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Monday, January 21, 2008

Building Muscle Fast

One of the keys to building muscle fast is to understand the difference between stimulating your muscles to grow and mutilating your muscles and thus requiring abnormal recovery times. Basically you want to "assault" your muscles to the point that your body reacts and creates more muscle growth to avoid that type of attack again. Then your gradually increase the attack each work out.

This is not to say that you should do rep after rep until you can't take it anymore. In the first place if you are able to do massive amounts of reps then you are not working out with the proper amount of weight. Ten reps is the maximum you should do in any set and always keep in mind that the 11 rep is forbidden and you should plan your workout weight accordingly.

No more than 3-5 sets per muscle group so you may start bench presses at say 150 pounds for the first set of 10 then go to 160 for set two and 175 for sets 3 & 4 (sometimes 5) This should adequately promote proper muscl! e growth while reducing muscle recover times.

Another factor to consider when building muscle fast is the rest time between sets. Reducing rest enables the body to increase workload. An increased workload over time means a more fit body and more rapid muscle growth because you train your body to handle the increased workload with reduced resting time.

The great thing about these tips is you not only achieve the result of building muscle fast but it also helps reduce the overall time required to complete a daily workout. Nobody has the time or desires to spend all day long at the gym. Modern day muscle trainers like Vince Delmonte understand that the days of guys spending hours at the gym working biceps are done. Today we want to be able to fit our workouts into our busy schedule and still be able to achieve the results of building muscle fast as well.

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