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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Building Big Muscles Without Supplements

Let's back up here and start from the beginning. Our bodies are designed to consume good, healthy whole foods to fuel our system. Remember, there was no such thing as a supplement hundreds and thousands of years ago. But now we are living in the age of quick fixes, microwave meals, fast food restaurants, and processed foods.

I do want to say that I am not against certain supplements that can replace a whole food or replace something our own bodies produce but yet decreases as we age. I will save the specifics for other articles though I do reference these in my book, "What In The World Are You Eating?" One example of a good supplement is fish oil capsules because fish oil comes from fish, which is a whole food. Since I don't eat fish as much as I would like, it makes sense to take fish oil capsules in order to insure that I get the health benefits of fish. Flaxseed oil is an even better choice of essential fatty acids (EFA's) because flax has about twice as many Ome! ga-3's as fish. However, if you are getting all of your nutrients from healthy, whole foods you really don't need any supplement.

Remember, back in the "good old days" people didn't rely on supplements. They ate healthy whole foods that were grown or produced on farms. The food was not processed or sprayed with dangerous chemicals. Thus, people back then were generally in much better condition than they are today.

You can build big muscles without the use of supplements if you will eat good whole foods on a daily basis, perform intense muscle building workouts and get plenty of rest. There is no quick fix to building muscles, just good old fashioned hard work, discipline, and dedication. To receive specific advice regarding building muscle please see other articles I or others have written on the subject.

For more information about what foods to eat to ensure you are fueling your muscles for growth click on the link below.

What In The World Are You Eating?

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