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Friday, January 18, 2008

Weight Lifting for the Hard Gainer

What do you see when you look into the mirror when your down to nothing but your shorts? Just what shape of body are you looking at? The marathon runner or the world-class sprinter with the heavier musculature frame? Here are some basic weight lifting rules to follow to help with your quest.

You are not the only one that has trouble packing on lean muscle mass. Whatever the reason may be, your genetics call for you to follow a different set of weightlifting methods and principles. I know that it may not seem very fair in the scheme of things where someone else doing the same routine can grow over night. My brother was one of these that grew a lot faster than I did even though we both worked out on the same routine together. Therefore, I know what you may be going through.

You are taking one of the most important steps in changing this, by doing research regarding different ways to workout your body. Let me start by saying, one of the key elements that the hard! gainers needs to avoid at all costs. That is to would be to avoid volume workouts.

Rule #1:

When you go to the gym get in and get out! That should be your motto from this day forward. Repeat it. Breathe it. Live it. Doing these routines takes many calories, and you need all the calories you can get at this point. If you are burning it up in the gym every single day, how do you expect to grow? The answer to that is you simply, you will not.

You grow when you are resting and generally, the thinner you are, the more rest you are going to need. Now, that doesn't mean you should park it on the couch for a few days in between your workouts. It simply means that each routine should not consist of several sets. For example, immediately after you take your rest break, you go back to another twenty sets.

You're workouts need to consist of ten to twelve sets, if not fewer when you are pushing yourself to the MAX. There is no room to be a sissy doing lightweigh! t workouts in your program.

Rule #2:

Don't do the ! isolated exercises. Yes, you heard me right the first time. You definitely don't need them at this stage.

If your workouts normally include bicep curls, followed by tricep kickbacks, followed by leg extensions, followed by chest flys, followed by... you get the picture, you've got to change this as quick as possible. The important thing to remember is that you have only got so much time you are allowed to be in the gym.. Don't you want to get the biggest bang for your buck? I'm sure that you do, so that means focusing on compound lifts only. This includes weight lifting exercises such as squats, bench presses, deadlifts, rows and military presses.

I want you to become the best of friends with these exercises and you will have new muscles in the picture soon enough. Toss the five day split program, get yourself on a good upper/lower or full body workout program and you have found the key to unleashing new muscle mass.

The next significant point.

Rule # 3.

REST! You've put in your effort at the gym, feed your body with some good food. If you have made plans to go out partying all night, you might want to rethink that. While you definitely want to maintain your social life while trying to gain weight - and you should - it should not come at the sacrifice of sleep.

Sleep is primetime when it comes to your body repairing itself and growing stronger so short-circuit sleep and you are short-circuiting your results. Just don't do it. Period. It's that simple.

Rule #4.

I don't have to guess that you want to be big, but you don't want to be fat. Let's not worry about that at this point, because you and I both know you are a long ways from fat. Gaining fat weight is going to be more a concept of diet than anything else so as long as you are being smart in the kitchen, you don't need to perform hours of cardio to remain lean. Cardio is just going to further burn off precious calories that could have gone towards bui! lding you new muscle mass.

For you, calories are a hot c! ommodity and should not be spent on the treadmill. If you want to keep up some cardio for general health sake, fine, but limit this to two or three twenty minute sessions per week - TOPS. And make it low to moderate intensity as well. The only place you are to be intense is in the weight room

Rule #5.

You need to find a mentor. You want someone who has been there, done that. They used to be a thin guy just like you and they've managed to overcome the curse and now tip the scales and dominate the weight room. This person will do wonders for your motivational levels. Don't feel like lifting? Have a good look at his body. You'll want to pick that weight up after that. Furthermore, he can let you in on some of his tried-and-true secrets that just might be key for you as well.

Last but not least Rule #6.

The important word at this point is "Technique". Ever seen that guy in the gym who is lifting so much weight, doing the barbell curl that it looks like he's got m! ore momentum going on than the Graviton at the fair? He's pretty much working every muscle in his body except his biceps. Not so beneficial. Not only that, but give him two weeks and a hundred bucks says he's out with back pain.

It is very important to maintain proper form throughout your weight lifting, not only to prevent injuries but also to see the muscular gains you are looking for. If you cheat doing the lift, you are only cheating yourself. If you don't know what proper form is yet, book a session with a trainer or find yourself a spotter who can help you.


Repeat this process over a few months without getting distracted or becoming too much of a party animal and you will make this the year you change your dreaded skinny image. So to sum up your new approach to your weight lifting sessions - get in, train hard and with proper technique, get out, eat and rest.

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