate movement to get the most from your isolation chest training. So don't blow it by trying to impress or keep up with anybody else - especially if you're just starting out. Use safe amounts of weight with proper technique and you'll soon build the big, muscular chest that you desire!

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