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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bodybuilding Over Fifty

One question that is asked by many people is whether it is still appropriate to undertake bodybuilding over the age of fifty. Of course, the answer to this regularly asked question is yes.

Provided that the body is supplied with the relevant materials that it requires in order to rebuild and repair cells, then you should have no problems at all.

It is essential that a person over the age of fifty re-examines their dietary needs in order to ensure that their daily food intake is nutritional. Processed foods and sugar should be slowly eliminated from your eating habits. Some of you may wonder what else is left after the elimination of processed foods, but believe me, there are many natural foods that have fantastic nutritional value and will do wonders for your muscle size and overall shape.

It is also essential that any person over the age of fifty years that wishes to begin bodybuilding, or is a bodybuilder at present, has the knowledge and understanding! of good nutrition. It is important to be aware of the available vitamins and minerals that are available in certain foods and the wonders that these can do for your body.

One substance that is needed in bodybuilding is protein, which is required in order to build new tissues and cells and also to rebuild and repair old ones. Apart from your bones and nerves, your blood, tissues, organs, skin, hair and nails are approximately 95% protein. Foods which are classed as being complete proteins are meat, fish, eggs and poultry. Other sources include soybeans, sunflower seeds and peanuts. Sugar is absolutely unnecessary in a bodybuilding diet as 60% of protein that is consumed is converted into sugar, otherwise known as glucose.

The daily diet should be made up of 2/3 protein, and the other third being fresh raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. One of the most effective sources of protein is liver. Research shows that it is the number one food for building up your bo! dy and greatly increasing energy levels. It is also known to r! elieve f atigue and neutralize many dangerous drugs within the body.

Fish is seen as being the ideal food, as it is an excellent source of high quality protein. Fat produces an energy reserve, slows down the speed of which food is digested, along with it being a source of heat and energy, as well as acting as a cushion for vital organs.

When bodybuilding, it is recommended to have an intake of powdered milk. This is advised because it consists of an abundance of fat free protein, vitamins and minerals. Research also shows that it rejuvenates the heart, brain and nerves as well as assisting in the strengthening of the failing body.

Natural carbohydrates are something that should be consumed when bodybuilding, as they invigorate the body and supply it with warmth and vitality. Many people assume that potatoes should be avoided because of their starch content. This is a total misconception. Potatoes are vegetables that contain many nutritional elements for a bodybuildi! ng diet.

Therefore, in conclusion, when bodybuilding over the age of fifty, it is important to remember that it is not the quantity of food that is the problem, it is what happens to the food once it has been consumed. If you consume the incorrect foods, then eating large quantities will not assist you when building muscle.

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