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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Working Out

If you want some results from training in the gym you have to train big.

It won't help if you enter the gym and just go through your motions without any sweat at all. You will have to overload your muscles to stimulate muscle growth.

The truth is that muscles only grow if they get stimulated in a way that activates their natural survival response.

People doing serious training are always at a higher risk of injury. But there are several simple steps that when performed carefully will reduce your risk of injury.

You just cannot afford being injured since it will stop you dead in your muscle-building tracks.

Here are my personal tips for you to reduce your risk of getting hurt while working out.

1) Don't neglect the warm-up phase

Proper warmup is the best thing you can do for avoiding injuries. It only takes around 15 minutes, but it will prepare your mind and body for the hard work that will follow. You want to increase the blood f! low into the surrounding connective tissue. Do 5 minutes of light cardiovascular exercise before each workout - then 4 or 5 warm-ups for your first exercise.

2) Train with the right form

This should be obvious. But I see so many people neglecting this step. I see people throwing around weights in a almost ballistic manner. Remember a good exercise is not supposed to 'look cool' for people around you but to be effective for your muscles. So always stick to the proper form and technique for each exercise.

3) Don't ignore your personal limits

This is not ego training here. You are not in the gym to impress people around you or show the next to your that your can lift more. This is a long-term, scientific and boring process. Always stick to your own limit - not those of somebody else. Don't get into contests or challenges in the gym. This is training - not competition.

4) Know when you should quit

I sometimes see guys that always try to crank! out a couple of extra reps at a point when they should have s! topped. Don't do it. If you cannot complete another rep in its proper form then it is time to quit. Proper rest intervals when working out are what separates the newbie from the pro.

5) Do not ignore pain or aches

When you carry out your training week after week it might impossible to quit at some point. However, there are certain points when you just have to stop. Never ignore signs of injuries or pain as it will probabaly get worse over time given the fact than you need 100% energy from your body.

It may hurt your progress short-term but it will benefit you long-term if you get a small problem checked my a med before it gets bigger.

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